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Whole Lot Of Heartache

Written By: Matthew Salada

Verse One
On the long ride home, nothing was said
The thoughts in our heads were bloodstains and shattered glass
Covering the road, fresh from a blow
That left us in pieces again.
When you love someone, its day in and out
In spite of the doubts and things that you’d rather have
Known years ago, when you could let go
Without all the cards fallin’ down.

Love is a whole lot of heartache.
There’s always more heartache to come.
Wondering why, and hurting inside,
‘Cause somebody’s lied to someone.
Love leaves you wanting, lonesome and haunted,
Regretting the choices you’ve made.
It leaves you no pride for the long, lonely ride
That no one intended to take.
Love’s a whole lot of heartache.

Verse Two
From the first kiss on, it comes with a catch.
It strikes like a match on a tinder box full of old
Self-centered ways and remnants of things
We hoped we could leave in the past.
When we’re all undone, speechless and blind
It’s hard to deny we’re all that we bargained for:
Two fools who need each other to breath
So much we don’t really mind…


Nothing ‘bout love worth remembering
Comes before somebody’s done someone wrong.
She don’t get no better; you’ll always regret her
For loving and leading you on.


Today Ain't Over Yet

Written By: Matthew Salada

Verse One:
I’m already worried ‘bout troubles
Tomorrow is bound and determined to bring.
‘Cause they just might wash away all the levies
Standin’ ‘tween me and that drink.
There may be ten thousand more tomorrows;
Ten thousand storms to be faces up-ahead,
But there’s nothing to do, but let them come round
‘Cause today ain’t over yet.

Verse Two:
I’d love to make you the promise
That all of our days with my demons are done.
But that kind of thinkin’ just leads to a bottle
And wonderin’ where I went wrong.
Every last promise I make ‘bout tomorrow
Takes me down roads that I know I’ll regret.
I can’t promise you more than I’ll get through today
‘Cause today ain’t over yet.

Today’s filled with fear that I will lose everything
Covering up feelings I don’t understand
And trying to control the uncontrollable
Thoughts spinning ‘round in my head.
It’s trying to make me think I don’t deserve
Love that don’t come in a bottle of hurt.
It’s all I can do just to get outta bed
And today, today ain’t over yet.

Verse Three:
You doubt every word that I tell you
You say my apologies just ain’t enough
You say you’re not sure if you’re seeing this through
I’m not the man you used to love.
Well, nobody promised that drying out’s easy;
It might be we ain’t seen the worst of things yet
And the only good thing to be said for tomorrow’s
Today ain’t over yet.
No, today ain’t over yet.