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Columbus, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Columbus, GA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop Instrumental


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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Still working on that hot first release.



Whatever you were hoping for in an upcoming/aspiring rapper, I suggest you do away with your expectations. 

It is often hard to describe myself, and it would create a difficult time for a publicist because I'd keep more tabs on him than he's trying to sell to the media (if that makes sense?). I go by Nobi more often than not, *wanobi (*as in wanobiflamez) on a more production-wise basis. If you're familiar with Star Wars, there is no need on stories on how it was conjured; other names include Takashi MC or Radiant Swordsman. 

To make things very clear, I am NOT from Atlanta. Venture about two more hours down south as if you're going to Savannah, and you'll travel through Columbus. The last well-known musician I recall being from that way is Joe (according to google), and I'm not even sure if people IN Columbus knows that he's from there. I don't state this out of obnoxiousness, more-so it's the one place I can call home being where songs I would hear inspired me to push for a career musically. I was growing out of listening to Soulja Boy, accepting Lil Wayne, appreciative of Lupe Fiasco, and grateful for Kid Cudi. There's was this well-known local dude named DKeezy aka DK who I thought personally was fire; if anything, he's a reason which motivated me in making a jump JUST from him playing on the same radio stations as the city he was in. 

Side note: Columbus, GA is apparently known for by showing home-grown acts any love via airplay. Sucks to suck, but pleasing everyone isn't a life-long goal, ya know? 

My moms decided it was tight idea to let me finish off high school in South Korea (shouts out to the homies), which helped expand my music library. At the same time, Drumline Classes helped me get a better understanding of arranging and dynamics (not sure if I apply it how I'm supposed to, but it slaps) , as well as knowing what notes and stuff go together since my piano skills are trash. Give me a good minute; I'm trying to become one of the coldest in C Major. With me breaking into the habit of making beats and songs from scratch, I couldn't tell you if I had a style or not; in efforts of trying to refrain from being put in "the box", I push to only get better and grow as time goes on. Who knows, yo? I might wanna turn one of my hardest-hitting cuts into an intense-ass orchestral composition down the line. These days I bump a lot of Nujabes and Homeshake. I wish I could have copped that Homeshake Tee. 

I lived in Georgia long enough to see every crank dance come to life and die under every summer, while at the same time wondering if I could bring something more than a hit song to bump while it's hot out. "Lyricism" is an overused term; a wise rapper once said the songs just write themselves, and forcing words to impress rather than express is...meh. I learned that not every 808 kick will make a song pop because there are waaaaay more that will make it come to life. Sometimes I find myself crafting under conflict, and I hear shit that I find myself surprised with the end result. My intentions are only to grow more nasty with the mic, as well as behind the boards (especially behind the boards). I've been considering learning how to cut and scratch too, but I don't wanna cram and pick up every-fucking-thing at once. Everyone wants to be the best rapper alive, yet I wonder if they consider themselves nice before making the claim. How does it feel? A burning desire to find out why, and too many beats not being used to trade off get a glimpse. Im down to see how it goes.

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