Nobility Obliged
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Nobility Obliged

Tempe, Arizona, United States

Tempe, Arizona, United States
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Latest Music Reviews"

This is real and it's deep. Nobility Obliged is the quintessential rock alternative movement of music and sound vibrations. Exuding smooth, hooky and relevant vibes with each and every song while being tight to a fault, N.O. is a delight to the sound palate and a gem to the music world.

With vibrant musical collages, these cats bring a lively and exuberant display of musicianship and a serious understanding of how to use ambience alongside emotion in song. With flavors of Pink Floyd, Nirvanna and Sam Roberts, Nobility Obliged is bringin' some heat to the alt-rock world.

Out of Phoenix, Arizona, Nobility Obliged released their 5 song EP in 2008 and are now working on a full length distribution for spring this year (2009). In their attempt to catch the ears of the general indie music loving public with their unique movement of song, they have definitely found a way into the hearts of Catsask and we're sure once you've had a listen you'll agree. These cats ain't no joke. This is some real music.

With extensive performing experience, playing for crowds around the United States, Europe and South America, Nobility Obliged is looking forward to increasing their exposure and is hard at work promoting their upcoming album release this spring. Their music is an obviously powerful form of their emotional expression, and we at Catsask are grateful for having been given the opportunity to listen in on their musical movement.

- CatsAsk Music Entertainment

"New and Noteworthy"

Continuing to evolve, Nobility Obliged shines lustrously in their latest, self-titled release. They traverse beyond the run-of-the-mill rock branding without dabbling too far into the Abstract/Ambient genre which leaves many groups sounding more like a band of experimental lost souls than prolific musicians. Front man Joshua Toole continues to redefine melody, as evidenced in "Tired" and "Underground". Bassist Matt Arndt's contributions are always appropriate, neither too subtle or overstated. The precise drivetrain that Chris captures ties everything together. Musically brilliant, artistically unique and bound to top your "favorites" playlist, Nobility Obliged is a must for any progressive music fan. - Flypaperfingers, Outskirts Press

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Our song Mister Insider has been featured on the Top Songs chart on -


Kite Balloon (2011)
Nobility Obliged EP (2008)
A Thousand Spires (2007)
Nothing We Create Seems to Last EP (2005)



Nobility Obliged is an innovative band from the Phoenix area. As a group, we have been playing together for many years and in the past year or so have truly set comfortably into our own unique sound. Writing, practicing and recording out of a single house, our music has evolved into a casual yet sophisticated sort. The music is a part of our everyday life.
We recently released an EP which is commercially available worldwide thru various distributors. The 5 original tracks on the EP hint to the great material we have coming out on our full length in spring '09. It is our hope that our music will not only catch the ear and move people with the beat, but that the entire piece would affect emotions, and offer deeper intrigue in the ideas expressed. We take our songwriting seriously, and with pride. While offering melodic and gripping guitar riffs, along with moving beats, ambient layers, and vocal landscapes, the songs really draw people in while evading the mundane. Some have referred to our music as haunting and addictive. Our music is influenced with hints of Radiohead, Oasis, Sigur Ros, and Death Cab for Cutie; some of our heroes.

Over the past years of playing, we have found that our transient sound translates to diverse audiences all over. As Nobility Obliged, we already have extensive performing experience, playing for crowds around the United States, Europe and South America. We are looking forward to increasing our exposure and promoting our new material in the coming seasons. As a band, we feel that music is the most powerful form of emotional expression, and we cherish the opportunity and platform to use it.