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Noble Kids

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Rock Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Notes from Left of the Dial: Noble Kids and more"

Noble Kids, "Never Let Me Down"
The tendency for many folk rock artists is either to strip everything down to its bare components (such as Will Oldham or Bill Callahan) or to let everything grow and condense until the music is just a thick slab of homogeneous noise (like Mumford & Sons or The Lumineers). However, there are bands who find a nuanced median where there is room for an expansive sound and also the capacity for intimate narratives. And for Brooklyn-based group Noble Kids, this carefully balanced aesthetic allows them the opportunity to paint smaller, detail-oriented story songs as well as blooming, billowing landscapes to explore. The band takes our expectations of the folk rock genre and subverts them by slyly reconstructing what we presume is the fixed nature of these sounds.

With the release of their debut LP, "Fawn," the band shows us that there is still some subtlety and mystery left in folk rock—that there is still something to discover and obsess over. And on "Never Let Me Down," they create a series of swirling bucolic tones and melodies designed to bury themselves deep in your subconscious. The song is exactly what you'd expect from a band whose folky tendencies are in a constant state of rhythmic flux; guitars are paired with gorgeous harmonies while a shuffling percussive bounce clatters around in the background. As each piece is placed, the song builds a steady momentum until it's a circling mass of orchestral flourishes and singer Michael Steiner's emphatic vocals. - Nooga


This year, after over 10 years of calling California home, I moved to Chicago and consequently am experiencing seasons. The swampy effects of humidity during a stay-inside-at-all-costs summer, the delicate whooshing of leaves as they drift to the sidewalk and now the beginnings of the bitter cold and frostbitten winds. This experience has given me a much grander appreciation for Noble Kids‘ EP, Kingdom. You can hear Noble Kids‘ process of drifting through different colors – Kingdom sounds like a collection conceived of in nature, befit for a group huddled around a campfire or stargazing.

The entire production is a tribute to these types of elements: little imperfections kept in where lead singer Michael Steiner’s voice cracks and sections where Steiner lets loose and lets his vocals take flight. Even the four songs mirror four seasons, with EP closer “Disregard” providing a frosty winter. The sunny guitar lines in “Pine” have cooled off here into solemn, slowly strummed strings. “Pine,” the standout song, sounds like the best summer you’ve ever had, perfectly arranged and filled with great vibes.

Noble Kids claim their influences to be Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, both good jumping-off points, but at this point, those acts have a bag of tricks more diverse and extravagant than Noble Kids display here. Kingdom is just Noble Kids‘ first studio EP, though, and they have plenty of time to hole up in the woods, or grow a magical Pecknold-ian beard (RIP). Luckily for Noble Kids maturation, there will always be another cycle of seasons, and I believe the winds of change will be in their favor. Kingdom is available to stream and download for free above! - The Wild Honey Pie

"Noble Kids' roots music"

Brooklyn is perceived as the home of indie, psych and garage artists, but the community of musicians inspired by the roots of American music is large, and probably bound to expand in the years to come. Noble Kids, whose four-song EP “Kingdom,” released in November of 2013, is deeply rooted in lyrical imagery and compositional intricacy. The record is quite an interesting collection and manages to accomplish much in just four tracks. While opener “Pine” emplyoys dynamic variations on an overall droney atmosphere, “James Gabriel” (streaming) and “Disregard” offer up the simple, crooning heartbreak of true folk songs. All in all, the five members, which recently expanded from the original duo, have come together to create something quite unique, and we are curious to see what else they have coming. Word on the street is they are recording their first full-length as we speak - keep an ear out. - The Deli Magazine

"Pick a Beat 2014 #1 -- (Noble Kids: James Gabriel)"

Het New Yorks trio Noble Kids bracht op Allerheiligen zijn debuut-ep uit in eigen beheer. Toch klinkt de zoveelste groep uit het mythische Brooklyn niet als een beginnende band die nog moeite heeft met het vinden van de juiste sound. Noble Kids staat er daarentegen helemaal op de ‘Kingdom’ ep, en kroonjuweel James Gabriel is daar het perfecte voorbeeld van. We horen knipogen naar Fleet Foxes en Neutral Milk Hotel, maar toch slaagt Noble Kids er vooral in om een eigen, modern folkgeluid neer te zetten. Als er een band is die meer aandacht verdient in 2014 (het trio telt bij het schrijven van dit stuk 228 vind-ik-leuks), dan is het Noble Kids wel. - Da Music

"Noble Kids: “Pine”"

Brooklyn’s three-piece Noble Kids gave me the feeling every dedicated fan of good music loves so much. It is a commonplace, but nevertheless: from the very first note, Bryce, Michael, and Kurt get me going with their ultra-clear sounding guitars, bright harmonies and kinetic drums. These guys sound like they can really break through any time soon, so we sincerely hope they will. Apparently, they’ve also come a long way. Read the story on one of our favorite blogs out there, yvynyl.

And if you want more - hip hip hooray - there is more: take a look at the band’s bandcamp.

But please, do start by listening to the beautiful opener to their four-track EP below. - Analogue Spheres


Noble Kids LP - 'Fawn' (released Oct. 13th, 2015)
Track #1 - Near You
Track #2 - Cold War
Track #3 - Night Will Come
Track #4 - Ghosts
Track #5 - Arms
Track #6 - Quincy
Track #7 - Never Let Me Down
Track #8 - Lie To Me
Track #9 - Red Moon
Track #10 - Fawn

Noble Kids EP - 'Kingdom' (release Nov. 1st, 2014)
Track #1 - Pine
Track #2 - James Gabriel
Track #3 - Talcott
Track #4 - Disregard



Noble Kids is a Brooklyn-based band initially formed by Bryce Barsten and Michael Steiner.  Bryce moved to Brooklyn from a llama farm in the Pacific Northwest to attend Pratt Institute and met fellow student Michael Steiner, a like minded musician from New England. They began playing around the Pratt campus in any space they could find (basements, empty classrooms, chapels, etc...) and started demoing out their first songs.

After completing their EP Kingdom in 2013, Noble Kids received press recognition from blogs like The Wild Honey Pie and YVYNYL describing their sound as "bright,"  "intricate" and "well-arranged."  They draw their musical influences from a variety of artists and genres (Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and The National) while maintaining an honest and unique sound.  Noble Kids later added Kevin Chang (guitarist), who became an instrumental member in the writing and arranging of their full-length record, and Brianna Leary (multi-instrumentalist) to complete their lineup.  After performing in CMJ 2014, Noble Kids began recording their full-length debut record entitled 'Fawn'.

After months of demoing, Noble Kids landed at Rose Studios in Brooklyn, NY where they worked with recording engineer Danny Rose to track the album. Noble Kids was then offered the opportunity to mix with Greg Giorgio (engineer for The National, Head and The Heart, Interpol) at the acclaimed Tarquin Studios, who helped refine the sound and solidify the album's identity.  Since the EP, the band's musical focus has transitioned to heavier dynamics and shifting moods, while still staying centered around the melody.  With Bryce's maximalist approach to production, and Michael's desire for lyrical and musical simplicity, they have created a large space for the record to occupy.  Kevin Chang's soaring solos and poignant guitar lines have also become key moments throughout the record. 'Fawn' is an ambitious work that sounds both playful and serious, with many songs swelling into grand moments.  Bri Leary's rich and detailed violin parts adding to these moments by being both grand and intimate.  Lyrically, the record centers around themes of loneliness and companionship, and questions the positive and negative sides of both.  It accepts that happiness and success do not come without accepting loss and defeat.  Noble Kids' first record 'Fawn' is set to release in October 2015.

"Sounds like the best summer you've ever had, perfectly arranged and filled with great vibes" (The Wild Honey Pie)

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