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"Noblesse- We Are Not Humanity"

..." Noblesse traveled between four countries while making this album, and it seems that every kilometer paid itself off in quality. We Are Not Humanity is pumping, edgy, smooth, ambitious, alternative and most of all charming. So far the most surprising and significant release by a Dutch band in 2010". - Up Magazine

"Noblesse at Vestrock Festival"

Noblesse is a very versatile band. Their sound is hard and experimental but at the same time quite groovy. Rock songs with a somewhat dark character occasionally make way for some more melodic parts. Perfect for a festival atmosphere, and even dance-able. These serious musicians are very convincing and the their sound is massive. A strong performance that makes you want more. - 3voor12 Webzine

"Keith Caputo & Noblesse: the wild and the delicate"

(translation from original Dutch)
New talent and old guard under one roof at the Patronaat.
It's rare that one goes to see a concert mainly for the support act, but this time the trio Noblesse receive this honor. Noblesse make alternative indie-rock with a bit of noise. An interesting piece of news is that the band is currently working on a new album with The Strokes producer, Gordon Raphael.
Noblesse have always had an awesome live sound but Gordon Raphael manages to get even more qualities out of the trio. The songs on the new EP, We Are Not A Demo, have an added catchy and exciting edge to them. It may well be that Noblesse surpass the regional music scene.
Noblesse don't play in full force tonight. Singer/Guitarist Amos and bass player Shag play a scaled down acoustic set to warm the public up before Keith Caputo's set. They play several new songs and keep the arrangements and performance simple and intimate, so one can truly appreciate the lyrics.
The short set is impressive and moving. Even without making a lot of noise, Noblesse grab the audiences full attention.
- (2009)

"Noblesse give the Melkweg a new dimension"

"it's a special night at the Melkweg. Indie-rock band Noblesse present the new album We Are Not Humanity in a unique way. A show where live music is combined with explosive contemporary dance, theater and video projection. Amos Ben-Tal is the front-man of Noblesse and also the choreographer of the We Are Not Humanity show.
As you enter the main hall you're already surprised to see the instruments set up in the middle of the venues floor, which in itself is converted into a work of art , and the public gathers around.
After the first song a big applause erupts, but once the four dancers enter the space the audience is captivated and stays still the entire length of the show!
The alternative guitar songs (on the album produced by Gordon Raphael) are intense and grab you by the throat. Every song provokes a thought process and has its own character. The band has an international allure.
But there is much more to see. The dancers and video projections form a whole with the music, giving the show a breathtaking quality. The We Are Not Humanity production is hard to explain with words... it bursts with creativity, its explosive, introvert, innovative, professional and grabbing.
This is the most original CD release party I've ever seen, awesome! "
(translated from dutch) - LiveXS Music Magazine

"Noblesse impressive during EP-release show"
(translated excerpt)
"Noblesse is back. And how!? On Thursday October 8th the band presented their new EP, We Are Not A Demo in the club SuperMarkt, proving to their public with an impressive show that they're totally and definitely back...
The podium is completely transformed with atmospheric red lights and the EP's artwork is projected on the screen while free CDs and champagne are handed out to everyone. The three band members stand ready and the packed Supermarkt is waiting anxiously. Noblesse open the show as they do the EP with the song Genesis. With the tight rhythm section of Gideon Fresco and Shahar Horev and with Amos Ben-Tal as excellent singer/guitarist/performer, Noblesse have always made a good impression, but tonight the band really outdo themselves.
Not much material is played from the first album, Sound The Alarm, but mainly songs from the upcoming album We Are Not Humanity. Early in the set one of the strongest songs is Different Flow; catchy guitar lick, pumping bass and driving drums, its one of the more grooving songs in the set. The show gets an extra dimension when halfway through the set the dancers Milena Twiehaus and Isabelle Chaffaud enter the mix. Both were also part of the full evening dance performance that Amos choreographed to Noblesse's music.
The song Your Thirst is one of the evenings highlights. The beautifully introvert song leaves a strong impression, strengthened by the complimenting dance interpretation of Milena Twiehaus. It seems like it can't get any better, but on the closing song, Life Support, Noblesse raise it one more notch. The powerful instrumental ending with both dancers dancing between the public leaves the public in awe. Impressive!!! - 3voor12 Music Webzine

"Noblesse- We Are Not A Demo"

(translated excerpt)
"This band knows what making music is all about... If We Are Not A Demo already sounds this good, then the album We Are Not Humanity will certainly get a lot of attention in 2010. For now we'll have to make do with this great sounding EP. A fine addition to the current Dutch indie scene." - (mainstream online newspaper)

"Noblesse release new EP"

(translated excerpt) "With the release of the EP We Are Not A Demo Noblesse give a preview of their next album. The four songs on the disc leave a good impression as to where this band can go. The chunky and catchy rock of Genesis and You Look Good is successfully balanced with the atmospheric and melodic sound of Different Flow and the very powerful Detrimental. Definitely a band to keep an eye on!" - Apply Some Pressure (webzine)

"Noblesse at Paradiso, Amsterdam"

The trio Noblesse triggered positive reactions from various media (including Radio 3FM), and live they completely live up to the hype. The band has plenty of stage experience (among others supporting Metal Molly from Belgium) and that's very apparent. The music of Noblesse encompasses several styles within the rock genre and is therefore more than suitable for some of the upcoming festivals. - Live XS Music Magazine (2007)

"Noblesse- We Are Not Humanity"

Either deriving their name from the Scottish word for nobility or the Israeli cigarette brand, Noblesse - a half Israeli and half Dutch trio based out of the Netherlands - sure completes the image of the tobacco smoking nobility. To put it more simply, these guys rock and tower over many of their counterparts in the indie rock genre. Noblesse has pioneered their way to the top, taking creativity into their own hands and building a name for themselves whilst on their journey.

It all started in 2005 when the group got together and released their widely acclaimed EP titled Four Song Demo. Then, in 2006, Noblesse released their d├ębut album Sound the Alarm. After their 30 stop tour settled to a close, the group focused in on their unique and creative approach to their band. Together, they created WANH or We Are Not Humanity (named after their album We Are Not Humanity) - a live show of new and unheard of proportions. They used singer and guitarist Amos' knowledge and love of dance and choreography to create a concert mixing their songs with video, theater and modern dance. Sounds like a pop concert doesn't it? They released this show at Cadance Fest 2008 where We Are Not Humanity got raving reviews and has gone down in the history books. Not only was the show sold out, Noblesse got a standing ovation. Not bad for a group still wet behind the ears.

We Are Not Humanity alone is an explosive album. It pulls from many blues, jazz, and classic rock influences and archetypes to create a Radiohead-esque sound. Note, however, that they have a completely unique sound that is somewhat hard to describe. It is amazing to listen to Noblesse and then try to comprehend that this is only a group of three members - Amos on guitar and vocals, Shahar on bass, and Gideon on drums. The sound that comes out of these three gentleman is close to unheard of this day in age, in this genre. Noblesse is mature and has a VERY unique identity.
As a whole, We Are Not Humanity is fairly dark. It relies on deep bass drives, guitar parts that seem to hit you like waves, and quick light drum beats. The vocals get laid right on top, however, sometimes they are a little hard to hear. The album moves and moves - unrelentingly and which is one of the highlights of the has sheer power. Noblesse's sound is full, warm, and very dynamic.
Every track is extraordinary on We Are Not Humanity. However, tracks like "Different Flow", "You Look Good", and "Life Support" truly show you why Noblesse has gotten so much acclaim. "Different Flow" starts out leaving some space between riffs. Then the sound fills quick and the driving begins before the masterpiece unfolds. "You Look Good" is one of the more "popped" songs on the album. It is not by any means a pop song, it just has much brighter tones and sounds. "You Look Good" is a nice fresh addition to the album with what sounds like a flute or similar pipe instrument. "Life Support" is a more jazzy, light piece - almost like a Band of Horses meets Smashing Pumpkins; a lot calmer and laid back. It is a perfect closing song.

Noblesse has done it right with their sophomore album. The road is open for Amos, Shahar, and Gideon to jam, create, and astound. Something about the way We Are Not Humanity turned out tells me Noblesse will be around for a long while. Here is to these noble musicians, the men who took a grade A album and turned into an entire identity. -

"Noblesse at The Music In My Head festival"

(translated from original Dutch).
To Noblesse we salute for the power with which they persuaded the public of their talent and professionalism. An extra applause on top of that for how they grabbed the audience's attention. The temperature in the venue was quickly rising on this first day of real summer, but the crowd stayed put and Noblesse seemed little bothered by it. After the gig a satisfied lead-singer, amos, confessed that being originally from Israel made it easier to deal with the heat.
Respect for the hugely impressive show where Noblesse gave everything. Amos was obviously in his element as he gazed across the crowded hall. Kick-ass indie rock with a raw edge and powerful vocals, shakes us up and grips us till the end. - 3voor12 webzine (2006)


Four Song Demo (EP, 2005)
Sound The Alarm (LP, 2006)
We Are Not A Demo (EP, 2009)
We Are Not Humanity (LP, 2010)



Sonic explosions contrasted with whispers. Instinct contrasted with intellect. Clarity contrasted with mystery.
These are just some of the contrasts that fuel the music and identity of Noblesse. A three-headed dragon, a trio of gentlemen residing in The Netherlands who create and perform music in the independent rock genre.
2005. Israeli born singer, guitarist and professional dancer Amos started looking for partners in crime, someone to help push his songs out of his bedroom and into the wild. He found his accomplices in Shahar (bass) and Gideon (drums), both also Israeli.
Influences flew all over the place; Nirvana clashed with Ray Charles, Sonic Youth bumped into Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin took PJ Harvey out for lunch. These often random bursts of energy and understated poetry resulted in a fresh yet slightly hectic indie sound, as heard on the band's first album Sound The Alarm (2006). Noblesse was grabbing attention and rave reviews all around for its energy, charm and natural showmanship. Cliches and superlatives kept on flying around the boys, as well as comparisons to this or that band (Amos' voice is often compared to that of Brian Molko of Placebo). However, regardless of the frenzy it was clear: the band was slowly coming into it's own. Playing countless gigs at small bars and festivals around the country and abroad, as well as opening for acts such as Keith Caputo and Silversun Pickups, they started discovering their sound and started exploiting their differences.

The next chapter in the band's biography was an adventurous one. A new concept started brewing; one that would combine Amos' dance background with the band's music. A two-year process culminated in a dance-concert and a soundtrack album titled We Are Not Humanity, both presented in Amsterdam's world famous Melkweg in March 2010 followed by visits to other major venues such as Paradiso.
The new Noblesse sound was captured on the soundtrack album by American producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, ao) and received rave reviews in Dutch media.

Now with a new drummer in Kees Zuurbier and a growing stack of new material, the three-headed dragon continues its journey, with a new array of challenges and contrasts awaiting to be discovered and exploited.