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Alexandria, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2010
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"Never Satisfied Review"

Review of Never Satisfied by No Blitz

There is something to say for a band that constructs an album using every recording trick in the book and using a thousand takes but my true favorite records have always been the ones that sounds like the band just went into the studio and played their assess of. Never satisfied by No Blitz is defiantly the latter. I got to check out a four track demo from the band it rocked. Tracks like My life and Exception to the rule are great showcases not only for their musical talent but also the writing skills of Ryan Wogh. The only thing I have to complain about the CD was that I when it was done I wanted more so I am eagerly anticipating the release of their complete album and so should you be. - Paper Dragon Ink

"Greg’s Take- No Blitz: Never Satisfied"

Walking around touting “in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies” and “unpretentious personality and a knack for writing voluminous lyrics” usually means you’re either full if it or full of yourself; especially when you’re only on your second album.

It takes all of about twenty four seconds to understand that the Arlington, VA based quartet No Blitz has every right to lay claim to that, if not more.

Indeed, in your face guitar, seriously rock beats, and catchy as hell melodies make No Blitz’s Never Satisfied the rock experience to, well, experience. Reaching back into the a sound reminiscent of The Colour and the Shape, Ryan Wogh, Shane Steenberg, James Cichra and Dan Horner explode with slick riffs and infectious melodies, reminding me of just what solid, passionate rock can be.

The seven track EP is formed around the belief that no matter where you are in life, stagnation is bad and that it is impossible to simply maintain, thus Never Satisfied. This theme is clear from begging to end. Dynamically building into “This Is for You,” the album clings to honest, Grade-A rock. The first two tracks lay a firm foundation, but the album seriously starts to impress when we reach “My Life.” This track is the defining moment of what separates the band from those who want to rock and those who know how to bring it. Like an audible roller coaster, everything up to this point has been a steady, anticipation filled climb. Sure, it is a vital part to the whole ride and it is definitely entertaining, but the latter half of the album is solid. Not so much a thrilling decent into some lick spinning, snare induced dizziness, but more a thrilling explosion of songwriting and musical talent that will have you rocking. All seven tracks have their feet planted firmly in their promise of driving, melodic rock at its finest. In keeping with their shameless self-promotion, we must admit there is no pretense even remotely close to Never Satisfied, especially the toned down “I Alone” or the echoing “Zero Machines” as the album caps off their highly addictive rock.

No Blitz is poised to take 2012 by storm with a plethora of shows to support their newest EP. Though they aren’t heading west, which is massively disappointing after hearing this, there is one thing to take away from this, it is that we can’t become stagnant in what isn’t and we should rock out to what is. Keep moving forward, listen to and be, Never Satisfied. - Nanobot Reviews

"Clay’s Take- No Blitz: Never Satisfied"

Whenever we pop in our earbuds and turn on our iPod for a jog, or crank our speakers to 11, or sing along (more out of tune than we think) to our favorite song in the car, we generally aren’t thinking of the business side of music. We don’t consider which songs were written by artists who measure success by meticulously crafting each note to achieve the perfect aura or which ones are more concerned about building their brand and global footprint. The latter generally has the charisma and presence to get noticed over the former. The term “starving artist” was coined for a reason. It is a business, fair or unfair.

Some bands just get it.

This may sound like I am about to be extremely critical of No Blitz, but if you listen to their EP Never Satisfied, you would know otherwise. It’s pretty awesome. The music is not overly complex, but the beauty of rock is in its simplicity. This quartet from the DC area has harnessed the essence of power pop and belts out track after rock track. Ryan Wogh’s vocals demand to be noticed as he drifts between the Curt Kirkwood school of vocals and then shreds his throat in true punk fashion. James Cichra blends a crunching hard rock edge aesthetic guitar riffs while Dan Horner’s bass and Shane Steenberge’s drums create a hooky rhythm section.

The rock is pure, the band wears their influences on their sleeve, but one thing is evident: No Blitz is taking their EP title to heart. They are not satisfied and are destined for bigger things. Check out their release Never Satisfied, because one thing is for sure.

They get it. - Nanobot Reviews

"No Blitz Interview"

You know it’s a good day in the offices of PEV when a feature mutters a line like this: “There seems to be quite the 80's fad going on, so hopefully history repeats itself and 90's rock makes a comeback.” HELL YES!!… I mean… We agree. The 90's Alternative influenced 4-piece squad known as No Blitz (Ryan Wogh, James Cichra, Dan Horner, Shane Steenberge) comes from our backyard in Northern Virginia and they’re bringing some heavy rock justice to the local scene.
Their latest EP is titled “Never Satisfied” and it’s worth a listen if you’re a lover of true alternative music. Ryan Wogh says “This is our first studio album and we’re extremely pleased with the quality and outcome. It’s composed of seven songs and will rock you to the core. We did a great job of pushing the limits of heavy rock music while still maintaining a very melodic overtone.”
He continues, “Our philosophy of making the softs softer so that the louds are louder really shines through both within each song, but from song to song as well. As a lyricist, I’m definitely more comfortable in my skin on this album as I address very personal emotions on the tracks and paint the picture of despair, regret, passion, and love. Ultimately, I’m trying to invoke in the listener a thought or feeling that they have never had, but they’ve always known to be there.” Excellent stuff. Check out “Never Satisfied” and look into the schedule as well – these guys bring a wicked stage show. There’s a whole lot more to get into, so keep reading now for all the answers to the XXQ’s.

XXQs: No Blitz (PEV): How would you describe your sound?

That’s a really tough question for just about any band. We definitely fall into the Alternative Rock genre and generally reference Foo Fighters whenever asked the question. Our songs are made up of strong, unique guitar licks, driving drums, and passionate vocals.

PEV: Hailing from Northern Virginia, what kind of music where the members of the band into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

We are based in Virginia now, but we all grew up elsewhere. I’m from a suburb of Detroit, James is from Pittsburgh, Dan from Philadelphia, and Shane, the most native, Columbia, Maryland. We also have VERY different roots in music. Ironically, I was into a lot softer music like REM, The Cranberries, and Tears for Fears as a kid because of my dad’s music collection. It wasn’t until high school that I got into heavier rock like Rammstein, Sparta, and Linkin Park. I’ll never forget the day that I bought Weezer – Blue Album and heard ‘My Name is Jonas’ for the first time. It changed the world of music for me and I’ve been a junkie ever since.

The rest of the band started with a strong base of metal-esque music from the likes of Metallica and Filter. Every now and then at practice they will bust into some shredder I’ve never heard of and leave me on the sidelines; it’s actually really fun to watch them all realize they all know how to play that particular song!

I distinctly remember my first concert. My dad surprised me with an REM show. It was hilarious because at that age I used to fall asleep listening to their album Automatic for the People and, like clockwork, I passed out 3/4 of the way through the show.

Shane’s first show was country band Alabama. He actually got to hang out on stage with them which left a lasting impression. Dan’s was Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, and Danzig in 1991 and James saw Aerosmith and Cheap Trick.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live No Blitz show?

To lose some hearing! We are very high energy on stage. Our fans really love seeing us live because we don’t sound exactly like our albums. When it boils down to it, it’s just a kick ass rock show.

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage?

I never really thought about that, but it’s a rush of excitement. I’m generally very much focused on what I’m playing and letting the music suck me - PenseyeView

"CD Review: No Blitz EP 'Never Satisfied'"

Northern Virginia rockers, No Blitz, have a tight grip on listeners in their four-track EP.

Their official biography states that "No Blitz is an American rock band that delivers in your face guitar riffs, driving drum beats, and catchy melodies." Readers and listeners - this speaks volumes and perfectly describes this four-piece band.

"Unreal" is a churning, not overly-aggressive surprise hit. This song surprised this writer/listener because at first - the tempo, vocals and overall flow felt all too familiar. The subtle guitar riff, the extra excensuation on the chorus drives this one home. Killer song, killer riff - rock fans will love this.
Kings of Leon Comparison

In "My Life" the anticipation builds throughout the track like a rat trying to escape a maze. Twists and turns, and the tempo stokes alongside the narrative lyrics. As in "Unreal" the vocals surprise and grind at the listener the same way Kings of Leon grits through songs. Now that it is mentioned, there is easily comparisons to be made to Kings of Leon.

Perhaps it is the southern rock, or the blue-collar vocals that shell out from the speakers, but No Blitz holds its listeners tight like a vice grip. At the same time, an overwhelming sense of pop is the underbelly of this song. It is a great song!

Another song that begs to be listened to is "Aim to Please." This song does not have a bursting guitar riff or life-changing drum arrangement, but something taunts the listener to keep listening. It is still a great rock sound and has that chiseled from bluesy essence.

"Exception to the Rule" on the other-hand has this guitar hook that rips through the ears. It is right up there with something more punk - say from the Hives. The difference, though, is at the core, this song really strings along like an aged bottle of whiskey. Southern comfort, so to speak.

Overall Review is Solid A

Overall, Never Satisfied gets a solid A rating. This writer/listener really embraced the guitar and the gritty, southern rock feel. This band seems to have taken the baton from a band like Kings of Leon and is capable and comfortable in this rock lane. Take the time to listen to these four tracks - all on their own are ready for alternative rock radio, college radio or a AAA station. Great stuff and appropriately named - Never Satisfied leaves the listener wanting more to quench their hard rock thirst.

Fans of Kings of Leon, Fuel (it is worth noting that No Blitz actually opened for Fuel on a gig), Daughtry, Nickelback and Jet will find something they enjoy from the guys in No Blitz. Fans of Lynard Skynard will need to open their minds a bit, but not too wide.

Read more at Suite101: CD Review: No Blitz EP 'Never Satisfied' |
- Suite101

"No Blitz, Never Satisfied"

Get ready for the band No Blitz as they come fast & furious on their 4-track EP. The four songs on this recording are in anticipation of the group’s full-length, debut album titled ‘Never Satisfied’. No nonsense and No cheap imitations is what No Blitz is all about.

The Virginia-based band is made up of a four-man roster that includes: Ryan Wogh on lead vocals & guitar, James Cichra on guitar, Dan Horner on bass and Shane Steenberge on drums. An interesting fact though is that three of the members can play drums and all four can play guitar, which makes for quite the musical bunch. The No Blitz official lineup was just completed last year yet the group has already opened for Fuel & Parlor Mob! Not bad for a group that doesn’t even have an album out yet but don’t forget that No Blitz is ‘Never Satisfied’.

The core of the EP is definitely centered around rock however I did pick up on a little punk influence on the opening, kick-off song “Unreal”. As we move along, one will notice right away that No Blitz has that play hard or go home mentality when you hear them perform. Energy galore that comes across as raw and rock-heavy is what you will experience on the EP.

What I love most about these musicians is that it just sounds like four guys havin’ fun, jammin’ together and they figure why not make a kick-ass record while we’re at it! The approach comes across as very natural and in turn something that the listener can definitely appreciate. You will never get the same old thing but rather always fresh ‘n’ new material from No Blitz as they deliver 100% satisfaction guaranteed! I look forward to hearing the debut release of ‘Never Satisfied’ and so be on the look out for a No Blitz attack. - Skope Magazine


APRIL 24, 2012 - Ever since their lineup was completed in mid-2011, No Blitz has been gaining momentum, both onstage and in the studio. The Northern Virginia based band—RYAN WOGH (lead vocals, guitar), JAMES CICHRA (guitar), DAN HORNER (bass) and SHANE STEENBERGE (drums)--has opened gigs for Fuel and The Parlor Mob and have performed in the greater D.C. area at hotspots like JAXX, JAMMIN JAVA, and DC9. Yet as they release their highly anticipated seven track debut album, the good news for fans is that they’re always striving for more—and NEVER SATISFIED. According to WOGH, the band’s lead songwriter, the album title strongly reflects NO BLITZ’s collective philosophy as they begin to “up” their game and take their music and visibility to the next phase of their career. With a wide array of influences ranging from FOO FIGHTERS, MUSE, COHEED and CAMBRIA and even METALLICA, their songs are very guitar oriented with a strong emphasis on driving drum beats. The collection includes everything from what WOGH likes to call “blast you in the face rock” to more mid tempo, less blistering tunes like “AIM TO PLEASE” and “I ALONE.” The fact that three of the band members play drums and all four play guitar means they’re all well versed in each other’s instruments; this allows for a lot of dynamic, intertwined collaboration between them. - RockWired

"EP REVIEW: No Blitz - Never Satisfied"

Artist: Band: No Blitz
Album: Never Satisfied (EP)
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Alternative Rock
Sounds Like: Incubus, Chevelle, Filter
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 7/10
Commercial Value: 7/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Performance Skill: 10/10
Best Songs: Unreal, My Life
Weakness: Dated Mix. Winded Songs
CD Review: Northern Virginia based 4 piece band “No Blitz” just released their latest EP entitled Never Satisfied in 2011. Band members include Ryan Wogh (lead vocals, guitar), James Cichra (guitar), Dan Horner (bass) and Shane Steenberge (drums). No blitz is no stranger to the music business having opened up for Fuel and The Parlor Mob and is known for their live performances around the greater D.C. area.

The EP kicks things off into high gear with “Unreal” a grinding guitar groove meshed against driving rock rhythm, emotionally charged vocal delivery and well placed harmonies from lead singer Wogh. Track 2 “My Life” serves up another solid low end groove, with melodic musical flow coupled with hooky harmonies and impressive vocal emotions from Wogh. Track 3 my personal favorite “Aim to Please’ shifts gears with its slithering musical intro eventually lending itself into a pulsating rock groove meshed with an infectious rock melody that flows and ebbs its way through to emotional fruition. As the EP unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of Incubus, Chevelle, and Filter. Right from the start you will notice Wogh and company feel quite comfortable just letting it all hang out musically, not holding anything back. The overall musical vibe has a nice, raw hard indie rock feel to it, and the songwritting is world class. The guitar playing is rock solid across the board as he dishes out impressive guitar licks, rock solid rhythm guitar playing and a few mesmerizing solos. Wogh’s got solid vocal timber and is full of passion and recklessness abandon. The musicianship from all the other members in the band has everything you would expect from a standard 4 piece rock band. The songs themselves are consistent musical experiences, each one possessing unique personality, flair and signature groove. The EP ends with Track 12 “Exception to the Rule” the prefect finale statement for a CD of this caliber.

There’s something odd going on with the mix. Overall it’s a bit amateurish when compared to other world class rock mixes within this genera. Many of the guitar segments are pushed way down in the sonic space and as a result are buried. If it was 1991 this would be a cutting edge musical production, however it’s 2012 so the bar is set really high for bands like “No Blitz.” All songs over 4 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line. I also typically take off 1 star for EP releases as the full length release is a more complete picture of what a band is capable of.

In close Never Satisfied by No Blitz is an action packed production from start to finish. It’s strong suit – its raw feel almost as if you were watching a band play live in the studio. If these guys have a slam dunk live presentation then that would be a deadly combination no doubt. The songs are extremely melodic, passionate and powerful – and will no doubt get your adrenalin pumping. Almost as if you were jumping out of an airplane. - Biz Talk

"No Blitz - Never Satisfied"

Virginia based rock band, No Blitz, sits poised to break away from the rest with Never Satisfied, inspired by the band's quest to achieve the next level of artistry (lyrically and music playing wise) and greater commercial exposure. Opening for established bands like Fuel and the Parlor Mob, this EP offers a Saliva/The Offspring and Alient Ant Farm-sounding glimpse from both sides of the rock spectrum- softer rock/pop radio-friendly tunes to harder, punk/metal tracks.

Listening to these songs on my iPod while trying to get my ass in gear to run/walk a 10k, this EP came to me at the right time. Unreal starts the album off with strong guitar and drumlines (which are consistently great throughout the album), on a song about a confused soul, trying to understand the world around him. Motivational lyrics like "I Ain't Never Backin Down" after making drunken mistakes on Exception to the Rule and "Diamonds in your eyes aren't easily achieved" on My Life will resonate with those Gen X and Y coasters (like the ones in the "Jackass"-like clip on their website) we've all met who should mature, move beyond entitlement and make their own marks on the world. Aim To Please will also hit home as an easy-relatable tune about unrequited love, wistfully pining over a girl, wishing she would notice his intense passion to take the relationship to the next step. Have no doubt, continuing to produce quality rock tracks like these; No Blitz will "become who they want to be". - Music Emissions

"No Blitz – Never Satisfied (CD) / 2012 Self / 4 Tracks"

Unreal is a perfect bit of punk meets metal. With an arrangement that immediately recalls early Misfits and Strike Anywhere, the band is able to craft a cross-over hit. No Blitz has a catchy style to their arrangements that will appease fans of Shrinky Dinx and The Offspring. My Life is the longest track on Never Satisfied, but the band crams enough material in the five-plus minute runtime to keep listeners focused in. Of particular note here has to be the guitar work, setting the stage for the extremely emotional vocals that follow. No Blitz is able to come forth as an utterly unique act, taking their fair share of influence from California pop-punk, political-punk, and labels like Jade Tree and Deep Elm.

Aim to Please starts the second half of Never Satisfied, and it provides listeners with a more emotional side to the band. I feel that No Blitz follows a path similar to Unwritten Law here; the band does not eschew any of their musical influences but ratchets the human component up to ten. This EP ends with Exception to the Rule, a much dirtier and Detroit-esque type of rock track. Exception to the Rule solidifies No Blitz as a great up and coming rock act, and I am personally excited to see where the band will go from here.

This is music for 2012, while building off of the framework originally created by Rites of Spring and Fugazi. Never Satisfied may end after the fourth track (Exception to the Rule), but the tracks collected here provide listeners with a solid introduction to the band. Here’s to hoping that all of the energy and fury that the band has placed on here can be writ large to a full-length disc. Check out their website for listings of tour dates and information about any subsequent release.

Top Tracks: My Life, Exception to the Rule

Rating: 8.0/10 - James McQuiston Editor, NeuFutur Magazine (Print)

"Skope Artist to Watch July 2011"

Selected as Artist to Watch for July 2011 - Skope Magazine

"#1 National Song of the Week"

Featured on SpoSays, No Blitz - Lost reigned champion of the submissions of the week. - UNRegularradio


Still working on that hot first release.



No Blitz is a four-piece American Rock band based in Washington, DC. Formed in 2010, the band has released three albums including 2014's 'Feeling Strangely Fine'. Their desire for a mid-90s Alt Rock revival is reflected in their dynamic music, as the material spans blistering riffs to shoe-gazing epics. Check out the Foo-Fighters-esque band at or at a show near you.

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