Nobody and the Something or others

Nobody and the Something or others


Our version of the truth put to simple melodies. Occasional psychedelic ambiance, and harmonies. A genuine attempt to convey a message to those willing to hear it, if not we hope to get these good messages stuck in their heads in an attempt to cast some seeds.


No one else really sounds like us. We are intentionally catchy and we are very conscious of the messages we put in the heads of others. We choose love, freedom, and harmony as a pretty consistent theme. Sometimes love can be gritty, perfectly imperfect, and so can we. Nobody and the Something or Others would like to see things change in the world and would like to offer assistance. We hope to be the examples of that change unto ourselves.

We set ourselves apart from other bands in many ways. Staying true to our sense of taste is one thing that would set us apart from others. Integrity and the search for truth would be the other thing.

I (Nobody) have quite a story I guess we all do. I have been writing for 10 years. The songs were always catchy and intelligent but were typically tongue and cheek comments on the hypocritical hypopolitical south I had come to know. I had a spiritual awakening and everything changed. Mother epiphany laid her hands on my head and since I have only sought to express these truths as best I can. I have always known Beem and had been playing with people I could not relate to or that seemed to be steering their ships into turbulent waters and wished to take me with them. Beem played bass in a band with some mutual friends and one day we just decided to seek solitude in a healthy experience of musical creation. Beem comes from the jam band school of music and our collaboration has been quite educational for us both. Podunk is one of my best friends and his music like mine comes from within he can play any instrument and loves to help me write, his vocal harmonies are wonderful and we are meant to play together astrologically. We are all three friends and hope to make this a brotherhood and a lifestyle.


Elephants and Weezels EP

The only released work. Can be heard on myspace. One of our songs, Angel, was posted on, a music and arts publication in Atlanta.

Set List

We have not played out and do not currently have a live band. We could reproduce it all, we just need to locate other potential members that we like.