Nobody Lives Forever

Nobody Lives Forever

 Buffalo, New York, USA

C.S. Lewis once said that "experience is the most brutal of teachers." That statement alone defines Nobody Lives Forever. Featuring former members of Spun. (Watertown, NY), Thoughts Lost (Buffalo, NY) and Doctrine of Man (everywhere, NY).


Featuring former members of Thoughts Lost (buffalo, NY) , Spun. (Watertown, NY0, and Doctrine of Man, (Everywhere, NY). Nobody Lives Forever has most recently opened for Through the Eyes of The Dead, As Blood Runs Black, Ion Dissonance, Bless the Fall, Hurt, 12 Stones, and Beneath the Massacre. Members of Nobody Lives Forever have had the honor of sharing the stage with E.Town Concrete, As Blood Runs Black, Chimaira, Kittie, All That Remains, The Agony Scene, Bullet for my Valentine, Through the eyes of the dead, Less Than Jake, Rise Against, A.F.I, Silverstein, Gym Class Heroes, The Casualties, Default, Theory of a Deadman, Senses Fail, From Autumn To Ashes, Underoath, From First To Last, My Ruin, Bleed The Sky, Five Bolt Main, Anterabae, NOFX, Suicide City, Closer than Kin, Factory 81, Death by stereo, Candiria, Aiden, Everytime I Die, Fall River, Sicks Deep, Guilt by Association, Misery Index, The Autumn Offering, Hand To Hand, Ismada, Indorphnie, Ringworm, Yakuza, Thine eyes Bleed, Recourse, Losa, and many more.



Pain and Wastings

Written By: John Paul Fitzgerald

Take the photographs buried in you head
And tell the ones you love that your off to defend the land
Scream I am a soldier
This is now a war for the ages
what a feeing underneath it all
without reason they brought us down
when your sick of all the lies, all the bullshit, and all the fucking horror that this world bleeds
our fears, our hopes, they have taken everything from us, lets take back our home
this is a call to arms
A call to take what is ours back
our lives for yours
forgive us mother
we only came to suffer
fogive us father
we only came to suffer


"Cradle Bay" August 10th, 2010

Set List

Cradle Bay
Eat your Weight
Shadow of the Gunmen
Wounds, Bloodstains, and Ricochets
Hide and Die
(:30) Snuff Film
Pain and Wastings
Of things Past
The Truth, Will Out
Borden Road