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Pyramid Vritra & NRK

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Experimental artist and producer from the boundary pushing collectives Odd Future and NRK (nobodyreallyknows) blending jazz, hip hop, soul rhythms with intellegent dance and story telling in inventive, technical, and inspiring ways that bring together the most eclectic of fans.


Hal WIlliams (AKA Pyramid Vritra) is a member of the Powder Springs, GA/Los Angeles, CA hip-hop group NRK (Nobody Really Knows), Los Angeles, CA hip-hop group OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), and one half of The Jet Age Of Tomorrow (AKA The Super 3). He released a re-mastered version of his first LP The Story Of Marsha Lotus on September 26th, 2011 (and received a vinyl release on November 21st, 2011), and released his 2nd LP titled PYRAMIDVRITRA on November 11th, 2011. His 3rd LP and proper debut album Pyramid was released on August 7th, 2012

NRK (nobodyreallyknows) is a collective of forward-thinkin genre pushing expiremental hip hop and pop producers, blending sounds from lounge, electronica, jazz, trap, bass, soul, and psychedelia. Salute The Pyramids


Performance at Origami Vinyl:

Performance at Atlanta Indie Fest:

La Confidential with Caleb Stone and Odd Future's Mike G

Performance at Odd Future Carnival:

DJ sets:
the echo with OFWGKTA's "the internet"


Drain ft. Syd Tha Kid

Written By: Hal Williams

[Verse 1: Pyramid Vritra]

Satan-eyed hufflepuffing tucked in dutch
I'm climbing up the echelons
B's slick thick with leaf grind
And chief chipped like I'm old nas steam
Rolled and she flat lined still
Cold as my last beat she
Gone and she nasty I'm
Blown and she raspy
Crafty amongst flyest
It's drafty amongst the highest
And I am if you're compliant
I could put you onto science
Niggas ride waves like sawtooth
And they cut paste like in art school
While we stay paved with them oz bricks
And I stayed faded off wax hit...shit

[Chourus: Frisco (Syd tha Kid)]

I'm on a cloud I'm to familiar with, hoping that I don't fall down
The buildings and the trees beneath my feet, what happens when I hit ground
What rushes up always comes crashing down
But take it slow you'll make it safe and sound

[Verse 2: Pyramid Vritra]

Satan-eyed hufflepuffing tucked in dutch
I'm climbing up the echelons
J's twisted this bitch flipping
She can't take it
She T sis off these bong rips
I'm like stop tripping
Roof blown and we sunshine
SteamedExplain-rolled till she flat lined
Still cold as my last beat
Crafty amongst the flyest
I'm floating above the highest
And I am if you're compliant
I could put you onto science like...


Keyz ft. Speak!

Written By: Hal Williams

[Verse 1: Pyramid Vritra]
Wait until I pull up in that motherfucking Lotus
Bitches blowing up my phone because now they see a nigga rolling
My whole team shining and we never loose focus because we all we got
From broke as fuck to selling out by pushing keys
But wait until I pull up in that motherfucking Martin smoked up
With a foreign bitch rolling up and she don't give a fuck
Murdered out
Take 'em to the South, kick 'em out then switch 'em out
From broke as fuck to selling out by pushing keys

[Verse 2: Speak]
Take a little piece of my heart again
Go sew into the sleeves of my cardigan
Oh pardon him and those bad manners
That ape shit, we go bananas
Got silk pajamas and a satin robe
Cashmere from around the globe
I'm getting brain that frontal lobe
Yo, fuck the fame, I want the gold
I'm not for sale, but I'm pretty much sold on the fact I'll never fucking do what I'm told
I'm a hard head with great head giving rap lames them blank stares
Got blank cheques like Tone Loc
We ball out like grown folk
We inhale that gun smoke and
(Blaow, blaow, blaow blaow!)
Let 'em die

[Verse 3: Pyramid Vritra]
Bitches get down, on the floor
When I'm in the cut, asses up
Bright diamonds my crew shining
Your ho wild I'm off indica
Woodgrain, same shit your bitch gripped in that PJ
In my PJs and she relays all the shit she learned in the 12th grade on Prom night
Trick peep game, model bitch reclined in that passenger off two tabs
Bitch don't ask, ain't shit changed
Just week days on replay
That ocean front, back yard view with a pool and such
Rosegold them hoes chose thinking we was 'bout to let them live this shit

Riviera ft. KC 2.0 & Frog Toad

Written By: Hal Williams

[Verse 1: Pyramid Vritra]
Niggas really thought that they could match the steez
Dripping from the ladle tipping dreidel off this fucking brew
Jamesons in my cup, umm Weed in my swisher, caps inside my chocolate verses make hoes go down like watergate
By the lake around 11 after Tyler leaves I'm fucking you
Leave and let these bitches brew, boiling in that cauldron causing ruckus yelling fuck em they don't touch us
Cause we're touchless like brussel sprouts in the school cafe
Thats prolly why these niggas hate, we droppin shit like USA
Change the game like nagasaki, radiating swag my wave
Surf or get a raft my wave, smoking Howard Taft get a whiff from the draft
When my niggas past drifting that McLaren
I'm clean as Linwood Burton, inside berry sorbet
Slipping in the kitchen with them chicken beats, make these cattle show them teets
Spit it until my molars flee, drenched in all the finer things
I'll drag em to the sea, until I burn to 33rd degree

[Verse 2: Mr. Frog Toad]
The valleys I escape emerging in this
Unfamiliar color, petals roses, trees and things where
Blank faced girls chase each other by waves wearing ocean breeze
Nights of lows and sorrow dwell often in the mid day
What can I be for me when I am (for you)
Just what is clear no reason for pupils to show. Read what is said as it passes rewind and restart this
If so, what I see is what you see. Our escapes now relate
As we sail away you live in what we built during our stay where color clones of us roamed
Where we stepped remembering what we've created is nice but what about once we've left?

[Verse 3: KC 2.0]
It's been years and I'm still in the second version
Given purpose since my evolution, worthless are your dull conclusions
Almost prophetic the alpha to these egyptian structures
Oddly considered the causes of music's instant color
And by color I mean beauty you're in black and white of course
Nobody really knows happy marriage you divorce
It's over what they say when they point at the sky
And see us casting shadows swallowing the countryside
Yeah your bitch left you for us but we let her decide
An unbiased decision and that choice had precision
You heard she wanna come kick it with the pyramids, unzip it for the pyramids and lick it for the pyramids
Well this is from the pyramids, here's your invitation
To watch us rise higher than the clouds should be amazing
Views from down there on the ground an ant to an eagle, it's a fish to a seagull when you try to compare us
The latter us was broke but look, musics repaired us

[Verse 4: Pyramid Vritra]
And yet they still look to the skies for hope
Ignorant to what they, you, her, him, and I hold
Believing only what their told, clouded by the boundaries of those who you will never see
And who you're taught you will never be. Slaves. Slave, work my little worker bee
Work, work your days away. Spend your pension on the things you should have been rationed for the freedom
But instead to disagree is short of treason, praise be, praise he who deals with all that we cannot handle
To fickle and too weak to grasp our own minds, but why would we? Why would we want to? None of that matters
Work, buy, die, die, die, die

m48 ft. Andre McCloud

Written By: Hal WIlliams

[Verse 1: Andre McCloud]
Well here we go again McCloud that self reliant narcissist
Tobacco flow but you niggas ain't spitting half as hard as this
Second please position your weapons and aim it at my head
So there will be no questions and yes
This fucking niggers dead
Dutches keep his eyes red, Bars keep his mind gone
Not the ones im spitting but the kind that nigga T.I.P was on
Niggas hiding guard your throne because pyramids is well known
Geezers, Jesus probably wouldn't even recognize the chrome
I see you niggas sleeping but im creeping through your homes
With a flask full of Jamesons and he brought the K with him
Leave no trace, case full of dead bodies left on display
Rumors disperse but I ignore them motherfuckers
Anyway different day, same shit but what can I expect?
I haven't finished college which is something I'll probably regret
No co-signs in the game but I'm knowing I'm next
So salute the pyramid is the next subject..Bitch

[Verse 2: Pyramid Vritra]
Shelby the wheels
'Relli the wrist
3D Propelly gazelle
Sunnies in that polynesian sand
Flow tranny gold rosen hulk hogen hoes
Ripping through em ripping through your stereo
Indicomed tippin 4's since im holding
Now opposed none approaching him the throne they was watching overthrown
Vritra from the tomb of tomorrow in the realm where the wolves hang
Sector that nobody really knows but we know everybody knows


Written By: Hal Williams

The fact she'll be that nigga's wife kills me inside
Fuck her
Fuck us
This maldesigned, poorly structured love
Caves and flourishes before my eyes
Staggered dagger blows into my heart
Make sure the thought's resides
Insuring I can get this concubine outta my system

[Bridge 3: Matt Martians]
I got to get this feeling out my head (8x)

[Verse 6: Pyramid Vritra]
These densly and pigmented thoughts are now my only friends
This closet I reside in stands for little more than failed attempts
Red hues penetrate my vision, air is hard to grasp
Falling to the carpet, Death's embrace was graced with slippery hands
Grim, you fucking up by letting Jesus inturrupt
Hals within a button up and tie adorns purple tux
I guess that I'm showing up, cause I can hardly give a fuck
I'll probably crash and scrape the dash and head on the the groom's truck

[Dialog 1: RoseGold Dutch Masters]
Howdy Y'all
Representing this here RoseGold
I know right?
Oh so you just gonna leave like right when I start talking on the mic
I see you, bitch nigga
I bet you ain't sippin on what I'm sippin on
That orange juice
Fuck with me nigga

[Bridge 4: RoseGold Dutch Masters]
After this wedding, then you and your girls can come over and fuck (3x)
After this wedding, then you and your girls can come over and fuck (Played In Reverse)
After this wedding, then you and your girls can come over and fuck (2½ times)
After this wedding, then you and your girls can come over and fuck (Resumed ½ In Reverse)

[Verse 7: Pyramid Vritra]
I crashed through the lonely hearts club in the front row
Yelling out obscenities, the children cupped their ears closed
"Your mother's a slut!" I yelled
She calls me a psycho
But The voices in my talking head are killing me... (Bitch!)
Cheers flying, Mom's crying, Groom's dying
As soon as I find him, losing footing when the moonshine hits
Pastor's clutching his bible, mumbling shit in silence
And the waiter's like, "I don't get paid for this, Y'all niggas wildin'"
Two police trucks pull up and bust through the cathedral doors
Yelling, "No one move and everybody lay down on the floor!"
But little did they know my plan was free of any flaws or scorns
The cop grabs Elenor and throws Johnny's body towards the floor
And now he's looking up confused and asking God what he would do this for
I'm yapping on the free caked and the hors d'oeuvre that they catered
Cop two's late, grabs the gun and shoots Elenor

[Dialog 2: Pyramid Vritra, Cop, Elenor]

-Pyramid Vritra-
What the fuck?! Man that wasn't part of the plan!
-Cop 2-
Wait wait wait wait wait..
He told me to and said that you would understand
-Pyramid Vritra-
Bitch, what's your fucking problem?
Shes the problem and I love you!
-Pyramid Vritra-
No! Shut the fuck up!
But I thought you felt the same about me!

[Verse 8: Pyramid Vritra]
Yadda yadda, feel this lead inside your rib cage
John stands up, Blood spattered, and he's enraged
Breaks out through the back, and heads around to get the 12-Gauge
I fired out a few and barely missed him and the fag escaped
So fuck it, I'll take this bitch and we'll plan our fucking getaway

[Verse 9: Vince Staples (as Johnny)]
What in the fuck was that?
Guess it's time to run to the back
Cause my guns in the back
Got a pump for this gassed up nigga tryna fuck my shit up
Hopefully this nigga learns not to fuck with me when I clip up. Shit!
Came here for a love and affection, Now a motherfucker embarrassed and pissed off
All this heartbreak shit gets my dick soft
Me and my bitch got a date with a rigshaw
Honeymoon down in Typhoon country
Quit with that cryin' cause a ho don't love me
Lose a ho and get soft like puffy
That's what a bitch nigga do
Don't let your heart get you hit with a tool
Run if you want but my whip do too
On the freeway ain't no duckin from the fades
Stay from the beach if you scared of the waves
Good on gas, put $50 on the tank
Catch you on the interstate like the freeway sniper
Round Dodge Viper
V12 Engine, Black backpack with a Mac-12 in it
Windows down, Front windshield tinted so you can't see me but I'm on your head
No doubt, I want you dead
Ice your mama if the bitch wanna go to the feds
Match the hole in your heart with a hole in your head
John 3:16 the story was read
When that nigga bled

[Verse 10:]
Hat is fitted trucker, fucker, better listen up
John's pulling fast behind me, I could hardly give a fuck
Wolf via aux
Blow got my mind fucked up
Murmur another word, I'll merge your fucking face with black truck
Gauge your eyes out then put this golf wang in your fucking stomach
While leaving out some vital information's hard for you to stomach
Johnny turns his brights on, and I'm tryna commute
Back across the border into Canada
And make sure that we Ustream it on camera
Hyped as fuck off of meth-en-'juana-oxy-cotin puffs
From a McGuyvered inhaler rig bought from Mexica

Sphinx Royal

Written By: Tyler Major, KC 2.0, Pyramid Vritra

[Verse 1: KC 2.0]

Dramatic huh, you're looking at the young and the restless
We're killin you, bullets to the chest and you're vestless test us
Guranteed I'll pass with a surplus we brought an extra man with the clan to the circus
Front row seats so you know we spent dinero
Top notch beats like ham tv
No heroes
All villains all winners
Even when I stop still movin like car spinners
Bitch thats a throwback faggot I know that
Got a song for every fuckin click of the Kodak
Take pic pussy I'll be chillin on the wall getting pussy pics
Imagining im breakin down her walls with this minidick
Unbearable like no yogis allowed
Sleepy off some mid cuz I can't afford the loud
See me in the back eyes scanning through the crowd
I'm trying to find the bitch that still has my black an mild

[Verse 2: Pyramid Vritra]

Darker thoughts in light of happy evenings
The moment I end it all'll be the moment they don't believe me
Pistol couple pocket knife wedding can be deceiving
Met on a blind date then fucked she came and left me bleedy. 1, 1, 1, 2 mic check he's overdone dude
Them Shiny lights and awkward nights on stage must have gotten to him
Just a few hours ago he seemed fine
Such an asinine prick but yet he came off as benign
He walked on stage high as fuck the same as patterson
Drawn, reflective metals skin egyptian patterned son. Pools of kooler-aid kiss the stained planks
Diet on the frits from dyed sugar water and stageplanks. Thanks. He slips while uping the next rapper saying give it up while swaying like a privleged drunk chapter member
He only resurrects early november, but until then its just another tember twards tember, remaining the redest cold winter

[Verse 3: Tyler Major]

They always ask him, why he flow like draino in the kitchen sink
He says that its his duty to serve his spectators and royal sphinx
Please look at the program, tell me what the issue read
Not the best anything in the posse so dont stomp your feet
Gametime fiscals, bet that on your masterpiece
Foreigns observe it closely, the homieland's nose bleed
But if it wasn't for his sqabblin and lolly gaggin
He wouldn't be missed like that experience in your log cabin
--Middle nights with his thoughts to please the territory
The lurks will always counter smurk philosophies to tell his story
Before a shot of the "whose who inside my womb" juice
You would have already felt the tickles inside your belly's loose tooth
You heard that barkin right? I wonder if he's startled
Too many allegories inside his messages present them borrowed
The manuscript and weapons cloaked like the masked zorro
The readings were so profound along the lines of winny g harpo


Written By: Andre McCloud, Pyramid Vritra, Pyramid Murdock, Gloomy Pyramid

[Verse 1: Andre McCloud]
Bitches better bow down once they see the boy shining
Resume long so you know the boy about gridin
Backsmith wax rips to my fuckin head
Hunger isn't much if you the nigga gettin fed
Break bread and cabbage this nigga leakin' like a head gasket and he like to sleep in caskets
Way above average y'all niggas sub par
Smoke you like the kief in my cigar bitch I'm high touchin' stars
All of my checks come foreign like my broads and my cars
Know you niggas can't afford it self absorbent
So when I bust hit the floor quick ain't no duck dodgin'
Multi hit you like a sqaudron, ain't nobody hearin' sirens
Ship you off like my last zip scotch fifth on the rocks make me reach that hot temp
Catch a glimpse greatness in the makin can't stop cause I love the chasin
Smokin' weed while them dollaz steady rain in bitch

[Hook: Pyramid Murdock]
It's never what it seems, dirty green in a rubber band
You've compiled lies just to scheme in the Motherland
Don liven lavish so you can fill the Dutch up
Seems Im toasted to the world so the waiters fill my cups up
See it's never what it seems , dirty green in a rubber band
And you've compiled lies just to scheme in the Motherland
Every single purchases comes with a tax
So before you snort my bitches know you have to pay me back
Pay me back nigga

[Verse 2: Gloomy Pyramid]
Chill up, the room is chill cause they know it's us
The flow is us, remember the room cause they know it's sus, sus flow to the clause pattern
No manner, just a flatter of the pyramid manor, tatted like sailor moon's saturn
I don't have a phone to answer
I have time for laughter and time to wait
These dreams will never deflate like the baloons on your childhood birthday
So in the worst way, i'll save this is shit
And plaster it all over the globe
And make sure that you know
This tactical provision
Word plays and crush claws, a lot of superstisioun
Gold stays brighter in the eyes of the one given
I'll remain silent until the light has risen
Pyramid is the last name, fan based is the paint job
On the Audi 99' with the Shelby cherry red drippin'
And make sure you know, 40's on the hoes
And nobody really knows

[Hook: Pyramid Murdock]

[Verse 3: Pyramid Vritra]
Fuck the function bitch I'm posted in the inner cut
Prolly making beats
Verbals trickle feel the tempo like sir Wilson g
No Jesus piece. Around my neck instead I preach to thee the tales from how I see, the world momma created when father learned how keep his piece
I spit my piece and depart
These niggas sweet and we tart
That sour twist your mind and I'm not talking about the flower diesel
Lotus wine. On the grind. down fo that fucking crime
Haters find they asinine catch them niggas reciting lines
Thought we didn't notice huh?
Thought that you was waxed ledge
Not the group but lyric and blade
From a slave to a slave buying shackles and chains
Trade a trade for a name gain the key to the game and use the game for the fame then forget where you came
Witness the reign of change
By them NRK weirdos
Talent undeniable surrounded by dinero
Heros to them zeros and them nerdy niggas in band

[Hook: Pyramid Murdock]





SCOPOLOMINE (collaboration project for



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Jet age: Journey To the 5th Echelon

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The Internet's Debut Album "Purple Naked Ladies"
Odd Future Volume 2
Kilo Kish's Homeschool Ep
Jay Cue's Pyramid Life
Andre McCloud's Therapeutic Vapors
Tyler Major's Alone In His Meadow Garden
Jay Cue's Quite The Contrary
Micah Freeman's The Timepiece
Mr. Northstar's Luminarie
NRK Compilation
Ethereal's Abstractica
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"Drain" featuring Frisco (OFWGKTA's Syd Tha Kyd)


"Blu Diamonds"

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