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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Current Issue: VOL. 2 - NO. 7 July 15th – August 14th, 2006"

By: Tom Williamson

There are a lot of bands looking to become the next big thing. Nobodys Hero has the capability of doing just that. This five piece band from the landing spot of the pilgrims when they first came to America (Plymouth, Massachusetts) plays energetic, rhythmic music that is easy to lose yourself in. Until recently this type of band, a mix of alternative, punk, emo, metal and post-hardcore, would not be accepted in the main stream due to instances of screaming. With the emergence of bands such as Hawthorne Heights and even Fall Out Boy, in some songs, and how those big label bands incorporate screaming there should be nothing holding Nobodys Hero back. They well versed in their style of music.

Of the songs that I was lucky enough to sample, Pick Up the Pieces is the best. It is not only my favorite song by this band but is now a regular on my own play lists. The song has everything. An intro that draws you in, a catchy chorus, perfectly placed screaming, a fun melody, and great vocals. The chorus goes something like this: “Fall back and leave me, an open door (built for this scene*) empty bottle no tomorrow” with the part in parentheses being my interpretation of the lyrics and possibly not what they really are. Just reading the chorus does not do it justice so listen to this song, the transitions from intro to verse to chorus and every other part of the song are seamless. With an intro which builds so much emotion and energy, all without any lyrics, you will be drawn in.

Nobodys Hero is like a bag of Lays Potato Chips. With the chips you can’t just have one chip and with this band if you hear a sample of their work you will want to hear the rest. These guys are definitely worth listening too. There CD “Between Goodnight and Goodbye” is now available, check it out.

- Northeast In-Tune

"Nobodys Hero cuts record, prepares for summer tour"

Josh Schreibeis thought he was dreaming. Or, rather, nightmaring.

It was Nobody’s Hero’s debut performance, and suddenly the band was embodying its name.

Because lead singer, Adam Decoste, tripped on a cord while he was walking on stage and landed head-first into the drum kit, sending crash waves through the audience.

On his way down, Adam, mic still in hand, caught the high hat before it hit the ground.

Amazingly, Adam kept right on singing while holding the the mic in one hand, and the high hat in the other.

The drummer didn’t miss a single beat while the singer just lay there next to (and sort of in) the kit, paralyzed, singing the rest of the song. Well, he couldn’t really get up.
The song turned out great, the audience went wild and Adam Decoste fought his way to his feet to find his band mates laughing at him.

Well, what are you gonna do? Sometimes you hit the drum. Sometimes the drum hits you.

Nobody’s Hero is a post-hardcore hard rock band that draws from some pretty hardcore local talent.

Josh Schreibeis is a Class of 2004 Plymouth South High School grad who plays a mean guitar.

Fellow mean guitarist Brian Wilson graduated with Plymouth South’s Class of 2002. Charismatic singer, Adam Decoste, attended South, and killer drummer, Chris Fey, graduated with Plymouth North High School’s Class of 2004.

The band fuses elements of post-hardcore, hardcore, punk and heavy metal.

The band name heralds from a philosophic moment Decoste had during a band name brainstorming session. He said the band should go with “Nobody’s Hero” because,

“Everybody wants to be somebody to someone but in reality they feel like nobody to everyone.”

So that’s my problem.

Don’t get the wrong idea. These guys have a powerhouse sound and their stage performance follows suit.

Guitars go flying. Mics go flying. OK, lead singers go flying.

Adam accidentally hit Josh in the face with the mic once as he swung it for effect. It hurt. And the guitars? Let’s just say, when you do a guitar throw (swinging the guitar on its strap all the way around your torso) there are times when the guitar gets, uh ... thrown.

Josh wanted to become a musician after watching his Uncle Steve play drums. At 12, Josh was a huge Korn fan. Drums were too expensive and it was hard to find a place to play them without driving somebody nuts. He picked up guitar, instead, and couldn’t put it down.

Brian said the guitar found him at 17 when he discovered rap and bands like Lost Boys, and Eminem.

Brian and Adam were still in high school when they started the pop punk band, Street Corner Society, playing parties and dances.

Meanwhile, Josh and Chris created their pop punk group, Underage, which played Blink 182 fair like Street Corner Society.

When graduation hit, both bands lost members to college and were at loose ends.

Josh was working at Stop & Shop when he bumped into a co-worker, that guy, Adam, from Street Corner Society. The four hooked up and discovered they had chemistry. They wrote some songs, brought in the promotional expertise of manager Steve Taylor of Rearview Records and made their first record, Between Goodnight and Goodbye.

These guys are not fooling around. They’re seriously good and they know what they’re doing. Their manager knows what he’s doing.

Nobody’s Hero goes on tour this summer from here to the Midwest and back again.

“The plan is, we get a band, get a trailer and go,” Josh said.

Ever alert to possible conflict, juicy enough for a Behind-the-Music, I asked if they’d all be traveling in the same trailer.

“Unfortunately,” Brian said.

Right now, Nobody’s Hero is recording a single for release at local and not-so-local radio stations.

They’ve played the Worcester Palladium, Boston’s Middle East and Paradise clubs as well as local clubs.

Nobody’s Hero is professional and has a powerful stage presence, but what’s cool about these guys is they don’t have attitude.

Josh shrugs about the time his strap lock gave out on his guitar during a throw and his guitar flew 30 feet in the air. Maybe Adam is cavalier with his mic, but Josh has also clocked Adam with his guitar. Two or three times.

The shows are physical. The musicians don’t just stand around playing their instruments; they dance around like maniacs and pull stunts.

You figure these guys are probably dodging mics, guitars and each other pretty much all night during a show.

“We play half-hour adrenaline rushes,” Josh said.

“We take a lot of pride in our stage performance,” Brian added, demonstrating a guitar throw for my benefit.

It was amazing how he just tossed the guitar while it was strapped to his back. He caught it as it swung all the way around to the front again.

I was so impressed, I tried this at home with my guitar, and nearly knocked my husband out. I guess it takes practice.

For bookings and more information on Nobody’s Hero, hop online to - Old Colony Memorial


LP - "Between Goodnight and Goodbye," 2006

Single, 'Pick up the Pieces' - "Rearview Records: The Music Seen Vol. 1," 2007

Various singles can be found on and for a listen.

Commercial radio play on WLZX 99.3 FM (Lazer 99.3), WBRU 95.5 FM, WMUA 91.1 FM, and WVCC 93.7 FM


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Nobody’s Hero is an outfit whose primary goal is to elicit emotion; it is heavy music with heartfelt sentiment.” -WMUA 91.1 FM

Nobodys Hero is a young rock quintet hailing from the greater Boston Area. Featuring the charismatic vocals of Adam DeCoste, fast and rhythmic beats of Steve Corshia, pounding bass of Zach Schreibeis, and jarring guitars of Josh Schreibeis and Brian Wilson.

Their music draws heavily from influences of all veins of rock, but with each one, an innovative twist. Fusing together elements of Post-hardcore, hardcore, punk, emo, and metal. With their aggressive style comes an ever increasingly aggressive live performance. While NBHs music can be brutally intense, it is always balanced out by soulful vocals coupled with screams of agony and angst. A must listen.

After a long, but well spent stint in the studio (recording alongside Andrew Vickery, Embrace Today), NBH Released their first full length album entitled "Between Goodnight and Goodbye" on Rearview Records in early 2006. With a second album in the works (due for release in May 2007) the band continues to forge new grounds.