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Nobody's Own

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It's like Tom Waits, Aretha Franklin, and Outkast were partying with a bunch of circus freaks in an old run down saloon.

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Midnight Zydeco

Written By: Ryan Haile

See there's a pretty young dame, no face nice name/
Got a champagne glass with an orange juice dash/
Been sitting on a barstool drinking her drinks till we disappear/
And it just ain't fare when these people don't care/
Now she's lookin' lonesome over there/
Drunk off a broken heart/

There's a sleezy ass tune beatin' out the jukebox/
Being picked out by a pin striped city tycoon/
And it just ain't fare when these people don't stare/
Now he's looking foolish over there/
Winking at the jukebox/

Welcome to the Midnight Zydeco,
Where people runnin' from their worries and their ghosts,
Now you can stare into that glass, a crystal ball for erasing pasts,
And it's all at the midnight, the Midnight Zydeco/

Verse 3:
There's a man on stage singing under a spotlight,
Smokin' cheap cigarettes and drinking cheap wine,
Gotta six string beauty that’s moaning till his thrill is gone,
And he just don't care when these people gone bear it all,
Cause he's wailin' while they're singing their sweet songs/


Shot In the Dark

Written By: Ryan "Cons" Haile and Natalie "Nat" Singley

Load em up shoot em up, one shot, gotta hit it right shot in the dark, click back, let it go, bulletproof till the sound breaks through, listen to the sound of us leaving our mark, make room/

Verse 1: (Cons)
Revving along got a shuttle down lock to the motion of beat rhythm breached/
And I feel once again secure to the end that the limits lay way beneath/
Bequeathed by the fascination, makeshift pried, of a gypsy manikin who's soft on the eyes/
I know that this gone be another shot in the dark/
Why don't we embark on a head trip, lets drift, pace shifts, slow your breath now make it, top notch, don't you rest look back till it's said and done/
This is the moment where you twiddle your thumbs and wait, until your heart breaks/
Now never look back until you find that purpose/


Verse 2: (Nat)
You fell victim to the ricochet sprayed every which way caught a stray and took it in the heart/ now you feel the heart aching, painstaking, breath taking, back breaking shaking filling in the part/ coincidently sing is in the name made believe and now I came to understand the meaning of my art, and it's a privilege to be heard, fine tuning every word, my coordinated shot in the dark/
Calling out all the shots to make a break for the sake of doing what we want creating a get away/ placing the emphasis on how we can best's getting late we can't wait…lets go/


Verse 3: (Cons)
Don't fear a word just feel the pull of the bullet to the flesh concept,
It won't hurt it's just your turn to sting a bit in the beginning of this little bomb threat/
Music pumping shogun slang, hit em up shoot em right, hear the click, BANG/
This is a shot in the dark, got to hook em right before there's a stop in this art/
Time to step up to the blade, kiddy corner critics with their hush push sayings/
New rhythm in a gift display, this is what we have to say/


Freak Show

Written By: Ryan "Cons" Haile and Natalie "Nat" Singley

Verse1: (Cons)

Welcome to the freak show, letting all you little freaks know, constant soul is what we're bringing to these people/ All you little animals are welcome to the satchel full of needy greedy cannibals so come and watch the granite bruise one small step for man kind, one giant leap to reach the grape vine, one less monster pleas for more time and one less human being shakes less lives/ Gravel pitted emitted, wittingly lividly living a rigidly non timid lifestyle of manikins managing to be, musically doing things, in unity like grooving gigs and moving kids to this new group of shit/


This is the way it goes when you got that soul baby,
This is the way it feels when you got that soul,
Come one come all to the unveiling of our little Freak Show,
And welcome to the realm, that place where the freak is just a freak in sheep's clothes,

All you little freaks (repeated)

Verse2: (Nat)
So tell us what you think can we still make you happy…
Come on now take a turn on this street beddy bye burned sunlit moon glossed treetop climbing,
Friends from everywhere do you feel love in the air coming through me?
Well come and share the light wrong or right it's tight cause your coming out tonight by simply choosing/


Verse3: (Cons)

Being the being you want to be or become you got that choice of believing your leaving your being to stun/ that roller coaster notion boaster watch the potion rise you'll need it in a minute to help you on this roller coaster ride/ Derailing your thought, that train that’s never leaving port, no delays or a stop, cause you're never feeling bored and I can assure you that its all gonna look clear as long as all of you get yours and we get your public ears so listen up/



LP - "Freakshow" - 2006