"Vanilla" 'Angel, your Sanction has been Approved.' "Hell On Wings" Roll and Rock, Load and Lock, Rock N Roll is about to become deadly!


"No Body Loves You!"

Just ask any member of No Body who they are and that is the sole response you will get. The pace of changes in the music business today is driving many acts, management, and labels over the edge; but it's the most exciting ride since FM radio.

No Body began as a one man venture into the New Millenium and dominance by Internet Music. Gathering momentum and members from around the globe and leading the blazing path of the music of the future, saying what no band has said before, going where no band has gone before, the sheer power of their vacuum trail is sucking major acts into their foray into gladiator-like competition in the New Music Industry.

Follow this! If you dare.

No Body biography can be found at and

"I am the influencor, not the influencee."


01.) 45RPM Vinyl: My Baby Doll/Mystery of the Planets
02.) Cassette Single: Old Enuf/Imagination
02.) 45 RPM Vinyl: Old Enuf/Be With You
04.) Vinyl LP, Cassette LP, CD LP, DVD LP/Video Special: Hell On Wings
05.) Vinyl LP, Cassette LP, CD LP, DVD LP/Video Special: No Body
06.) Vinyl LP, Cassette LP, CD LP, DVD LP/Video Special: Angel
07.) Motion Picture & Soundtracks: Vanilla

15 EP's, at least one vinyl single, a few albums/CD's

Currently working on a contemporary work of 3 albums [Hell On Wings & No Body & Angel]

9 videos for Hell On Wings

Filmscore for "Vanilla"

Artwork Commissioned and being painted in oils by Laura Bergman-Giacomini [Los Angeles, California]

Casting: Casting Notices,

Set List

*See the FootNote at the end of these Set Lists

Set I.

"Hell On Wings" due for release in September 2007

01.) Angel
02.) No Body
03.) CyberLuv
04.) Little Girl
05.) Luv In U Baby
06.) Live, Learn, Love, Burn
07.) U No Me No More
08.) Slippin Away
09.) Fuck Me!

Set II.

"No Body" due for release shortly after "Hell On Wings"

10.) No Body
11.) Angel
12.) CyberLuv
13.) Slippin Away
14.) Chocolate [new song]
15.) Cinnamin [new song]
16.) Yag [new song]
17.) MilkShake [new song]
18.) Baggs [new song]

Set III.

"Angel" due for release shortly after "No Body"

19.) Angel
20.) No Body
21.) CyberLuv
22.) R.C.F. [new song]
23.) [new song]
24.) [new song]
25.) [new song]
26.) Wish
27.) Angel [Extended 10 minute film version]

Set IV.

from "All Lies In Truth" and "The EP's"

28.) Old Enuf
29.) Be With You
30.) Prelude: Death Of Love
31.) I Bin Had
32.) America [from EP 01 America]
33.) Baby Says [fromEP 0