NOBOT is a pleasure cruise aboard a swift futuristic space yacht with wide windows. It is an intoxicating injection of technological lust. It is a marriage of analog instrumentation with digital sound design that will rock your humaun soul. NOBOT can also make the club get crunk.


All three members of NOBOT are students of a music technology undergraduate program and are all semi-professial sound engineers. Our influences include everything from the Beach Boys to Aphex Twin, Tom Waits to Radiohead. We strive to find that magic middle ground between unexpected originality and catchy familiarity. We're based out of Minneapolis and we love this city.


We're currently recording our first EP (expected out in November). Our demo recordings are on our myspace page:

Set List

Our set is currently a little over a half hour and it consists of 6 songs. We only play one cover (Aphex Twin - '4').