When fans describe noctaluca they hearken back to the cream of the classic crop- Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath. But noctaluca through innovative lyrics, deep rhythmic pockets and progressive exploration adds their own unique twist delivering an uncontrived hit list of the greatest capstones of the genre.


Classic Rock Magazine called noctaluca "the cream of some of the new talent emerging today in terms of songsmithery...There are echoes of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and yes GNR". Following the cult successs of their 2006 debut "Towering the Sum", noctaluca's latest studio release "Still the Wicked Rest" unabashedly embarks into the deeper and darker reaches of America's post-traumatic psyche, holding no punches along the way. From its provocative cover art to the politically spearheaded lyricism and an overall sound redolent of Vietnam-era rock, "Wicked" blows the dust from one of rock n' roll's greatest forgotten inventions: the protest song - and hot-wires it for its own retributive aims.

While many bands are masters of their domain in the studio and can create superior sounding records, often these same bands can fall short in the live arena. But noctaluca consistently has outgunned their own ingenuity in the studio by putting on feverish live performances that at once can mimic the sonic enormity of their records with astounding accuracy while still tapping into a constant and thrashingly turbulent spirit of spontanaeity that consistently earns them the unblinking and devoted wonderment of the audience, no matter how young or old.


Ohmstead Music Festival
Toyota/WEBN FIreworks
Taste Of Cincinnati
Mainstrauss Oktoberfest
Midpoint Music Festival


Control Freak

Written By: Jason Ludwig


I don't really care if your tongue and lips are frozen
All of your talk was giving me razorburn
Bite your tongue
There's going to be peace on earth

I don't want to know if your esophagus is closing
Call them on the phone, pound it against the wall
Tonight I sware!
There's going to be be peace on earth!

My word has circulated,
my army fed and trained to bite back,
to prey upon you sedentary fools,
because your rules are just your rules are just your rules...
Pushing! You're pushing me over!

Johnny, are you in trouble again with the law STOP
Turn back around STOP Turn back around STOP
Turn back around they're coming for you man STOP
Climb out the window down the ladder take the limo
through the alley down the stairs there's a woman waiting there STOP

I'm tearing off a new page
so I can fill it up with my rage.
We'll soon be led into a new age,
and you'll behold a new control,
a new noose soft enough to keep you whole
if you can do without your brain.
Behold, freak!
Control freak!
We'll satisfy your every wanting.
The pill is for the pain.

We told you, we told you, we told you
We told you, we told you, we told you!


Still The Wicked Rest (2009)
Suck Hard LIVE (Single 2008)
Catastrophe (Single 2008)
Towering The Sum (Full Length CD 2006)

Set List

Some venues/buyers may be interested to know that
noctaluca has over 2.5 hours of original live material (2 - 1 hour sets), and we've been known to play L7, Black Sabbath, Muse, Queen, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, Tenacious D, Pink Floyd, etc...