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Nocturnal Divinity

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"TOKYOPOP+SHOCK 2-28 ACTS-14 LIVE BANDS [MAR.22 @Kilroy's+Jack's]"

Saturday, March 22nd @ 8:00PM / Kilroy's+Jack's / $8 / 19+

Entertainment One Night! One cover of $8 gets you into Two Venues and 28Acts- 14 Live Bands-80+ Artists

>Staylefish-[reggae/rock/ska-London/Vans Warped Tour08]
>Forever Dead-[red hot rockabilly/psychobilly]
>Nocturnal Divinity-[gothic/alternative/metal-Winnipeg]
>Cosmic Granola-[60’s/funk/jam]
>The Kettle Black-[experimental/punk/folk-Vancouver]
>The Wayback -[surf punk]
>Jordana Divinorum-[goth/rock/alt]
>Makeshift Astronaut-[acousmatic/psychedelic/big beat]
>Jean Paul De Roover-[alt/folk/rock/world music]
>Camden Blues+The Overnight Sensations -[blues/punk]
>The Rad Kids-[garage /rock n roll /surf]
>The Communication -[reggae/progressive rock]
>Adaptive Reaction -[industrial]
>Gaelin Brown-[indie/pop/rock]
>DJ Panda -[asian pop]
>DJ Mofo-[asian shock]
>Michele Gerow-Feaver-[exotic fire breather]
>Sensational Super Circus+Rachelle [anime tightrope walker]
>Linzee Martin-[fire animation-poi performer]
>Fantasia does Tokyo! [drag performance]
>Manga Dancers/Messengers/Devha’s Tarot Readings
>Empty Space Performance -[Thinking In Machine]
>Satu’s Tokyo Belly Dancers-[exotic+entrancing]
>Spoken Word/Performance - Renee Terpstra-Cameron
Willis -Chris Roy-[w/noise music] -Solomon-[hiphop]
>Best Tokyopop+Shock Costume Contest

The TokyoPop+Shock Cabaret is an event of epic proportions, featuring 28 acts, so massive an event, it will take up two bar venues... but only one cover charge. Pick your story, Pop or Shock, move between bars and interact with 28+ red hot incendiary acts! Featuring; Michele Gerow-Feaver Exotic Fire Breather and Linzee Martin Fire Manipulator-Poi, Sensational Super Circus with Anime Tightrope Walker Rachelle Selmeci and much more[jugglers, unicyclist, stiltwalkers, fire twirlers...Empty Space Performance Art, Satu's Tokyo Belly Dancers, Pop+Shock film direct from Tokyo, Drag Queen performance with Fantasia Does Tokyo, Spokenword/hiphop with Solomon and more...Devhas Tarot readings, Manga Dancers giving treats and 14 live bands and Dj’s playing head-to-head for mangatronic sound supremacy -big screen video projections, lots of product placement and surprises! Advice come early...Thousands in raffle prizes, prizes for best manga/anime or tokyoshock costumes, free sushi! Treat yourself to the wildest slickest Year of the Rat party you’ll ever experience! 600 people were in attendance at last years event. Saturday March 22 starting at 8pm- TokyoPop+Shock.... Super good number one! This will not be Tofu! 19+ ID required.

TokyoPop+Shock 2 just got a lot bigger with Staylefish. Staylefish is a 6 member ensemble, out of london Ontario, comprised of a diverse array of musicians from Reggae to Rock and Ska. Part of NXNE and will be on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. The band has already established themselves with a large following in the Canadian music scene and now take it internationally with the launch of their new CD Audible Addiction-Lots of horns, keys, guitars, drums and multiple vocalists-Staylefish has a truly exciting and original sound you must see and hear.

But wait, there is more...from Winnipeg we have Nocturnal Divinity an Alternative Gothic Rock female fronted band-with the hauntingly beautiful voice of Carly Iskierski, think something along the lines of Evanescence, Look for their national tour coming this summer 2008...see them here first!and topping it off we are fortunate to have The Kettle Black from Vancouver-Experimental Punk Folk musician, who is a marvel to behold, see him here prior to his North American Tour in the summer of 2008.

Not to mention 11 of the best regional bands of every genre you can think of, all adding up to one massive event comprised of 28 Acts! This will be impressive! Thanks to our sponsors and our friends at LU Radio 102.7FM...listen to them! TokyoPop+Shock 2 is the closing party to Urban Infill-Art In The Core featuring 350+ artists at 15 downtown locations get out and explore your downtown Wed.Mar19 from 7pm-10pm for the opening reception and continues until Sat mar.22 see for's coming! - Renee Terpstra

"THE ZOO Feb 23rd 2007"

Wow!! Allow me to be the first to say that tonite was an incredible example of what talent lies in this city.
The line up:
This was my first time seeing them, but str8 out...these guys hit the stage with a fast and furious energy that I haven't seen in a long time. Very cool to see....can't wait for the next unleashing
Broken Army
First time seeing this band too, but was totally surprised. I was asked to video tape the last 2 songs, but kicked myself after for not shooting the whole set.... fuck I'm stupid!........Note to self..........
Great show as always. and as a player of the keys myself...I dig this band big time....Love them every time....
And finally....Nocturnal Divinity...
I was really surprised by ND....I haven't seen them before, but they've got me as a new fan for sure! Love the guitar, and melodic tempos....and their new song (I forget the title) was awesome!
Anyway...I and many other faithful rocked our asses off!
later...... - Vince Krochak

"The Zoo Sept 8th"

heck of a night and had a blast on stage too!

Integrity Lost: first show jitters got a hold of a couple of us but we managed to pull off what i think was a damn good set ....tx for the props of stage everybody check out our myspace and we'll try to get some recordings up soon..

Nocturnal Divinity: Man your myspace clips don't do you justice last night was awesome tight and a welcome auditory experience now where the hell is my cd!!!!!

Xplicit: Heavy, driving hooks out the ass! dug the entire set and loved the vox man once again ....where the hell is my cd!!!!!

The Hearsemen: You guys got a Don Caballero meets The Smalls thing going for ya...not entirely my cup of tea but the time changes and keeping those together kept me listening regardless Kudos on the set and any future endeavors.

Now, thats what i thought..... how bout the rest of you's guys!? - Anonymous

"Forgetful Jones, Domenica, Still Village, Nocturnal Divinity"

Ok, the show tonight was great! Everyone there had a wicked time! The bill was solid.

Nocturnal Divinity... their 2nd show together. I gotta love the female fronted local bands cuz there aren't a lot of us out there. She had a gentle but dark and mysterious rock out approach that I liked, and a great tone. They had a song called "midnight rain" that had an awesome chorus melody that I wish I wrote.

Still Village... one of my fave acts. If you haven't seen them, you're retarded. Very Happy Seriously though, we've played with them quite a few times and they are always tight. I don't really know what to say except it was nice and loud, and I was up at the front loving every minute of it.

Domenica... I thought we played a pretty killer set. We seem to be on a roll (knock on wood) with playing solid shows. Except for the fact that Kurtis (bass) kept unplugging me when he'd stomp on my cords ...luckily Ellefson was right up front pluggin me back in every time. Thanks man!

Forgetful Jones... I used to go to Velvet Pill shows a lot. I've seen J. Williamez quite a few times, too. Forgetful Jones was GREAT. I loved it. I suggest everyone reading this go and check them out if you haven't already. They have a unique, heavy sound and as a band, are very tight. I really liked the way they structured their songs, too.

This is my review and it rules. - Bekki Friesen

"Archived Bands M-Z"

When my friend and fellow perennial audience member Carly said she was forming a band, I admit I had my doubts. They were erased in the first verse of Nocturnal Divinity’s first song. Carly can sing, and with a couple members of Inwolven backing her up, ND can and will turn some heads. - Clay Mercredi

"Nocturnal Divinity"

What I would consider Amazing Goth Metal! Fronted by the lovely Carly Iskierski (Vocals), the band consisting of also Matthew Toews (Guitar), Brian Layer (Bass/ Vocals), Mike Milner (Keyboard/Vocals) and Frank Molnar (Drums). I think of them as Winnipeg's answer to either Nightwish or Lacuna Coil, and they deserve recognition for the work they do. For more information, visit the Nocturnal Divinity MySpace page. - Zlatan Banicevic


Nocturnal Divinity (Demo 2007)

We have a few tracks on rotation during CILU Loud's Blowing Up The Lakehead (Kill-U Radio) on 102.7 FM in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We have tracks available for your listening pleasure on our Myspace page at

Our full-length debut album will be released in summer 2008.



Formed in early November 2005, female fronted Nocturnal Divinity has been making an impact all throughout Canada since their debut performance in summer of 2006. After playing numerous shows with several other bands all over Canada, from Vancouver to Halifax and even Chicago, Nocturnal Divinity will be headed into the studio this spring to record their full-length debut album, which will be released in summer of 2008. Following this release, they will once again be headed on tour across Canada doing what they love best. Plans for a US tour in 2009 are also in the works, as well as a European tour in 2010.

More information to come in the near future.