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Haymarket, Virginia, United States | SELF

Haymarket, Virginia, United States | SELF
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"Nocturnal Rush Releases Video"

Local teen rock band Nocturnal Rush, formed in early 2010, has released its first music video. The “Heartless Warriors” video can be viewed online at

The band is made up of 14-16-year-old musicians Trevor Fichtner of Haymarket, Jake Rosenthal of Herndon, Kaela Heiston of Ashburn and Aidan Hall of Haymarket.

In their first year, the band performed in Richmond at the Carytown Watermelon Festival, in Fairfax at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival, in the Baltimore area as part of the Youth Rock Live Tour, at the State Fair of Virginia and other venues.

For details, visit

- Gainesville Times

"Nocturnal Rush"

If you like rock n roll and want to rock the house, then you need Nocturnal Rush! These guys can bring down the house! Everywhere they perform the crowds go crazy over them, and their fan base is growing quick.

Nocturnal Rush from Virginia, is made up of four teens, Kaela Heiston (lead vocals), Trevor Fichtner (guitar), Jake Rosenthal (drums), and Aidan Hall (bass). They have been performing together since January 2010. Since they got together they have been making quite a name for themselves throughout Virginia. Trevor and Aidan both grew up playing music, Jake began taking drum lessons at seven years old, and Kaela started vocal training at age ten. Together they form an awesome group with outstanding music.

Their first performance together was at a local country club in Gainesville, Virginia. One of their favorite performances was at the Watermelon Festival. This is the largest one day festival in Virginia, here there were more than sixty bands and Nocturnal Rush drew the largest crowd. They also performed at the Celebrate Fairfax Festival as the youngest band chosen out of five hundred that auditioned.
Nocturnal Rush plays a lot of covers but they are quite good at writing their own songs as well. When it comes to writing it is a group effort, with assistance from John, Trevor`s dad. Trevor and Kaela comes up with parts of a song, then Trevor and his dad takes on most of the music, while Kaela does most of the lyrics. As the song comes together Aidan and Jake work in the drums and bass. They truly work as a team with everything they do when it comes to music. This makes for a tight knit group and it shows when they are on stage. The combined effort of the group has already produced one EP with three songs "You", Heartless Warriors", and "Nocturnal Rush". These guys are getting so popular that they have already sold out the CD`s. You can look forward to a brand new music video that will be out soon of Heartless Warrior, this should be exciting to see.

Although they work very hard on their music, to not only play it well, be to master it, they still lead pretty normal lives and go to normal schools, but their passion is their music. This passion shows well when they perform. On stage they mean business and they are going to rock your world! If you are around Virginia anytime be-sure to look these guys up, you will not be disappointed with their performance.

"Artist Roster Profile: Trevor Fichtner"

“I own a 1995 CE3 vintage yellow 24 and a 1994 CE 24 in green. They are my "go to" guitars. PRS guitars are comfortable and they have the best sound of any guitar I've ever played. The sound is very soulful and pure. The fret board is like glass in my hand. I find that I can play my scales at 130 BPM with my PRS and only 126 BPM with my other guitars. I can play anything from crisp clean chords to shredding sweeps with my PRS guitars. I own lots of guitars but PRS is my first choice. Since I am only 14 years old, I've had to become creative convincing my dad to buy me more. I finally asked him to sell my Ric and my 1961 SG to buy my next PRS. It's PRS for me and if you want to keep up, you better get one for yourself to. Yeah babe...”
TREVOR FICHTNER, lead guitar/vocals, age 14, comes from a family of rock musicians. He never fails to amaze crowds with the fast-fingered guitar solos that make classic rock so much fun. Trevor studies guitar with two of the areas most gifted guitar teachers; Matthew Mills from Classic Axe and Jim Steed. He is currently endorsed by Paul Reed Smith Guitiars. Trevor is inspired by musicians like Randy Rhoads, Slash, Angus Young, Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Moore, Steve Vai, Matthew Mills and most recently Beethoven.
Trevor’s interest include music, off road 4 wheeling, hunting and hanging out with friends. At the age of 10, he earned his blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.
- Paul Reed Smith Guitars

"Local Band Joins Rock Stars (Trevor and Jake's previous band)"

The Fuzed, a local band of four young people ranging in age from 11 to 14, are well on the way to living their dreams of being rock stars. The group has been invited to play at JAXX Nightclub, a popular venue in West Springfield where many successful bands like Cheap Trick, The Little River Band and Eddie Money have previously taken the stage.

The Fuzed opened this year’s Loudoun Youth Fest, and caught the attention of the headlining group Forever the Sickest Kids (FTSK), who are recording their second album before going back on tour this summer. When FTSK heard The Fuzed play, they were impressed with these young musicians and asked for a repeat performance — opening for their show later that night. Playing before a crowd of hundreds may intimidate some young bands, but not The Fuzed, who took over the stage for a second time and thrilled the crowd.

Since that performance, word has spread fast and their calendar is quickly filling with event dates. The Fuzed will be playing a mix of originals and classic rock selections at JAXX in West Springfield on Friday, July 17 at 8 p.m. and also at the Loudoun County Fair in Leesburg on Friday, July 31 at 7:30 p.m. They have several additional performances scheduled later this summer and throughout the fall.

The members of The Fuzed practice in Haymarket at the home of 13-year-old lead guitarist Trevor Fichtner. Bassist Connor Ginger resides in Gainesville and is the eldest at age 14. Drummer Jake Rosenthal of Herndon is 13, and lead vocalist Cheska Zaide of Ashburn, the youngest, is just 11.

For additional information about The Fuzed and their future events, visit their website at or

- Herndon Connection

"Local Band to Play at State Fair"

The local teen rock band, Nocturnal Rush, will perform at the State Fair of Virginia on Sunday, Sept. 26, at 5 p.m.

The band is made up of Trevor Fichtner of Haymarket, Jake Rosenthal of Herndon, Kaela Heiston of Ashburn and Aidan Hall of Haymarket. The musicians, ages 14-15, will perform classic rock and original compositions from their upcoming album.

The band will also perform at the Fairfax Fall Festival on Oct. 9 in the City of Fairfax.

To view performances by the band, visit For bookings, contact Andrea Rosenthal at 703-709-7854 or

- Gainesville Times

"Band Profile: Nocturnal Rush"

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new Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush Photos (5)
Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush/Bob Lanum Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush/Bob Lanum Credit Courtesy Photo, Nocturnal Rush/Javier Pierrend Your photos, videos & PDFs: Add Northern Virginia foursome Nocturnal Rush consists of lead singer Kaela Heiston, guitarist Trevor Fichtner, bass player Aidan Hall, and drummer Jake Rosenthal. Although not one of the members is old enough to drive, it hasn't stopped them from becoming a force on the local music scene.

At first sight they may look too small for their instruments, but once said instruments are plugged in and the band strikes its first note, people quickly take notice. All of the members have roots in music.

Trevor and Aidan come from families of musicians, and Jake has been studying drums and percussion instruments since the age of seven. At the age of ten, Kaela started professional voice training with a Russian opera singer. The result of these talents is a tight, straightforward rock band with musical influences including Led Zeppelin and Evanescence.

"People are surprised we're so good since we're young," says Aidan.

When they're not writing and rehearsing, the band is out performing live at different venues throughout the region. They've played festivals and events in Fairfax, Loudon, and Prince William counties as well as fundraisers for Haiti Earthquake Relief, D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation, and Fairfax Children's Hospital.

The band member's families are all very supportive of their efforts. Trevor's dad John Fichtner acts as the bands musical director and leads rehearsals in his basement, which doubles as a fully equipped sound studio. Jake's mom Andrea Rosenthal does the majority of booking but states that everyone's family works together in support of the band.

"It's really a team effort," Rosenthal says. "Everyone pitches in, whether it's moving equipment, making flyers and t-shirts or providing transportation."

It's clear the band is serious and focused when it comes to their music. They collaborate to write the songs together and seem to have found a strong bond and common goal.

"It's fun to play music and hang out with my friends at the same time," says Jake. "All of us in the band have become really good friends. Gigs are a great way to show our talent and get new fans."

Singer Kaela agrees. "It's awesome when the crowd sings to the music, claps and sometimes they even get up and dance! When that happens it brings out the best in our band - we really have fun on stage then!"

The band is starting to receive a lot of attention. They recently played the 27th Annual Carytown Watermelon Festival in Richmond, which is the largest one-day festival in Virginia and featured over 80 bands on eight different stages. According to festival organizers, Nocturnal Rush had the largest crowd of any band.

Next up for Nocturnal Rush is the Fairfax Fall Festival, where they'll be performing October 9. Visit the band's website at

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"Nocturnal Rush Reaches for the Stars"

By Barbara Simon

Last year, Trevor Fichtner, 14, of Haymarket, was on a mission to find a new drummer for his rock band. His dad contacted music studios in the area, including Contemporary Music Centers in Chantilly and Haymarket.

Jake Rosenthal, also 14, of Herndon, responded, auditioned and became a member of the band.

When the other band members decided to go their separate ways, Trevor and Jake were determined to stay together and continue in their musical quest.

Though young, these boys are experienced, serious musicians.

Trevor, from a family of rock musicians, is a master at the fast-fingered guitar solos that make classic rock so much fun. He studies guitar with three of the area's most gifted guitar teachers.

Jake started studying drums at age 7. It took time to find an instructor willing to take on such a young student, but after just a few lessons, his talent became evident. He plays a variety of percussion instruments in his school’s band, but his love is rock.

The boys needed a singer and bass player who shared their ability, passion and commitment.

They discovered Kaela Heiston, 14, of Ashburn, the band’s lead singer.

Her natural vocal talent was obvious at a very early age. Starting at age 10, she began professional voice training with a Russian opera singer. From there she continued on with middle school chorus and then joined School of Rock, a music school in Ashburn, with whom she performed in several concerts.

Newest to the group is bass player Aidan Hall, 15, of Haymarket. Aidan grew up in a family of musicians and has always had a natural musical ability. He was selected for All County Chorus in fifth grade and played double bass throughout middle school orchestra.

He enjoys playing rock and roll on electric bass and listening to all genres of music.

These four young musicians are now called Nocturnal Rush because of their night owl habits.

“With Aidan and Kaela we have a full circle, we are complete,” commented John Fichtner, the band manager. “It was an uphill battle trying to find quality musicians and now we have them. I don’t think there will be a kid band able to touch this group. Our goal is for them is to get them signed by a major label. They are definitely good enough.”

Although the band primarily plays classic rock songs, some original music is in the works.

Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N Roses and Metallica are a few of their favorites. In addition, they enjoy dabbling in some blues.

The band recently performed on stage at Lion & Bull in Haymarket, opening for the veteran band Rebels in Rehab.

“While there are many teen bands in the area, Nocturnal Rush was a particular delight to hear,” said Ron Miner, owner of Lion & Bull. “The young musicians are talented beyond their years and the young vocalist has the range and strength of singers with more experience and age.

Miner said the “crowd loved the mix of songs and these selections demonstrated the breadth of talent the group is capable of.”

This is certainly a group to watch,” he added.

Nocturnal Rush is slated to play at Virginia Gateway and Lion & Bull this spring and summer, at Leesburg First Friday on July 2 and at Haymarket Day on Sept. 18.

Visit the band's Web site at for more information.

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"Teen band finds confidence, friendship in music"

Nocturnal Rush - Fairfax Times


Latest singles include:

Nocturnal Rush

Heartless Warriors





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This group of young and talented musicians is passionate about playing music and entertaining audiences! Although they are only ages 15 to 16, these rising stars rock the house like seasoned pros and amaze audiences wherever they perform.

These young teens attend three different high schools in the Northern Virginia suburbs outside Washington DC, bringing together the most talented kids around!

Nocturnal Rush is inspired by the legends of rock, and performs contemporary and classic rock as well as originals. The band performed at a number of prime events, including: Celebrate Fairfax! as the youngest band at Northern Virginia’s largest festival; The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC; Jammin Java; the Carytown Watermelon Festival, in Richmond, the largest one-day festival in Virginia, with more than 60 bands on eight stages, where organizers say Nocturnal Rush drew a larger audience than any other band at the festival; State Fair of Virginia, Doswell, VA; Youth Rock Live! Tour, Baltimore, MD, sponsored by PRS Guitars, Youth Arts Forum and Shuffleboard Records and more! Nocturnal Rush has released several originals and is well on its way to its first EP.

The members of Nocturnal Rush are veterans of the stage. Before joining Nocturnal Rush, band members performed at prime area venues such as the the 9:30 Club, Jaxx Nightclub, the Montgomery County Fair and the Adams Morgan Day Festival. The combination of ability, practice, dedication and energy is evident in their music and live performances.

Please send media and booking requests to

P.S. - Nocturnal Rush guitarist Trevor is the world's youngest guitarist on the Paul Reed Smith Guitars artist roster