Madrid, Madrid, ESP


HEMOS VOSTO LOBOS is the second LP of Nocturnos, produced by Sergio Molina at MOBA studios and mixed by PacoLoco in El Puerto de Santa María.

Sergio Molina describes the process: “Work with Nocturnos in his new album was an exciting journey.
It is easier to lock you up a month in the studio when there are old friends, talent and above all, good songs. Every moment, the rehearsals, the recording process at MOBA, the mixing with the great PacoLoco and the mastering with Mario Alberni, has been in an excellent atmosphere. The target... not leave anyone indifferent, do we get it?”

PacoLoco, says: “When Sergio called me to mix Nocturnos’ new album, I was really glad. I knew the band and I was really excited to mix it. Coming from Sergio, sure it was going to be amazing.
I was surprised by the change of the band’s sound because what I had heard was quite different, as well as David's voice, and the little touches of synthesizers and guitars: worked and simple. In few words, a group with clear ideas and blunt and direct songs. I like it. I hope you too...” 


LP Pequeñas Esperanzas. Febrary 2014
LP Hemos visto Lobos. April 2016