We are NOCX, We take control, We make noise, We know you like it!!

Electro, but with a twist! think of 90's Techno/hardcore, mix it up with elements of Industrial/metal and put it in a blender together with 80's new wave. now that would be interresting for the dance floor right?


NOCX is formed halfway december 2010 after Steef Overdevest (ex Cumshot, ex-The Defpenalty) and Randy Meinderts(Fortynine) both departed from the project DATACORE, wich was organized by the State-xnewforms festival. NOCX inspired by 90's hardcore/techno and 80's synthpop. and influenced by bands as Combichrist, Nachtmahr, Grendel. NOCX has been broadcasted live on Radio West (Stork On Air), and KINK FM (defqon 1) and the first live shows are a fact! after 3 shows NOCX found out it really needed a VJ, so we are happy to have our good friend Frank Oldenburg with us as our VJ!!!


Currently working on demo's!!