This song is dedicated to my father who passed away from lung cancer.


I have always loved music from pretty much day one. I was always sick while I was growing up with either my Asthma or allergies. I had to stay in alot as a kid, so I found music. If it wasn't for music, I probably would have went crazy. This song I wrote, sang, and played the rythem and lead guitars on is called, "Let the sun". It's about how I was feeling after my dad passed away from lung cancer and also what I believe happens to us when we pass on. I wrote this song two weeks after my dads passing. I then went to a very good friend of mine, and recorded this song in his studio. This is what my dad told me right before he died, "Don't ever be afraid to say you love me". The next day he passed on. I say that every day now. I hope my song inspires people to believe that this is not the end of the road, it's just a journey to the next level.


Let the Sun

Written By: Todd Burghduff

VERSE 1--How many tears have I cried. What makes a young man die. Was it the will of god, or some bad joke played on me. (Chorus)You let the sun, shine down on me. You let the angels, set you free. I know where your going to, I know what you've been through. It's far away from here, I couldn't take it any more. I know where your going, I know where your going to. Verse 2--Now all my tears have dried, what makes a young man die. Was it the will of god, or some bad joke played on me. (Chorus) (Guitar solo) (Outro)


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