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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Feelin' Noddy!"

Jared Mills. Let us consider!

Jared Mills is often aka Jared Sprinkle. Sometimes Jared Sprinkle is aka the lead singer of Man Plus. The lead singer of Man Plus, on the other hand, who is also sometimes Jared Sprinkle (nee Mills), is often aka the lead singer of Noddy. And they are all somehow (somehow!) aka The Stranger’s Seattle’s Sexiest Librarian, 2010!

Well. We-he-hell. Betcha didn’t know THAT, now, didja? (The lead of Man Plus AND Noddy! SEXIEST LIBRARIAN! 2010! All ONE AND THE SAME! Holy fuckbooks!)

Anyway. Noddy has a new single!

New Noddy single "By Hook or By Crook"
The new Noddy album, Remora, Remora (digital release date July 4th, 2010 via Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.) is a supremely assured song-cycle that shows the further evolution of Jared Mills’ (Man Plus) surreal, art-damaged pop. While his music can sometimes be bizarre and disturbing, with fuzzed out organs and dark subject matter evoking alienation, drugs, and violence; it never deviates from the basics of great pop songs, with nervy verses and gigantic chorus hooks and rhythms made for the disco.

Remora, Remora shows a deep fascination and affinity for Chicago house. The songs are all tightly-coiled perpetual motion machines driven by thick beats and Mills’ tricky melodies. Remora, Remora is both the most accessible album in Mills’ vast oeuvre but also the most meticulous. The arrangements are dizzying masterpieces that weave and bob, flirting with chaos and discordance, but always this side of pop.

"I don't really have to reiterate my feelings about Noddy, do I? Okay. Fine. THEY'RE AWESOME. That's what." - The Stranger

"A dark, synthrock feel ... something like Gary Numan sweetened with a spoonful or two of sugar." - KEXP

Fall 2009 debut album A Seed reached #27 on the KEXP Variety music chart, #6 on the KEXP Northwest music chart.

HEAR! - The Stranger

"Quick Hits: Noddy"

I wrote a piece on Seattle’s Man Plus right when this blog was getting its feet wet. Electronic bi polar indie pop is what I called them and I think I wasn’t too far off. Jared Mills, one of the main voices of Man Plus, has gone off on his own with a project called Noddy. Noddy’s music has some remnants of the Man Plus stylings (mainly just his voice), but Mills goes in his own direction to craft some fantastic deep club electronic pop that pulses and bounces just the right way for this Monday afternoon without coffee. Check out a few tracks:

mp3: Noddy – By Hook Or By Crook

mp3: Noddy – Weightless

These tracks are from his new album Remora, Remora which you can now pick up on Noddy’s bandcamp. - Pasta Primavera

"Noddy- “Weightless”"

Seattle electronic group Noddy makes pop music that buzzes out of a classic arcade console. It’s heavy but fun, thanks to one sinister beat and a smooth performance out of singer Jared Mills. You can stream the song here, or go buy it over at Noddy’s Bandcamp site. Get the rest of their album Remora, Remora here. - Quit Mumbling


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