North Bay, Ontario, CAN

Angry catchy metal party songs with tasty leads and thought provokin' smokin' vocals poured over a Badass Rhythm section-Check it out!


NoDevilliveDoN is the culmination of many years of rockin underground Northern Ontario. We keep writing and rockin and we just cant stop. Our Live & TV performances have impressed many. Our new release,S8R2, has some of our best tracks yet!  NoDevilliveDoN is looking forward to playing shows to support this release.


Burn N Die

Written By: Uncle Alice

Booze is gonna rot ya Smokin's gonna drop ya
Hear the naggin all the time
when you're done advising How I do my living
why don't you try it out for awhile
Smokin marijuana never gonna kill ya
like lyin in a trench all night
Live it while you got it punch it to the limit
might be your only shot in the fight

Live Easy
Ya'll Burn and Die
So Easy
Just and Die

Took it from the Postman Gave it to landlord
Dish it out to my last dime
It aint really funny never got no money
Jonesin it half of the time
Gettin my red shoes on gotta get a cruise on
Drink it down to my last dime
yeah we're gonna party party hardy-hardy
knock it right out of our minds

Live Easy
Ya'll Burn and Die
So Easy
Just and Die


Lead you to the courtyard
Strap you in the line
you head falls to the gallows
and we toss your ass in a pile

Forever Endeavour

Written By: Uncle Alice

You can die anytime
You’ll be gone forever and ever and ever
Set a spark leave your mark
like you got no tether no tether no tether
you can live your own dreams
you can go and give ‘er and get ‘er and get ‘er
you can make what is real
you can go forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

you can pray every day
pray for better weather whatever
get it up shake it baby
U can make it better and better
can you see what you feel
is it real or cheddar or cheddar or cheddar
you can live your own dream
you can go forever and ever and ever and ever

War Crimes

Written By: Uncle Alice

Somebody's gonna die today
if we don't change our ways
the war still lingers on
and mocks the name of god
reality’s insane
I don’t wanna play
I just can’t fake it
How much more can we take of these


why you gotta blow my world away
when you don't even know me


the truth is never true
If you get it off the news
We’ve all paid our dues
Yeah we pay with me and you
Rich men play their games
I don’t wanna play
And we just can’t fight it
If its wrong can’t we right it

why you gotta blow my world away
when you know that there's hell to pay
for your war crimes


2013-S8R 2
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Set List

We are usually booked for 40-60 minute sets

We also have a full night of originals-

How the West was Won
Red Suit
Blacken the Sun
Pure Anger
People Burn
Holy Holocaust/Happy evil
Burn N Die-
War Crimes
-Right To Die-
Train to nowhere-Revolution
Camp Counselor
-Fatal Mistake
-Helena Basket
-Save Yourself
-Higher You Fal
l-Rude Interlude-
-And More-
Covers we play are
Iron Maiden