Noeazy Toyz

Noeazy Toyz

 London, England, GBR

4 young fellas. 1 suburban town. 1 dream to accomplish. 4000 reasons to get your speakers destroyed... Noeazy Toyz are here and yearn to be RockStars! The band is the result of Kay Darens's 4 year journey to find the most loony musicians he could and get them together in a band.


Nico B.'s Grekolatin origin and temperament, Rikko Rides's groove, and Bill Man's continuous ticking on his drums - together with Kay's sexualy mixed up wacko brain - guarantee a show you will never forget! Though the band is still young - it has accomplished over 25 performances - and with influences such as Guns & Roses, ACDC, R.H.C.P, Bon Jovi, Offspring, Arctic Monkeys, Hanoi Rocks, Sex Pistols, Sweet, Dead or Alive, the audience grows bigger and bigger... Will you follow?


Gotta Give (Single, 2008)
Addictive Yellow Frenzy (Single, 2008)
Hasienda (Single, 2009)
Fuck The Queen (Single, 2009)
Ole' Johnny (Single 2009)