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Markham, Ontario, Canada | SELF

Markham, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"A Rising Star Feature"

Noella Choi's love for music began at a very young age. That love soon turned into a passion, inspiring her to participate in local competitions, eventually bringing her a win in "The 1999 New Talent Singing Contest." As music became more and more important in her life, Noella Choi began to pursue a college degree in the field. She earned an Honors Bachelor of Music Degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Western Ontario, where she also majored in Voice. Fresh out of college, Noella was hired on as a Music Director at TVB (Television Broadcast, Hong Kong), completing over 200 episodes of "Virtues of Harmony I", and providing vocals for songs used in other notable TVB series such as "Life Begins At Forty," "Good Against Evil," and most recently, "Dance of Passion" AKA Fire Dance, Yellow Sand.
I recently had the opportunity to speak with Noella Choi about where her career has taken her over the past two years. Complacency is not a word in Noella Choi's dictionary. Last year alone, she wrote musical underscores and theme songs for Fairchild TV, a Canadian Chinese Television Station, such as the theme song and background music for the miniseries "The Town", the theme song for a travel show, and a jingle for a restaurant called "Platform2" that airs on the station frequently. The jingle was another collaborative effort with her father, Peter Choi, who wrote the lyrics to go along with her music.

In November and December of 2005, Noella Choi became the Musical Supervisor for Chris and John's Road Trip, an OUTtv original reality series, selecting music from a variety of talented Canadian Indie musicians. Noella also recently became a full member of the Dynasty Musical Group, providing vocals for the established Toronto-based Chinese band.

When asked whether or not she planned on producing another album, Noella Choi became humble, insisting that she writes very slowly. However, she did state that she has already recorded some new songs, including one she is extremely proud of called Solace. Solace is a song of inspiration. The words of Solace are intelligent and insightful, once again proving Noella Choi's insightfulness as a lyricist: "But in the moonlight / I dream of beginnings / And catch the stars as they fall / 'til the night resigns / Come daybreak I'll wake / without fear or doubt / 'Cause I know I'll be fine."

Noella Choi has proven time and time again that she is a star on the rise, but don't take my word for it. You can hear her work on her MySpace page at Check out the works of Noella Choi, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. - by Melissa Minners

"My oh my!"

My oh my! Don’t worry, I’m not about to burst into a karaoke version of an old Sad Cafe song, even if it is a classic. No, I’m actually bursting with excitement at the talent that is Noella Choi. Of course, I say excitement, for that was the barely discernible twitch that only seasoned Zeitgeist watchers would be able to identify as excitement.

Anyway, back to Miss Choi. The Chinese / Canadian singer / songwriter may be in the first flush of youth, but she’s worked hard at her craft, earning a crust scoring for TV before putting together this set of contemporary adult pop, very much in the vein of mid-period Jewel.
Most of the songs concern the usual fare of lifes struggles, love and loss, but Miss Choi lifts them up with memorable melodies and hooks which manage the remarkable trick of sounding like old friends on first listen.

It’s hard to pick favourites but if pushed I’d go for “Crossroads” and the weary “Heartbeat”. - Zeitgeist

"Attractive Singer with a Beautiful Voice"

Noella Choi is an attractive singer with a beautiful voice. In the liner notes, she says that Restless took a long time because she isn't the best lyricist. I think that depends on who's listening. If you're a Middle American housewife with similar problems, these will be the best lyrics you've ever heard. Noella lets it all out -- she tells you her problems, and you'll want to hug her and tell her it's going to be all right. The songs are mostly mellow, mixed with occasional midtempo rock numbers. Choi recorded and produced the CD herself, and the production is appropriate, with strings and synths where you expect them to be. The music business has a place for Noella Choi. Unfortunately, it's already filled with other acts who sound just like her, but she definitely has the means to move up. - Splendid E-zine by Dave DeCastro

"Foley Entertainment Music Evaluation"

"1" Indicates the Lowest Score
"5" Indicates The Highest Score
"4," "4.5" or "5" score in any category indicates professional league and have strong potential.

Recording Quality/Production: 4
Lead Vocals: 5 (Outstanding)
Musicianship: 4
Lyric Writing: 4.5
Music Composing: 4
Song Arrangement: 3.5 to 4 - Eugene Foley


Noella has a powerful and dynamic voice with some beautifully authentic highlights. There's a real person's voice there, not a manufactured sound alike. The backing music is rich and interesting with a fascinating texture.
-Scott Johnson, KIX FM

A great Canadian vocalist who manages to mix various genres on this album, thus creating a style all of her own. Well worth listening to.
-Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7FM

Love your cd Noella. Good music, nice voice and beautiful lyrics.
-Jaap Hoek, Alphen Stad FM

I was surprised by the quality of the songs ! I can't tell you there is a bad song on the album, they are all good. Most of the songs I played on our radiostation. We will make sure that your album will be heard here in Belgium!
-Urbain Van Geerteruy, Radio Beiaard - Select Radio Station Feedback

"A Rising Star in the Making!"

You may be asking "Who the hell is Noella Choi?" My question is "Why the hell havenít I heard of Noella Choi before?!" Noella Choi is a multi-talented Chinese-Canadian with a love for music. On her album cover, she states that the album took two years to make, primarily because she feels she is not the most talented lyricist. I beg to differ. I think sheís an incredibly talented lyricist, not to mention an awesome composer and musician. Her lyrics are poignant and heartfelt. Theyíre intelligently written ñ no teenybopper music here. It was very amazing to discover that not only did Noella Choi write all the music on this CD, but she performed it all as well. And her voice! What a great set of pipes! She brings to mind such music superstars as Lisa Leob, Jewel, and Michelle Branch. I loved every track and found myself singing to them after a while. Each track speaks to the listener, weaving tales of love lost, measuring up, moving on, and becoming. The last track of the CD, Blossom, is a song written by Noella Choi's father, Peter Choi, and sung by Noella Choi in her native language. Its beauty mesmerized me even before I read the English translation of the lyrics. An incredibly talented musician, composer, singer, and lyricist, Noella Choi is definitely a rising star in the making! Send your comments and or questions about this article to - Talon Karrde of

"A True DIY"

Noella Choi's first solo release, but that doesn't mean she's new to the music scene. After graduating from college (with honors) the Toronto native spent some time in Hong Kong working as the musical director for a Hong Kong television station where she worked on a sitcom called "Virtues of Harmony" as well as composing and singing for television commercials. "Restless" is a true DIY project. She wrote, performed, recorded and mixed all the songs here. The result is a lovely adult pop sound. Choi's voice is pretty and pleasing without being sugary sweet. The songs are inoffensive smooth melodic pop. Nothing wild and crazy, but pleasant all the same. She alternates playing guitar and piano and I, of course, prefer the piano pieces, but they're all good songs. She claims she's not a great lyricist and it took her a long time to come up with words to her music, but I think they go together very nicely, You'd never know it was difficult for her. Noella Choi obviously a talented woman, and if you like adult contemporary pop you need to check her out. Stand out songs: "Goodbye", "Crossroads" and "Lost". - Collected Sounds: by Amy Lotsberg


In My Elements (2007) LP
Restless (2004) LP



Noella Choi is a rarity in today's music scene. In a business full of manufactured pop stars, this Canadian Singer-Songwriter is a true Do-It-Yourselfer from writing to arranging, recording, mixing, and producing. Recently, Noella received BEST FEMALE 2007 at the Ontario Independent Music Awards for her original song, “Pang.” Her soulful and sultry voice coupled with captivating stage presence brings emotions to every song which speaks directly to the listener.

A Graduate from Western with a BMus in Composition and Voice, Noella has worked in HK as a Music Director for TVB and in Canada as a Music Supervisor for Chris and John Productions. Also a Freelance Singer/Composer, she has worked with Fairchild TV/Radio as well on various commercials including the recent Rogers Chinese New Year Jingle. Her singing can also be heard on noted TVB series such as “Dance of Passion” and “Steps” and she can be seen in the upcoming “The Gem of Life” series with a cameo performance as an Opera Singer. Also an ACTRA member, Noella has been in various Canadian national commercials.

An active performer and vocal coach, Noella is currently working on her 3rd album.

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