Noelle Scaggs

Noelle Scaggs


You can Descibe my Music as Hip-Hop Soul. It's a Cross between Mary j Blidge's 1st album whats the 411 and Lauren Hill's Miseducation.


Unique, electric, funky, soulful, and serene – are just a few words that come to mind when
listening to the music of 27 year old, Los Angeles based, Singer/Songwriter Noelle Scaggs. For
eleven years now, Noelle has been getting her feet wet in the music industry, drenched to be
exact. Her diverse, eclectic taste in music, and multi-cultural background, are essentially a few of
the reasons Noelle has been able to steer effortlessly through so many musical genres. She
recalls her father's record collection as a young teenager, noting how she used to play a different
record everyday, learning at least 3 of the songs before the days end. Anything from Sugar Hill to
The Parliament to Bonnie Raitt. That experience growing up helped to cultivate Noelle’s dynamic
voice, lyrical adeptness, determination, vigor, and most importantly, her love of music. These
qualities are what have been the driving force behind her current successes.

Noelle is best known as the female lead vocalist in Los Angeles based, soul septet, The Rebirth,
who in the last 3 years have received worldwide acclaim for their full-length record entitled, "This
Journey In.” Noelle joined The Rebirth in 1999 after meeting with Creator and Producer of the
group Carlos Guaico. 8 years later she has proven through her captivating stage presence that;
"WOMEN ALWAYS MAKE THE SHOW!" Crowned, "The B Girl with the Golden Voice” within the hip-
hop community, Noelle has become quite the staple voice on collaborations with such artists
as The Black Eyed Peas, Dilated Peoples, M.E.D., Defari, DJ Rhettmatic of The World Famous Beat
Junkies, Percy P., Quantic and countless others.

Noelle’s versatile flavor has drawn her comparisons to Lauren Hill in her lyrical content, Amel
Larrieux and N’Dea Davenport in her vocal nuances, and Mary J. Blige. for her street appeal. As
a songwriter, she is mindful of her audience, while still leaving room for surprise with her political
& poetic undertones.
With all that lies on her plate musically, Noelle still finds time to broaden her horizons gliding into
the world of Fashion and Cinema as an actress, model, and writer. In 2005 Noelle appeared in
Director F. Gary Grey's Comedy, "Be Cool" playing the roll of a Background Singer to Christina
Milan's character, “Linda Moon.” Noelle is currently in the process of creating her own Animated
Film project along side animators Juliet and Ken Duncan (The Lion King, Shark Tales, Beauty And
The Beast) which is set to launch in 2008. All this and she still finds time to create spine tingling



Written By: Noelle Scaggs of The Rebirth

Composed in a dream
That never seemed
Arranged in my key.
Gazing at stars
That never shine
until I close my eyes.

Caught in a wave
A timeless chain.
Inside i feel
All the hopeless things
the wants that can never be obtained
Just Sinking.

Im Caught in a dream
That never seems
To have an ending.
Replaying a song
a thosand times
It's lost it's meaning.

Don't you know I'm caught
In a wave
A timeless Chain
Inside I feel
All the hopeless things
the wants that will never be


My Discography includes mostly Collaborative Releases, One of which is a project with my Band "The Rebirth". All of the tracks listed have received Streaming & Radio Airplay and Have been released through Independant or Major lables.

1: This Journey In : The Rebirth Full-length Record released in 2005. Kajmere Sound Recordings ( I am featured on the Entire Album as a Member of the Group)

2: Neva Change (Self) 2004 Cut Throat Diamond Cut Records

3:The Craft (Self) Single released in 2003 Up Above Records

4: Fly Away w/ Motion Lab (Complation "Christmas Eclectic: 5.1)

5: I Know w/ Evidence Of Dilated Peoples (The Weatherman LP ; ABB)

6: I Make My Own w/ Defari (Street Music; ABB)

7: Night Life w/ M.E.D (Push Comes To Shove: Stones Throw Records)

8: Politick Socitety w/ Quantic (An Announcement to Answer; Tru Thoughts)

9: Let's Get it Started (Retarded) The Black Eyed Peas. (Elephunk: A&M Interscope)

10: Insight w/ Jern Eye (Authentic Vintage: Natural High Records)

11: Marathon w/ Dilated Peoples (Neighborhood Watch: Capitol Records)