Noel Walsh

Noel Walsh

 Bangor, Maine, USA

Bangor ME-based singer/songwriter Noel Walsh has been gaining recognition across the east coast for his soulful blend of grunge and folk rock and his strong live performances.


Noel Walsh has been developing a following since he began performing at age 10, by the age of 21 he had released his first album, Noel Walsh So Low, and was already touring across the state of Maine. He played with several popular bands including EarthTone, The Reel, and Slow Children at Play on a local level before persuing his solo career and branching out across the East Coast. His music can be described as grunge folk rock (fock music). His name has appeared in Wire magazine and the Villiage Voice and he has been featured in the Bangor Daily News, Bangor Broadside, Portland Phoenix, as well as other publications. Noel's songs have been heard on several radio stations including WERU, WHSN, WMFK, and WHSR. Noel Walsh has been headlining shows on a local level as well as opening for bigger acts across the East Coast. He has played at various venues further south and for the last ten years running he has been asked back to perform at the Frantasia Festival of Out Music and the Arts, an international festival showcasing musicians, performance artists and dancers from across the globe. He has collaborated with several artists including Kat Hernandez, Greg Bursgio and Teresa Fellion (Body Stories). Noel is currently touring, recording, and delighting audiences wherever he goes!


Noel Walsh - So Low, 2001
EarthTone - Unleash the Music, 2004
The Reel - Live at Unity College, 2008
Noel Walsh - Fock Music, 2009
Noel Walsh - Burn One For a Friend, 2009

Set List

Sweet Grass Cafe
Ignorant Hippy Chic
Bored, Tired, Sober
Mountain Cry
Grey Sunday
Aint No Sunshine
Breakneck Trail
Career Center Blues
Rennaisance Pimpin
Wiley's Wake
Let's all get Drunk and go to Heaven
Sandal Never Worn
The Desert
Broken Down Palace
Coffees Brewing
Immigration Nation
Will you Wait?
Are You Waiting?
Where are you going?
Jenny's Song
Beautiful Mess
Robby get up
Bird Song
Foot Stone
Give Your Love Away
Come on Down
Come to Find
Listen up Babe
Let Me Love You
What it Takes
Tattoo Train
I Drank Alone
Good for a Few
Kitty was a tree frog
Eggs and Bacon
All she wanted
I Dropped Alice
8 Hits
Gabe's Birthday
That's Just Me
Hooray for the Band
When the sun goes down
Hey Mary!
Only One
Midnight Hour
Take me down
It's so hard
Out of Nowhere
Gyspy King
Save the World
Sophi's Song
Mom's Song
Monday Morning
I Will Write You