No Evidence

No Evidence

 Moscow, Moscow, RUS

No Evidence is a melodic hard rock band from Russia. The band's music represents a cocktail of beautiful melodies, fantastic drive, screaming guitar solos, and powerful guitar riffs! Rock’n’roll is still alive!


The first public appearance of the band under the name "No Evidence" took place on 4th October, 2009 at the Tribute to Scorpions Festival. This date can be considered as the oficial band's date of birth.

However, the major amount of songs included to the 1st album were written long before - in 1999. At that time a band with a strange name "Tearful Juice" was founded by guitarist Dima Petrov and drummer Serge Zarudny. It was funny, but Serge impressed Dima 1st of all as a singer, but not a drummer :). - "Oh, as I can see you like David Coverdale too!", asked Dima once when Serge was experimenting with a microphone. The answer was "Who is that?"

The guys wrote some songs and began to play live concerts together with other musicians (Mike Kolesnik, the current No Evidence's guitar player, was among them for some time). Unfortunately, they stopped their activity in a couple of years and decided to develop their careers in separate ways not connected with the music.

But the love to rock music was so strong and life without it was so poor that some time after Dima and Serge began to look around to recommence the music career. And in 2006 it was happened - it was the TJ's reunion with Dima, Serge and Mike. The guys engaged Serge's childhood friend Max Shahura (bass) and Fedor Popov (drums).

Starting from 2008 the band consists of the following members:

Dima Petrov - guitars, the main songwriter Serge Zarudny - vocals Mike Kolesnik - lead guitars Max Shahura - bass Dima "Vincent" Vinnikov - drums

In 2008 the band began to record their 1st album. It was released in 2009 under the name "Too Late".

The song "Street Dancer" from the album was so powerful that the auto giant Peugeot purchased the rights to it in order to use as a soundtrack for their viral promo video.

The song "Too Late" attracted the majority of fan votes as the best song from the album.

As a whole, the album represented a coctail of beautiful melodies, fantastic drive, screaming solos, and powerfull guitar riffs! It is difficult to determine exactly the album's style, it is a mix of "old school of rock" with elements of funk and blues with the new wave of alternative rock. And the lyrics are thoughtful and optimistic.

In May 2010 the band has supported Swiss hard rockers Gotthard at their Moscow show. Gotthard musicians had listened to No Evidence music by themselves to approve the band to enter the show.

In August 2010 No Evidence became a participant of rock festival "Rock Wave 2010" at the coast of the Black Sea (Crimea, Ukraine). There the band has played on the same stage with the well-known Russian and Ukranian rockers — Slot, Mavrin, Tracktor Bowling, Role Model, etc.

Currently, the band is working at the studio on the material for the 2nd album that is expected to be even more powerful, energetic and diverse.


Too Late

Written By: Dmitry Petrov

Don’t you see?
All my friends have gone,
Everywhere I feel myself so lonely.

Don’t you see?
Everything I’ve done
All in vain, like done for me the only!

It is too late
I fly away today
No need more words to say
For begging me to stay
No need to wait
It would be all in vain
I’ve got here to much pain
I won’t be back again

Don’t you see
Who am I here? Nobody!
Here and now I have no more to wait!

Here is nothing more
For me to study,
Nothing more to love - too much to hate!

Prisoner of Dreams

Written By: Dmitry Petrov

In my dreams every night
I live my life again
Going through all past joy
And all past pain

And I want to born again
Don’t feel what I’ve got
Live life without shame
Live it from the start

Dreaming dreams of tomorrow
Dreaming dreams of yesterday
With the happiness and sorrow of each day
All my sins and my achievements
Every night they come to me
I’m a prisoner of my dreams
God, please set me free!

And now I know that only you
Can build your life yourself
On you depend
Behavior, mind and health

And only you’re guilty
For every word you’ve said
For everything that happens –
Good and bad!

Have no money – change you job
See the deadlock – turn or stop
Have some doubts – change your way
Change your life from day to day
And never be sorry for your past –
Make tomorrow better, better, the best


Written By: Dmitry Petrov

The time is flying -
We can't resist.
He was a nice man yesterday -
Now he is old beast.
And I'm sitting
Behind the door
Just lonely looking -
I can't take it anymore!
I want some action
While I'm young
I want to get all from the life
And pain and fun!

Live to make real my ideas
Forget about the fears
And live up to the hilt as happy man,
And answer: "Now!" the question "When?"

You see your past life
In black and white,
You're only doing job you hate
All day and night.
You think that whole life
Is still ahead,
But pressure of the years
Have painted in gray your head.

Live to make real your ideas
Forget about the fears
And live up to the hilt as happy man,
And answer: "Now!" the question "When?"

Run Away

Written By: Dmitry Petrov

You were difficult boy,
Bad business brought you the joy
You played your dirty tricks,
And run away - weeks by weeks

And people thought it was
Simple children's prank,
But you became a real punk.
And when policemen came
And you were faced the gun
All you could do was to run

Run, run away,
Run away from heavy law
From the severe trial.
Day by day your fortune
Helps you to escape
Till one day - when you will fail! Year by year - you have grown
The army broke your street crown
Soldier now - ex-crime king
To be so cool on the ring

And now you realize
Who you really are
But too late - you have gone so far
And when deadly bullet flies
You have no any chance
Now to run you'd pay high expense

Run, run away,
Run away from heavy law
From the severe trial.
You can't run from bullet
Here is Judgment day,
Day has come and you have failed!


2009 - Too Late (CD, 12 tracks)

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