No Eye Contact

No Eye Contact


Architects of a unique style they've dubbed “Garage Folk�, No Eye Contact draws on a diverse range of traditional and contemporary influences - from Sacred Harp singing and West African kora music to Bob Dylan and Neutral Milk Hotel - creating a suprisingly cohesive and distinct sound.


No Eye Contact was born as the private recording project of Massachusetts native Raky Sastri. After moving to New York ten winters ago and gigging as a drummer in several bands, he started recording songs under the moniker in 2004. Over the next few years, he quietly distributed CD-R’s to friends and family and played a handful of live shows accompanied by a rotating cast of musically-minded companions.

Longtime friend and creative ally Josh Arnoudse came aboard in June 2008 and one year later, after many months of writing and recording in bedrooms, basements, and kitchens, the group’s full-length debut, You and Me and Other Fables, was complete. With the addition of banjo player and all-around talent Gideon Irving in May 2009, the band began in earnest to take its idiosyncratic, stubbornly melodic tunes out into the world.

Architects of a unique sound they have dubbed “Garage Folk”, the members of No Eye Contact draw upon a diverse range of traditional and contemporary musical influences, from Sacred Harp singing and West African kora tunes to Bob Dylan and Neutral Milk Hotel. The band juggles an array of instruments and vocal parts in its live show, weaving Sastri's world-weary lyrics around sweet melodies, forceful harmonies and unorthodox arrangements.

In an “All Songs Considered” review of You and Me and Other Fables, NPR’s Robin Hilton described opening track “Sing Children Sing” as “stunning and utterly surprising,” and went on to praise the album’s “wonderfully off-kilter percussion, propulsive guitars, found sounds and rousing singalongs.” proclaimed the CD “lo-fi joy," Spin Magazine named the band one of the “25 Must-See Artists of CMJ 2009,” and in December a reader poll selected the group as the Deli Magazine’s NYC Artist of the Month.


Foreign Shores

Written By: Raky Sastri

Oh foreign shores
and mountains unexplored
bother me no more
safe and sound
way down the wishing well

and all forking roads
blow north and southerly converge
in the spot you allready were
so sure you would never return


Cartoon Hearts EP
You And Me And Other Fables LP
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Set List

our set list range from thirty to sixty minutes we play predominantly original material.
from our recent album
sing children sing
sons and daughters
so sister
crown of thorns
you and me
you won't
forking roads
dead summers