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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | INDIE

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | INDIE
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"Compalation Article"

This five-member band has major energy coming from them as they speak at the Caterie. It isn't hard to categorize them, they are an outright "punk band." But with instruments such as bagpipes coming out in their songs, there is an obvious difference in their sound. The band writes collectively and says their material is not concocted. "Every song has a piece of some real experience in it," said Remy Barthe, general studies student. While they have performed in many venues in and out of Baton Rouge, they cite the crowd, sound and outside atmosphere of Northgate Tavern as their favorite. They released an album, "Marshall's Law," in January and plan on tentatively releasing another one in about six months. All money made from work in the band goes to the progression of the band. "No one has made a cent off this," said Casey Barthe. While many students were under some influence on the beach this spring break, the band toured through in many Gulf coast cities, but they didn't speak of it as if they were missing out on anything. After a year and a half of serious practice, usually two to three times a week, it seems performance is one of the best parts for the band. "Playing live you make a connection," Ty Moore said. "When you see someone you don't know singing the words to your song so you don't have to, that's incredible," Holstein said. Each said they barely make rent each month, so getting to a place where they could at least comfortably pay those bills would be assuring. "As long as we keep making good music with good people," Shawn Lee said. You can visit the band at

- Legacy Magazine

"Playing for the sake of playing"

Ironically, Baton Rouge local band, No Fuego is on fire. This high-energy punk rock band has already begun building a fan base throughout the gulf states.

In the band’s Chimes street backyard, they gave me the low down on their music, their plans, Louisiana politics and how hurricane Katrina shaped their lives.

“No Fuego,” is a term from when the band was on tour in Texas. The guys were at a gas station and a guy ran out yelling “no fuego” because they were smoking a cigarette. They say now it also is something they say when they can’t get anything to work.

This five man band consists of Greg on bass and vocals, Ty on drums, Marshal on bagpipes, Shawn on guitar and vocals, and Remy on guitar and vocals. Their influences range from Social Distortion to Alkaline Trio to Open Hands to Travis Barker. With such a broad spectrum of inspiration, these guys have a completely unique sound.

The four voices, two guitars and bagpipes these guys mix together produce a type of music words just can’t describe. Imagine Green Day playing at the Highland Games, then you could start get an idea.

With many punk bands, lyrics don’t really matter. Some bands can get away with not saying anything with their music. No Fuego’s explicitly honest, homegrown words, however, are saturated with meaning. For example, “KKKatrina,” a song off their new CD, Marshal’s Law, is a rocking little number to dance to.

However, the brilliant aspect of their song isn’t the great sound, it’s the words. At first glance, the title might give you the wrong idea about who the band is singing for. However, this anti-racism, pro-N.O. anthem screams of the injustices the people of New Orleans have faced because of our government, especially in the line, “that Blanco look on your face.”

The song itself is a hurricane. It starts loud and choppy, and tears into the “eye” of the song. After the destruction comes the bagpipes and the acoustic sounds of rebirth.

“This is a song for New Orleans,” said Greg. “Remy lost his home. Katrina impacted No Fuego the band and No Fuego the music.”

These guys are for the music and for Louisiana.

This past January, No Fuego just came off a two week Gulf Coast tour with 6 Pack Deep, Baton Rouge’s own original ska band. They played anywhere from a crowd of 300+, to a audience of 2.

“It was the time of our lives. Who else gets to do this?” said Ty about their tour.

The band also added, “We really want to thank 6 Pack Deep for the tour and for taking all our s**t.”

No Fuego would also like to thank , photographer Peyton, Club Jade for the fog machine, crown and the $14, and all their families and friends. They would like to beat their road manager Dave.

On of my proudest moments was when the band told me that some Baton Rouge fans followed them on their tour. Kudos to you Baton Rouge fans.

No Fuego’s music is definitely unique, every chord is a party, and every word has significance. College towns, like Baton Rouge, are the best places to build a fan base, and this band deserves a great one.

For more information about No Fuego, visit or come to a show for the CD info.

Expect great things from these guys, they have the energy, the sound and the words every celebrated band needs to make it big.

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Originally Published: Issue 544 - April 5, 2007
- Tiger Weekly

"No Fuego Keep the Fire Burning"

In the past six months, No Fuego has become one of Baton Rouge's favorite punk rock bands. Their show wednesday, June 22 @ North Gate Tavern showed that even though they have experienced local success, they are still humble and focused on the music.
The band, which consists of vocalist and guitarist Shawn "Conman" Lee, guitarise Tremy Barthe, bassist Greg Allen, Drummer Ty Moore, and Bagpipper Marshall Pounds, kicked off the show with a new instrumental song that blew the audience away.
Unfortunately for the group, technical difficulties were abundant that evening. There was piercing feedback in the speakers saveral times during the show. No Fuego handled the technical difficulties the bast way they knew how, covering it with their magnetic personalities.
"The crowd was awesone. It was one of the best show's we've had so far," said Barthe.
It was obvious the crowd was the band's first priority. The crowd never took their eyes off the stage. When Lee told them there were only two more songs, the crowd wanted more.
No Fuego's incendiary stage presence kept the crowd going, but Lee definaitely stole the show with his constant remarks and his performance of Guns and Roses' "Live and Let Die."
The group has matured from musically just getting by to a local headliner. "Everyone has grown as musicians so much,"said Barthe.
"No Fuego has matured into an ultimate rock band," Said fan Spud McAllister. "They own Face."
At the end of the show, Barthe put it best,"We're No Fuego-the end."

Originally Published Issue 297 June 29, 2005 - Jennifer Hatch


EP - Marshall's Law
Release date: January 2006

Full Length album - Always Outnumbered
Release Date: spring 2007

The Bastard Suns/No Fuego CD split
Release Date: January 2008
Out on Unable Records

Full Length album - Concrete & Country
Release Date: Spring 2010

LSU Legacy Magazine compilation featured
Live & Learn from the "Marshall's Law" EP

Loud Fast Rules Magazine compilation Featuring
4 a.m. Lullaby from the full length album
"Always Outnumbered".
Release Date: Spring 2007

Skratch Magazine mp3 sampler vol. 36 featuring Following Skylines and Ups & Downs from the full length album "Always Outnumbered."
Release Date: July 16th 2007

Always Outnumbered CD review in Amp Magazine
2007/2008 December/January issue

Exclusive interview in Amp Magazine
Febuary/March issue

"Dropping Expectations" featured on Loud
Fast Rules CD compilation Febuary/March

No Fuego are also a part of the FIRST ACT Emerging Artist Program and were featured on as "BAND OF THE WEEK."

Record Label: Unable Records



In the soul of south Louisiana, lies a band that’s full of heart. Since the early beginnings of 2005, No Fuego has established themselves as a great force in the Baton Rouge music scene, with local shows that formulate a striking vibe in any venue they play in. Remy, Shawn, Greg and Jeremy present a great fusion of punk rock and then add Marshall and his bagpipes into the mix and this band becomes extraordinary. No Fuego was built on good attitudes, down to earth character but most of all, they just want have a great time playing music. After recording an EP of life, love, growing older, having fun, moving on and the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina in 2006, this band is “doing what we know” and “wouldn’t have it any other way”. Close friends and family, and their love of whiskey keeps this band well grounded but also allows them to reach out for much more. The Celtic Society of Louisiana has been a major supporter of the band by providing unconditional loyalty and the most important haven for any band, a practice room. Bringing this culture into the music only adds to the unique sound these guys present. They have toured much of the Gulf South and are hoping to see the rest of the country and take over each state, one drink at a time. Having put out an EP in January 2006, a full length album in spring of 2007, and their first label release in January 2008, NO FUEGO is set to release their 4th album in spring 2010. This full length album is entitled "Concrete & Country.” Be sure to keep an eye out for when NO FUEGO comes through your town!