New York City, New York, USA

Forged from the Four Corners of Freedom comes the Sound of Sweet and Sour, NO FUN. Hollowing from the shadows of Brooklyn, 3 men and a lady blur moments of dream, surf melodies with the backbone of post-punk power and intensity.


Started by a drunken conversation at a gay dance party, NO FUN was fleshed by the end of Summer 2010 thanks to a couple of Craigslist ads. The members are a cross-section of America and their playing is a clear representation of it: David, from the Pacific Northwest, has dreamy, 60s inspired guitar playing with a Jonathan Richman/Calvin Johnson voice; Alice, from the South, yells with heat and plays bass with humidity; David, from the Mid-Atlantic states, shows his NY hard work and pure American rock and roll; and lastly, Dan, from the Midwest, provides the rhythmic backbone on drums as essential as the wheat fields.

The group provides a live performance with a thickness that is only cut by the intertwining guitar melodies and interchanging vocals. If there's anything people can agree on once watching NO FUN, it's that their name is the opposite of the experience.