No Go Know

No Go Know


No Go Know rocks with intoxicating guitar and fierce vocals that deliver powerful hooks. The trio brings a complex cacophony of sound to both live shows and recordings.


No Go Know is an energetic and progressive rock trio who combine fluid songwriting with bold musical exploration to produce a unique brand of sonic assault.

Floating seamlessly from loose ambience, jarring guitar solos, and boundless space rock, the trio have laid claim to a dynamic sound all their own.

Formed in Portland, Oregon in 2005, the trio have played together over the last ten years and credit their textured space rock sound to live improvisation.

Currently being played on radio stations throughout the US and internationally, No Go Know has recently been featured on the cover of West Coast Performer Magazine as well as the Magnet Magazine CD Sampler.


No Go Know (self titled) - 2006
Sleeping is Winning (EP) - 2007
Time Has Nothing to Do With It - July 14, 2009

Set List

All original songs. Can play multiple sets up for up to three hours or shorter sets if desired.