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Nogu Sveló!

Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1988 | SELF

Brooklyn, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1988
Band Rock Alternative




"Materiki moei planety / The Continents of My Planet - ALBUM REVIEW"

Materiki moei planety turned out so well that listening to it like to some background music is totally impossible. Full immersion is the only right way to do that!
-Denis Stupnikov - Rock Cult

"Materiki moei planety (Live) / The Continents of My Planet (Live) ALBUM REVIEW"

In this album Maxim Pokrovskiy and Nogu Svelo! are literally teaching a master class on how live recordings should be made. Another important thing is that the album is “live” in every way. One can hear some of the words by Maxim Pokrovskiy in between the songs, including straightforward and strong language in the presentation of the new track Ledenetz / Lollipop. Unlike you favourite songs recorded 20 years ago, this album doesn’t give you the feeling of in-studio predictability. Here the songs are like living organisms that can look different, depending on the mood of the vocalist and on whether the guitarist woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.
-Aleksey Mazhaev - Inter Media

"Syesh moyo sertze / Eat My Heart - ALBUM REVIEW"

Syesh moyo sertze hardly has any absurd or mockery in it, though it was so typical of Nogu Svelo! since the beginning of their music career. Here you won’t find even a hint of the undertones from Liliputskaya Lubov / Liliput Love or Haru-Mamburu / Haru-Mamburu, which makes the album pretty exciting. This means that the band doesn’t simply reuse the cliches that were once successful, but continues to grow. After taking a closer look at the previous album, it can be said that the band gave an account of all the hits throughout its 20-year-long history and started a new journey with a slight commercial touch.
-Vyacheslav Chizhenok - Porogy UA

"Idem na Vostok! / Go East! - ALBUM REVIEW"

The band keeps exploring the ‘borderline’ between the great and the funny, between the slurred incoherent speech of a schizophrenic and the wise straightforwardness of a jester. Even the album’s cover looking like a compass hints at the movement along this shadowy azimut. Well, it’s still better than navigating on the map drawn on ‘Belomor’ cigaret pack.
- Dmitriy Bebenin (Zvuki Ru) - Zvuki RU


New York-based outfit takes their cues from Gogol Bordello for this fun and upbeat ska-inspired stomper. - Mystic Songs


  • Haru Mamburu 25
  • Eroticheskie sny/Erotic Dreams
  • Leto v nashem getto/Summer in Our Ghetto
  • Samurai / Samurai
  • Materiki moei planety (Live) / The Continents of My Planet (Live)
  • Materiki moei planety / The Continents of My Planet
  • Syesh moyo sertze / Eat My Heart
  • Obratnaya storona Nogi/The Far Side of the Leg
  • Idem na Vostok! / Go East!
  • Otkrovenniye fotografii/ Explicit Photographs
  • V Temnote/ In the Darkness
  • Boks/Box
  • Kally / Сalla Lilies
  • Schasliva, potomu shto beremenna (green album)/ Happy, because Pregnant (Green Album)
  • Schasliva, potomu shto beremenna (blue album)/ Happy, because Pregnant (Blue Album)
  • Sibirskaya Lubov / Siberian Love
  • Haru Mamburu
  • 1:0 v polzu devochek / 1:0 for Girls
  • Kaprizyh Manekenshchits/ Whims of Mannequins



Nogu Svelo! is a Russian pop / punk / rock / theatrical musical band from Moscow.
The name of the band can be roughly translated as “Cramp in the Leg”, but the instantly catchy Nogu Svelo! sounds great anyway, regardless of what it means!
They started in the early 90's and their success has seen them sell over a whopping 10 million records and perform to crowds of over 100,000 at large-scale music festivals in Russia and Europe.

The band’s founder, front-man and primary songwriter is Max Pokrovskiy. His work as a musician, composer, movie actor and TV personality has earned him critical acclaim and celebrity status, forever placing him at the top of Russia's celebrity pyramid. While keeping his status, he remained true to his roots and is a respected artist, both among the independent art scene as well as the pop world.

Max Pokrovskiy is a person of the world and an advocate of the friendship of nations. Not knowing English or any other foreign language, but wanting to be understood internationally, he composed Haru Mamburu, an infectiously catchy, tongue-in-cheek load of waffle in a non-existent language. The song is ridiculous, but it is also quite brilliant and it gives a perfect example of what Nogu Svelo! are all about to an audience in any part of the world.

From that moment the popularity of the band in Eastern Europe skyrocketed, making Maxim's dream of making the music that will be internationally understood and loved closer to reality.

Now Nogu Svelo! are based in Brooklyn, where the most paradoxical band from Russia keeps on creating some fresh over-the-top tunes, flavored with the unique spirit of New York.

The band’s long history manifests in 14 released studio albums, 4 singles, 2 concert DVDs and 28 video clips.

Most of the band's albums were released by the major Russian labels: Soyuz, CD Land and Mystery of Sound. Nogu Svelo! won numerous awards throughout their lifetime including a Russian MTV Movie Award, the MTV Special Prize, the popular Russian TV Channel 1 "Star" award and many other recognized awards.

The band has regularly performed at major summer festivals in Russia and abroad.

In 2019 for the first time in the 30-year history of Nogu Svelo!, the band’s song Eroticheskie Sny/Erotic Dreams feat 25/17 got to the top of the Chartova Dyuzhina chart on Nashe Radio.

2018 marked the band’s thirtieth anniversary. Nogu Svelo! held a concert called “30 years in spite of show business”, that  summarized the whole artistic life of the band.  Nogu  Svelo! managed to demolish the officious status of the Kremlin Palace and received numerous enthusiastic reviews from the show’s audience. 

As part of the anniversary, Max Pokrovskiy s company Max Incubator launched a new documentary series blog on Nogu Svelo’s YouTube Channel. It is called “30/30”, or “30 Years in 30 Weeks”, and it chronicles the history of this cult group. The “30/30” special was also broadcasted on the Nashe TV Internet Channel.

In 2015, Nogu Svelo! presented their first US released single, “My Name Is Dick”, was produced by the two-time Grammy Award winning producer, Howard Benson in Los Angeles, CA.

The music video to the single, “Have a Nice Flight”, was released with Game Insight, which gave Max his own quest within their bestseller game, “Airport City”.

Max Pokrovskiy and Nogu Svelo! are regulars guests on numerous talk shows and other types of international broadcasts on such such prominent TV channels as the National Channel One, Russia 1, NTV, Russia 2, MTV, A1, Music Box, O2,etc.

Max is also well known for being the celebrity contender on the “The Last Hero”, Russia's version of the world famous reality show, “Survivor”. The song “I Am Not The Last Hero!”, written by Nogu Svelo! front-man became the main soundtrack for the hit TV series.

It wasn’t the only soundtrack created by the talented band. In early 2005, Pokrovsky wrote the song “We Go East!” for director Dzhanik Faiziev’s movie The Turkish Gambit. The movie was a huge box office success both in Russia and internationally. The group won the Best Soundtrack award in MTV Russia Movie Awards for the song.

Nogu Svelo! composed music for the Moscow Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The song remained the circus’s background theme during their world tours.

Besides being a composer and songwriter, Max Pokrovskiy also demonstrated his acting chops in Hollywood films such as Treasure Raiders and In the Rhythm of Tango, for which Nogu Svelo! also recorded songs for the soundtrack.

One of the most notable achievements  of the band’s tireless leader is composing the anthem for Team Russia used in the Olympic Games. The anthem was released to the media at the first olympic event in London.