No Hands

No Hands


No Hands still sound off with the raucous pandemonium they've been carving since 2003, but their classic-rock boner has begun to show through their jogging pants...


This tightly wound cartel of dedicated loners has ploughed through death, drugs and depression for nearly a decade. A genuine passion for ballsy, nihilistic rock fires this resilient stew of hard-working veterans. Points of reference are the Gun Club, the Byrds, the Constantines, Captain Beefheart, the Hot Snakes and Bob Dylan. No Hands are rock sans bullshit... with a smidgen of bullshit for kicks.

Publicity: Ken Beattie,
Label: Roast Records,


the Quip

Written By: Young Diana

One slipped lip and it was coming in clear
Yeah I knew just what you were thinking of
with the anxiousness and unintended puns
the dreams came bubbling up
What a mess
A repressive cumulus
Could you just relax into the chair for a cursory analysis

You really didn't have to ask us
your parapraxis asked it well enough

could you peruse this script of ours?
this the start of your bit part
in this scene you'll be dyin’ on screen
for the love of your country and for the love of your art
what a mess
a repressive cumulus
could you just relax into the chair for a cursory analysis?

You really didn't have to ask us
your parapraxis asked it well enough
did you expect to be a subject?
your contributions are invaluable

Yesterday's Nudes

Written By: Young Diana

tiresome, inevitable
these politics are getting old
can I rely on your support?
you heard a dirty word and you blew up

these written words mean trouble
I already know the drill
I'm falling asleep while you talk
you cannot rely on my support

I like your work
You do good work

sickening, unpalatable
not interesting or believable
can I rely on your support?
it's just a dirty word, what's up?

I like your work
You do good work
With those hands
What is your medium?


Written By: Young Diana

A fellow of mean company and he wears it on his sleeve
For the acquaintances that he's forever making
Upward mobility
Promotions and positivity

If you like it take it

He burst onto the scene with a bachelor degree
With zest and vim unheard-of
He was poised to bear his teeth with a gristle and grief
Ingenuity in motion
The ocean

Could you have those reports on my desk by Thursday night?
Take a bullet before bed
or two before breakfast or I just might

If you like it take it
If you like it take it and wear it on your sleeve


Enron Hubbard (full-length CD/LP)
-tentatively titled album is due summer 2007
on Roast Records.

Roughing it in the Bush CD/EP (2005)
-#1 on CJSR 88.5FM July 2005

Free For All 7" custom EP (2004)
-#57 on earshot! March 2005

No Hands are distributed by Sonic Unyon and Scratch Records.

Set List

Typical set list is around 10-13 songs = 50-60 minutes

1 the Enola Homosexual
2 Yesterday's Nudes
3 Money Gash
4 Highway Confidential
5 Meng Lie
6 the Quip
7 Papa's Quench
8 Instant Live CS
9 Easy Pies
10 High Water Mark
11 Salt of the Earth
12 Covettes in December
13 Enron Hubbard