No Hate

No Hate


"No Hate" is a christian new metal band that have some brazilian tribal style on their songs,and also have both agressive and melodic vocals.


The band is working on their first demo which will have 3 songs and will be released before summer/2008.
These songs will be on their first album which will have 10 original songs and it is expected to be released until august/2008.

"No Hate" was formed in Boston in January/2008,with a serious desire to play a 'heavy' new metal mixed with a brazilian tribal style and also both agressive and melodic vocals.
With a straight message,"No Hate" was born to make not just a musical but also a spiritual difference anywhere.

"What we do is,bring the Holy Spirit inside us to the stage throught our music and our attitude,that whould be the best difference that we could make."