No Hope

No Hope


hey we're a band that'll do nearly anything to play live cos its a great buzz and we love it. we love bands like the ramones and bloc party thats really influenced the guitar drums and lyrics. we're full of energy and will put on a dynamic show for even 1 person as long as the crowd show up so do we


we started in december 2006 and after a long painful struggle we finally found a good basssist and it completely filled out the sound, we got the name from our friend called grĂ¡inne who kindly gave it to us. our main influences are bands like the ramones and the clash to guns n roses, bloc party and blink 182 but we're pretty rounded in our listening



Set List

American idiot cover
guy callesd ryan
forgiven or forgotten
johnny b goode cover
battle of katy and jayne
tin can man
burnin down the disco
my generation cover
it usually takes half an hour to 45 minutes