No Horses

No Horses


No Horses is the type of band you want to be in. Trust me. The main thing is SOUL. Americana with a hell of a lot of attitude. Think Crazy Horse/Skynyrd/DBT if they'd grown up together, cutting their teeth in punk and metal bands.


“Possessing passion and fire in spades, they rock like they invented it…”
- SCORCHER SHANE, Totally Radio, Brighton, UK

Just one cranked-up airing of NO HORSES’ acclaimed 2008 debut or a few slack-jawed minutes witnessing one of their explosive live performances is all it takes to understand why such breathless praise as that above is no overexcited hyperbole. On wax or onstage, consistently “rocking like they invented it” is exactly what Vancouver’s new rock ‘n’ roll heroes do... and then some.

Evoking comparisons with the notable ilk of Crazy Horse, Drive-By Truckers, Slobberbone, It Still Moves-era My Morning Jacket and a clutch of Southern Rock legends, NO HORSES’ primal rock power prompted Exclaim! magazine’s Jason Schneider to astutely proclaim the band as “the country-rock equivalent of B.C. brethren Black Mountain.” Hitch the swagger of a subterranean, homesick Bob Dylan and the goodtime party spirit of vintage Faces to NO HORSES’ intense delivery, and the overall effect is simply devastating.

Variously hailing from Prince George, Victoria, Edmonton and Frontier, SK., the six members of NO HORSES convened in Vancouver in the spring of 2007 in the wake of one independent album from its rootsier progenitor, Mud River. The country influence remained intact as the new line-up found its sound, but the fresh, amped-up approach saw the twang subside a tad in favour of granite-hard rock ‘n’ roll crunch. With a background cutting their teeth in punk, hardcore and heavy metal bands, the hard edge to NO HORSES’ rock comes as no surprise, but the band’s rapidly evolving sonic identity now sees them beginning to embrace other areas of influence. Classic blue-collar rock like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty, plus prime ‘60s soul and acoustic campfire blues are all entering the equation, rural rusticity meeting big city concrete and steel head-on.

Rubbing shoulders with Vancouver’s metal and biker fraternity in their jam space, NO HORSES is a band fast gaining a reputation for crazy times and wild partying, their pig-roast party-shows reflective of the frazzled atmosphere in which they recorded their stunning eponymous debut album. Captured live off the floor in just seven days by producer Shawn Cole in an all-wooden East Vancouver loft, the resultant instant Canadiana classic drew unanimous accolades from music fans and critics alike. The Georgia Straight’s Adrian Mack hit the nail squarely on the head in observing that “the rowdy six-piece managed to capture its precious chemistry on tape, and the result is an album that wallops you right in your rock ‘n’ roll heart.”

NO HORSES will be walloping you right in your rock ‘n’ roll heart at a venue in your town this summer. And then some…

David Morrison

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No Horses - No Horses - self titled debut lp

Numerous songs have been added to radio in Canada and the UK, on streaming online stations, and FM including college/university stations, coop radio, CBC, XM, and various other FM Stations.

Set List

A typical set ranges from 40 min to 1 hr depending on time and slot on bill. We will play as short as 30 minutes on the short end of things and can handle about 1 and a half if we had to, without covers.


1. Grab Yer Coat
2. The Great Tabor Mountain Fire if 1961
3. Tombstone Eyes
4. Don't Get Me None
5. Winter Park
6. Shakedown
7. Leavin'
8. Luck
9. Edgewood Shuffle
10. Diggin' a Hole
11. Do it Once, Do it Right
12. Tuff Customer
13. All Nite
14. Chasing a Ghost
15. Blood on the Road
16. AA Bottom
17. High Mountain Road
18. Sweet St. Marie
19. Hit the Brakes
20. Add it Up
21. Vanderhoof
22. Carolina St. Revisited

Covers: If we do a cover it will be something classic and very special to us. Young, Springsteen, or at least of that caliber. This doesn't happen often, but it is special when it does.