Two If By Sea

Two If By Sea


"Intense, surging dance rock that bounces and churns with theatrical elements and synth-driven melodies". "Manic intensity in spades"...


Two if by Sea is a 5 piece electronic rock band from Baltimore Maryland. Two if by Sea blends ambient electronics, guitars, live and triggered drums, and voices to create an original postpunk rock infused with the spirit and sensibility of late 70s/early 80s new wave.

Two if by Sea had its furtive, exploratory beginnings in late 2001. We had begun surreptitious, late-night practices in the television studio at school. We started writing, each one of us tossing in influences as disparate as the next, showing ourselves to Baltimore in the Spring of 2002, and taking it to the road in January of 2003.

The Debut LP, "Translations", released on Speedbump Recordings is the first proper effort, recorded with the "album" in mind.

According to the Baltimore City Paper, "Two if by Sea has manic intensity in spadesÂ…."

Each show brings more movement from the crowd, and Two if by Sea responds in kind with increasingly dynamic and engaging shows in support of bands like the Q & not U, the Jealous Sound, the Start, , the Witnesses, IMA Robot, and Radio 4.


"Translations" / LP / Speedbump Recordings / 2004
request the single "this will hurt someone"...

Post-Surgery / EP / Speedbump Recordings / September 16 street date / includes remixes for "this will hurt someone" and "aspida"

Set List

our set lists vary from gig to gig. we don't have a "typical" set list. most performance times fall within 30 minutes to an hour...