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Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF

Tampa, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Pop Punk


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" album review"

It's clear from listening to this record that Tampa's No Inside are on the right lines. It's just that this record isn't quite where it should be. The band claim to take influence from Blink 182, MxPx and Whole Wheat Bread and their brand of poppy pop-punk is easily likeable. But the vocals sound a little bit weird (they remind me of Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail at times) and while the album is pretty strong, the choruses aren't quite at the level as to what you would expect from a band of this type. That's not to say any of the songs are in any way bad, because they're not. They're just not quite what you need - nothing really left me wanting to sing along. Still, for a debut they're on the right lines and with some better recordings they could be a band to watch. -

"Band Interview/Interest Pieace"

The boys of No Inside (Joe Marquez - 19, Darryl Murray - 19, and Justin Rodriguez - 18) are the type of boys that have an assuming type of cool about them. You might have known them around school in passing, but you probably didn’t know that besides practicing their instruments for orchestra when they were in high school these guys were making music of their own.
No Inside originally formed around ‘05/’06 with Joe and Darryl being the sole members of the young musical endeavor. They played a few shows as a twosome, later adding Justin Rodriguez rounding out the trio we know today as No Inside. They are local South Tampa celebrities of sorts, leaving the young teen crowd of girls in the area swooning in their wake.
They have played the local show circuit for a couple of years now, their first show being at the now closed down Top 5 Records with Crackjaw. The boys’ sound can be described as pop-punk and “loud” as they like to say. If you dig on bands along the lines of MXPX, Blink 182 and Look Mexico you will definitely become fast fans of No Inside.
Joe, Darryl, and Justin were awesome enough to take some time out of their practice schedule to answer a few interview questions for me:
YB: How did you decide on your name?
NI: Darryl and me were sitting in my room saying random names for the band
and "no insides" came about and I took off the S cause I thought it sounded cooler as "no inside"
YB: Who are your biggest musical influences?
NI: Blink-182,Green Day, Mxpx, acoustic and inde music, Audio Karate, Look Mexico

YB: If you could play a show with any 4 bands whom would they be and why?
NI: all the bands that influence us
YB: Out of all the shows that you’ve played, which one has been your favorite?
NI: I think this house show. It was crowded and hot and kids were singing along
to our songs. then we had Cici's after words… it was the sh*t.

YB: What is your favorite song to play?
NI: Joe (open late) Darryl (you’re not my everything) Justin (....)
YB: Who are your favorite local bands?
NI: Whole wheat bread, Select Start, End of Duhline, Look Mexico and Skare Taktics
YB: Are any of you involved in any other musical endeavors? Have you ever been?
NI: No, at the time. no inside is taking up our attention right now.
but we all used to be in orchestra in high school if that counts?
YB: Do you have any advice for other young musicians?
NI: practice a lot, start saving some money and be prepared, for everything...
YB: Who writes most of the music? The lyrics?
NI: Joe comes up with most of the songs and lyrics
then everyone puts their touch in the music structure.
YB: What can we expect from you guys in the near future?
NI: our first record being out in the early summer. we’ve been working on that for a while now and hopefully coming to visit all ya’ll.
I definitely reccommend checking these boys out! They have a big show coming up May 13 at The Orpheum in Ybor with Amber Pacific, Houston Calls, Farewell, and Fight Fair -- be there are be square!
And be on the look out for the dropping either late this month or early June titled Late Nights and Early Mornings!
- yvone bell via

"Flowrider tour show review"

, No Inside performed around 7:15pm - while the Flowrider competition was still in full effect. The crowd that had gathered around the machine was a little taken aback to hear a full blown punk rock show coming from the bike section in the middle of the store, but it only took about half a song to lure a way a big part of the Flowtour onlookers. The pop-punk trio played hard and performed like they were on stage at the State Theatre as opposed to the center aisle in skate shop at the International Plaza.
Justin, Joe, and Darryl played a “balls to the wall” 30-minute set that got the small crowd, and one red-shirt wearing super fan in particular, moving along to the beat of their super catchy pop-punk tunes. After their set and covered in sweat, the boys thanked new fans for the kind words and enjoyed a few free smoothes,courtesy of me.

- yvone bell via

"Late Nights and Early Mornings Album Review"

No Inside’s album, Late Nights and Early Mornings, without doubt has a pop-punk/emo sound to it. It starts off with “Open Late,” a song that starts to set the mood for the album. “Hot and Cold” is the next song that includes likable hooks that will get stuck in your head such as “fake it baby, fake it.”

The way “Push Us Back” flows into “Lullaby” is unique. It comes to a close with someone talking as if you’re listening to the news on the radio, and it goes into “Lullaby” just like that the guitar part starting. This song’s a different one. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,” is sung in the song which caught my attention – it’s definitely something I haven’t heard before in this genre of music.

“Drowning” is a well written song with good lyrics that will have you singing along in no time. Following that is “Don’t Tell Amy” which starts off at a slower tempo, but proves to be a really great song. “Let it Fall” is personally my favorite song on the album, and seems to have the most distinctive sound to it.

Listening to “Honesty is the Best Policy” I was curious to hear it live. It sounds like it’d be a great song to play at a show. “Hanging Up the Cape” has a catchy beat to it, and I noticed I was subconsciously nodding my head along to the song the first time I listened to it. Instantly when I heard “*67” I wanted to pick up a guitar and learn how to play the song. It has a great guitar part throughout the whole song, and with lines like “I’m sorry you fell for a rock star,” you’re sure to be setting that as your new Facebook status.

The second to last song “The Forecast Song” was like “Hanging Up the Cape” for me; I nodded my head along to it, and I thought it was appealing. The last song on No Inside’s CD is “Watch It Burn.” Listening to the beginning I was wary about the song, but as I got further into the song I truly enjoyed it.

Late Nights and Early Mornings is a pretty good CD for a local band. It’s not the perfect album, but what actually is? Check No Inside out for yourself, and you’ll see their music is satisfying. - PurelyGangsterRadioNJ//JennyHero

"Artist of The day"

The young slacker punks of No Inside -- singer-guitarist Joe Marquez, singer-bassist Darryl Murray and drummer Justin Rodriguez, all of whom graduated from Robinson High School -- aren't slacking when it comes to their career, prepping a 12-song pop-punk effort called Late Nights and Early Mornings that should be available on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, they opened for Victory Records signees 1997 at Transitions Art Gallery at the Skatepark of Tampa. But that wasn't even their biggest gig to date. In 2007, they showed up at the Orpheum before a concert, looking for a possible gig, and they were invited up onstage to open for We the Kings and Metro Station. "Next thing you know," said Marquez, "they're all over MTV."

On Wednesday they'll be playing at the Brass Mug, 1441 E Fletcher Ave. in Tampa, with Lavin, Dear Noel and Forever Friday. Tickets are $5 for 21 and up, $8 for under 21 - TBT sound check


Late Nights And Early Mornings-Full Length



The boys from No Inside focus on writing original tunes while staying up late deciphering episodes of Spongebob and crunching on Taco Bell. Joe, Darryl, and Partin pull irreverent humor and an indie punk style from influences Blink-182, MxPx, and Say Anything. This pop party punk trio invigorates the Tampa scene at indie clubs, skatepark shows, and even house parties if you're willing to get down.

Frontman Joe Marquez textures progressive jazz chords on top of powerful punk riffs, and leads vocal melodies with a swaggering style. No Inside is incomplete without Darryl Murray slamming away on the bass, Anthony Lopez screaming on guitar, and Steven Garret as their newest member on drums.

It's not all fun and games for No Inside, when countless hours of effort compliment their talent as they rise to the top of Tampa's raging new music scene. Their self released album "Late Nights & Early Mornings", solidified their endeavor and are continuously following up with a multitude of shows in and out of state. Most recently No Inside has joined forces with Florida indie label Super Sidekick Records to release their sophomore album.

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