BandHip Hop

My music is about elevating God and illustrating how his wisdom is above the wisdom of men. My desire is to articulate the gospel clearly and share about the Lords ability to change lives.


My story is a simple one. I grew up in philadelphia. I went to school outside of philadelphia during my high school years. During this time I was challenged to explore different frames of thought as well as my relationship to my creator. I rapped with my friends in high school before i surrendered my life to Christ in eleventh grade and I continued to rap following. The Spirit prompted me to try something new; write raps concerning him and what he was doing in my life. After a few months of doing gospel rap, I was surprised to find out that I wasn't the pioneer of a new form of hip hop but that the Lord had put the same desire in the hearts of others. Crossmovement influenced me the most and continue to encourage me today. I never had any strong desires to be a star. Today, I'm just trying to love my God and to love my neighbor; and it just so happens that i still rap. If it's an ablilty that the Lord has given me, I just don't want to be found burying it as opposed to using it for his glory.


I've never released anything. I've done a few talent shows. I have a couple song on my computer and I was on like 7 years ago.