Noise and the Ghost

Noise and the Ghost

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Soulful compositions, soaring melodies and complimentary harmonies create the sound that is “Noise and the Ghost”


Born from the vibrant music scene in Guelph, Ontario; a town historically known as a playground for emerging independent musicians; Andrew Coombes, Steve Hamilton, Paul Farmer (Formerly of Beautiful Senseless – 2001-2004) and Bryan Ward (Formerly of The Gandharvas – 1989-2000) have teamed up to bring a collaborative new energy to the singer/songwriter format. Noise and the Ghost have found their niche with a mixture of intimate, melodic songs and epic, hair raising delivery. Sharing many different influences spanning from Radiohead to Wilco and many others, the collaboration of each member's particular taste in music is rightfully displayed in each one of their songs.

Former members of hometown favorite, Beautiful Senseless, Coombes, Hamilton and Farmer have been writing music together since 2001. Their musical projects have gone through some name changes and member changes, but the integrity of the music remains strong. They always wanted to create a musical project that would allow each song to find it's proper form of evolution without losing sight of the delicate seed it came from.
With the addition of Gandharvas Co-Founder, Bryan Ward in 2008, the band began to see their vision come to fruition. The band immediately began playing shows to an anticipating and welcoming crowd. They are constantly writing new material and have been recording their first EP that is expected for release in the summer of 2009.

Noise And The Ghost has landed softly in the shadows. A persistent musical force that promises to steadily and relentlessly release its sounds into the world. More than a band, not quite a label, but an entity all its own. Slowly, surely and without a doubt, the noise has begun.

Set List

Ringing Bells
On the Days I Get Old
White Noise
Screen My Calls
Tap on the Door
We Got the Memories
Hold the Light
Life on Two Rails
Radio Cure (Wilco cover)
Back Again

Set list usually runs 1 to 1 1/2 hrs - longer or shorter if needed