Noise Auction

Noise Auction

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Noise Auction is a powerhouse on stage. An explosive circus of mayhem and melody all packaged up in a columbus rock band.


Noise Auction crashed into the Columbus scene in the spring of 2008. Five musicians desiring to be heard above the white noise of an already established scene. They put their talents and dreams onto the auction block of the world. All five already seasoned, on stage and in the studio, they started writing with no real format in mind. What came out was an intense, fresh blend of hard rock.

Proud of being a rock band while others followed trends, NA has become a powerhouse on stage. With the music written they plotted the image, and show and set to work on bringing their sound to the Ohio Valley. NA opens for every major act they can, including:Sevendust, Cold, 10 yrs, Soil, Orgy, Godhead, System of A Down, Dry Kill logic, Rev Theory, Mars Volta, Magni Fi, Flaw, Five Bolt Main, NonPoint, Bobaflex, HedPe, Hinder, and others. While shopping, touring and promoting NA has been gathering material through all of their past experiences, professional and personal, to gear up for their latest EP to be released in the summer 2011. Produced and engineered by Brett Hetla formerly of Dark New Day. Noise Auction is out to set some new precidents for themselves visually and musically, with a much more "mature" rock sound.

Noise Auction was selected to represent Columbus in May of 2010 on "Rock on The Range". With the new release and the massive exposure they have received from ROTR, NA is working on creating the buzz they need to get them recognized as a forerunner in today's market.


"mute" featured on 99.7 The Blitz

A Different Frequency - 2005
A Stitch In Time - 2006

Set List

Mental Graveyard
In Too Deep
Dead City
Beautiful Tragedy
My Darkest Day
Winter Eternal
Long way Down
Lipstick and Handgrenades
Safety Dance
The Breaking