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Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF

Columbus, Ohio, United States | SELF
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Having been a part of the local rock scene in Columbus since 2004, Noise Auction is building steam like never before. Like many other local bands, the group has undergone some lineup changes over the years, but the current lineup has been around for over a year and is one the band is very excited about.
Earlier this year, it was announced that Noise Auction would be featured on one of the stages at Rock on the Range (ROTR), a huge two-day rock/metal concert event with acts on the 2010 lineup including Rob Zombie, Godsmack, Seether, Limp Bizkit, and more. Tom Cline, lead singer and founding member of Noise Auction, admitted that lucky timing played a big part in getting the gig.

"I ran into Ronnie Hunter (99.7 The Blitz) one night and asked her if she could email Right Arm Entertainment," Tom told us. Right Arm Entertainment, for those who don't know, is responsible for much of Rock on the Range every year. "It just happened that Ronnie had to send a bundle of stuff from the Blitz to them the next day. So she sent our stuff with it the next day, he emailed her back and we were on Rock on the Range that night. From that point on," Tom continued, "because of the amount of attention were going to get nationally and locally, it lit a fire under our asses again. We started shaping up our image, website, graphics…all that stuff. From there, the doors opened up to be playing with national bands out-of-town and getting into new venues just by being on Rock on the Range."

While being a part of the ROTR 2010 lineup offered amazing opportunities and exposure, it also came with a radius clause that keeps Noise Auction from booking in the area for months prior to the event until a week after. "We haven't played a show in Ohio since February. We understand (the radius clause) but at the same time, it's really kicked our ass because we can't make money for anything." Regarding selling merchandise without the ability for local live performances, Se7en, guitarist for Noise Auction, laughed and told us, "We're peddling it out of our cars." There's no questions that the band is looking forward to the end of the clause though, as it runs out a week after ROTR and they have a local show a week after ROTR.

Leading up to Rock on the Range, 99.7 put on a bracketed competition, Ranger Madness (and yes, it was also in March if you're beginning to notice the correlation), which pitted different bands of the ROTR 2010 lineup against each other to find out the listeners' favorites. Noise Auction was included in the competition and, despite being a local band going up against heavy hitters like Godsmack, Seether, and Sevendust, won the entire competition.
Noise Auction also has many new shows added to their calendar, including the annual Woodshock Festival and a Carnival Rock Cruise later this summer. They also have nine new songs, which they hope to take to the studio soon for a future release. Having heard some of the new stuff, it's safe to say that the band sounds smarter, tighter, and more ready to take on the industry than ever before.

"We're laughing and having fun in practice again," Tom said. "We've been up and down so many times. But if you look at what we're trying to accomplish now, it's all changed."

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- Fliprag Magazine

How did Columbus rockers Noise Auction end up on the lineup for Rock on the Range, the country's biggest, baddest gathering of rock, metal and punk bands?

"It was a matter of luck," frontman Tom Cline said.

Certainly good fortune played a part in it. Rock on the Range could be held anywhere, but it's here in their hometown. And a good word from a couple friends in high places helped the locals secure a set at 1:05 p.m. Sunday on the fest's Jagermeister Stage.

But conventional wisdom says you make your own luck, and Noise Auction has certainly been putting in work for the past six years.

Though the band has had a few detours and false starts since launching in 2004 with members of defunct Columbus rockers Cringe and Grip, the current lineup is poised to see its dedication pay off big time this year.

Yes, they'll play in front of thousands Sunday alongside titans of their genre, a major coup for any artist. But perhaps more important than Sunday's set itself is the way Rock on the Range has already raised Noise Auction's profile for all their other gigs.

Thanks to a "radius clause" in their festival contract, the band hasn't been allowed to play in Ohio since February. Already a hard-touring act, they took the prohibition as a catalyst to expand their range, hitting nearby states harder than ever. The Rock on the Range cache landed them bigger venues, more money and a deeper respect from fans.

"They look at you in a different light," Cline said.

One exception to the radius clause: Noise Auction has some acoustic performances lined up this week to promote their festival set, including several morning radio shows and an in-store at 6 p.m. Friday in the Hot Topic at Polaris.

The band has also been using its downtime to work with Sonic Lounge's Joe Viers on a new album they hope to have out by August, when they'll play another sizable Ohio rock fest, Woodshock. That fest, formerly based in Bellefontaine, moves to Legend Valley this year.

They also recently shot a video for their song "Beautiful Tragedy" at Kahoots. The song is a power ballad of sorts, their latest attempt to write a single that will help them catch on at radio stations across the country. The video, though, keeps up the raunchy rock traditions they're trying to preserve as part of a lineage that stretches from Motley Crue to Buckcherry.

"A lot of bands follow trends," Cline said. "If you stick to rock, it always comes back around."

Noise Auction at Rock on the Range

When: 1:05 p.m. Sunday at the Jagermeister Stage

- The Columbus Alive

Noise Auction by Andrea Leigh
Noise Auction is our very own homegrown band in Columbus. We were all so proud to see them as a part of ROTR and they did an amazing job. Their performance at ROTR was the best representation of their band that I have seen thus far and it was my pleasure to see them representing Columbus on the Jager stage. They already have a lot going on with the recent release of their new video for Beautiful Tragedy and a new CD coming out this summer. ROTR is yet another jewel in their crown. We chose to sit down and talk in their air-conditioned RV. Great choice guys! Noise Auction is Tom Cline on lead vocals, Seven on guitar and backing vocals, Bowden on guitar and backing vocals, Shorty on bass and backing vocals, Ryan on Keys and backing vocals and Shuff on drums. I was fortunate to actually sit down with all six band members. It’s rare in interviews to have the whole band present, especially a band with six members. As you will see, that tends to make them somewhat more rowdy. But really, I wouldn’t want Noise Auction any other way.

Cover: In previous conversations about ROTR you had said you really wanted to step up pace. What have you done to make that happen?
Tom: It’s been a lot of rehearsals. There’s been a lot more attention to detail in the music, writing and everything that’s done in the background of the show. Attention to the way that we look on stage and the way that we sound on stage. That’s been the main focus.

Cover: You’ve had some change-ups too. Ryan is back…
Tom: Ryan is back on keyboards and we have a new drummer, Sean Huff( Shuff).
Cover: How was the decision made to make those changes?
Tom: It was just them stepping up. They played in another band and that band dissolved. Our band was at a different place and some of our members had left so it just happened that we hooked up all together.
Ryan: Things happen for a reason, it was all timing.
Tom: Their band was dissolving and our band was fizzling out where we were at too. We were plateauing, so the earth and the stars aligned. (all laugh)
Shuff: That all sounds good, but the devil made me a deal that I could not refuse so I said “Let’s do it boss”. (continued laugh)
Tom: And he’s been saying that ever since (laughs). To tell you the truth, we now have members in the band that enable us to go out of town, we can play the shows, we can get on tours and we can do the things we need to do to take the step to the next level.
Ryan: Without any hesitation at all

Cover: The addition of the keyboards certainly adds more depth to your music and it has more layers. Is it now more difficult to intertwine that into the music or did it just fall together.
Noise Auction: No, it all fell together.
Tom: And it’s still falling together
Seven: Everyday it’s falling together more and more.
Ryan: There’s always room for improvement.
Tom: Every national band has backing tracks and things like that going on and that’s what we’re doing. We’re throwing in some extra goodies. Plus we don’t want there to be stuff on the CD that we can’t actually play live because we don’t have enough hands so that’s what we’re doing.
Ryan: Throughout the history of writing between all the different bands that we’ve been in one thing that we actually look for is the future. What’s going to be new? What’s going to be a new sound? That’s one thing with the electronics right now that we can build on. We’ve kind of fused in and added that extra little resonance.
Tom: It’s an old school rock sound with new school electronics.

Cover: You’re new CD is coming out this summer…
Tom: Yeah, we’re still working on the title.
Shuff: No, were not. The title is called Small Potatoes Make the Meat Look Bigger. (all laugh)
Bowden: That’s why we hired this mess (still laughing)
Ryan: We are still working the title out right now.

Cover: For the fans who already know Noise Auction, will there be anything new on the CD?
Shorty & Seven: Everything. Everything is going to be different.
Tom: It’s a whole new band. It’s a whole new sound. I mean there’s still some Noise Auction in there, but it’s going to be a huge wall of sound. This new CD is going to be great.

Cover: Okay, the obvious question. What was it like to play ROTR today? This was a big deal for Noise Auction.
Shuff: It gave me a high-rise in my Levi’s. (all laugh) Sorry Boss.
Tom: No, you’re great. Just quote him. Don’t quote anyone else. It was amazing. We were obviously honored to be playing with some of the biggest bands in the world.
Bowden: And to represent Columbus, Ohio.
Tom: It was just so amazing and it was exactly what we wanted it to be. There were three tiers of fucking people watching us. It was just amazing.
Ryan: We dream for so much, it just felt natural today. It felt like were living it and that’s we expected and what we expect in the future.
Tom: We feel like we’re doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing.
Ryan: Exactly.
Tom: These are the steps that you need to take to become successful so that’s what we’re trying to do. We fell into it and it was a lucky spot and I think we handled it well.

Cover: I was talking to my friend afterwards and we agreed that it was the best show that either of us have seen Noise Auction put on. We were so excited for you.
Tom: Thank you.

Cover: As far as the CD, what is your process for writing the songs? Is it one or two people or a big collaboration?
Ryan: An idea can start from anybody. You have six different people with different personalities and different feelings. One person sparks an idea and then we all just take it from there. That’s what’s nice about what we can do. We can paint it any which way. We’re all very creative and that’s what makes the Noise Auction sound. That’s why it’s going to sound a lot different when we start writing songs in the future because it’s a different six guys.
Tom: And we always try an idea. If somebody has an idea we try it. If it doesn’t work we go somewhere else. It’s a lot of pre-production and there’s a lot of work involved in the beginning. It’s everybody’s ideas.

Cover: Do you think you’ve worked more on this CD than Stitch in Time and Different Frequency?
Seven: I think it’s just more mature.
Tom: I wouldn’t say it’s more work. I just think that we have more passion now with the members we have. This band is on fire. It’s like somebody just put a fire under our asses again. It’s not more work, it’s actually just more fun.
Shuff: It’s like butter dripping off of hot biscuits. (laughs)
Tom: Isn’t that weird? Like you laugh at him, but you don’t know what to say afterwards. That’s how we are.
Cover: Yeah, you’re like “that’s so cute, moving on.”
Shorty: That’s exactly what it’s like. You voiced it. (all laugh)
Tom: Yeah, we all go “ha ha ha, anyway.” (laughing continued) -

Local Limelight
Noise Auction
Thursday, June 17, 2010 02:55 AM
MEMBERS Tom Cline (vocals); Se7en (guitar); Bowden (guitar); Ryan Wilder (keyboard); Shorty (bass); Shuff (drums)
STYLE hard rock
CONCERT 8 tonight, Screamin' Willie's, 1921 Channingway Center Dr.

Even for the heaviest, hard-charging rocker, silence can be golden.

"I need to shut up," Noise Auction vocalist Tom Cline said. "The biggest thing for a rock singer to remember is that you can't always party like a rock star. I have lost my voice, and the process of coming back is no fun."

Yet Cline and his band have plenty of reasons to howl, most recently a spot playing - and mingling - last month at the high-octane Rock on the Range event in Columbus Crew Stadium. Ahead is an August show at the Woodshock festival in Thornville.

Cline spoke more about recording and recent exposure.

Q How did you land a performance slot at Rock on the Range?

A It fell into our laps. I asked our friend Ronni Hunter (music director and disc jockey at WRKZ, 99.7 FM) if she could send an e-mail to (festival producer) Right Arm Entertainment for us. She did, and the next thing you know, they called and asked if we would like to be a part.

Q How did you fare among the big-name acts?

A The crowd was huge and very receptive. The venue's staff treated us like we were somebody and not just the local band on the gig.

We met Fred Durst and Nikki Sixx. We talked about our band name with Fred. He told us he was looking forward to listening to the CD. He was real cool. The experience was something none of us will ever forget.

Q What does your music sound like?

A Sweet butter going on a hot biscuit.

We are comparable to Linkin Park or Papa Roach - good rock 'n' roll. All we ever wanted to do was play rock music.

Q What's the status of your third album?

A We are in pre-production. We have been working at Sonic Lounge studios in Grove City.

We have eight strong songs right now and two more in the works - more up-tempo rock songs, with a fresh keyboard twist.

We are going down to Orlando, Fla., in September to write with (hard-rock bass player) Brett Hestla. We are trying to write a hit. We think he can help us with that.

Q Why should someone come see a Noise Auction show?

A To have a good time. Does anyone remember what that is? A great night out with a great rock band - that's what you'll get with us.

- Kevin Joy k - The Columbus Dispatch

Tom Cline-Vocals

From: Columbus, Ohio
Formed: 2004

Noise Auction came wailing down the mainstream music pipeline after they placed second out of thousands in 99.7 The Blitz radio competition for new unsigned talent and they rocked themselves right onto stages across America with major acts like Hinder, Sevendust, System of Down, Rev Theory and most recently onto the stage of one of the largest rock festivals in the USA, Rock on the Range !

With two album " Different Frequency" and "A Stitch in Time" already tucked tightly under their rock star belts they have just released their third album "The Other Side" and with songs that rock your face off like "Catalist" and "Darkest Days" to the upbeat ass shakin "Mute", to the very beautiful ballad "Beautiful Tragedy" Noise Auction has been making more than just some noise and are proving themselves to be one of the hottest rock bands on the rise!

Thank you Tom for taking some time to speak with us at For The Love Of Rock.

Getting six guys together with the same commitment level, that also mesh well together, must be a feat in itself. What were your thoughts after you jammed together for the first time back in 2004, and how have you evolved since then?

We were and still are just hungry. It is a battle sometimes to contend with so many different personalities but for the most part, we all agree on music. In the beginning you just get together and write and try to put some cool songs out to get noticed. We have evolved in that we now dig deeper into the songs and we are sharpening up our hooks and melodies. The over all appeal of our songs.

Can you tell us one quirky or fun fact about each of you?

Shuff: Keep away from cell phones
Shorty: Can sleep anywhere at anytime.
Ryan: Can put an analogy to anything
Bowden: "do you breathe this shit?"
Se7eN: the illigitimate love child of Nikki Sixx (not really)

Placing second out of thousands of bands in the The contest for new unsigned talent must have felt great. Do you consider that your first big accomplishment as a band?

It was definitely the first major thing that happened to get us in more of a national spotlight.

After listening to your latest album, The Other Side, I noticed there is something for everyone on it. Is it a compilation of all your creative ideas meshing together?

Yeah that's how we write. We all throw in on our ideas and we try everyones idea's at least once. It makes everyone feel more a part of the music we create.

You've opened for several pretty hot acts like Hinder and Sevendust. Is there anything you took away from sharing those stages other than adopting some of their fans as your own?

Lajon from Sevendust is one of the coolest "rockstars" I have ever met. We have played with them several times. We are sharing the stage with them again in August for the annual Woodshock Festival at Legend Valley in Thornville, OH. We shared some Tequilla at The Newport Music Hall in Columbus one night after the show.

No one needs to ask, "Are they good?" if a band is playing Rock on the Range. It's kind of a given, and with thousands of rock lovin’ fans gathering at ROTR from all over the world, word gets around. How stoked were you to get that gig and can you share any highlights from that experience?

We were all blown away to be chosen for ROTR. We knew we had to make the most of this opportunity. We played in front of our biggest crowd to date and it has opened doors to more Radio Festivals in the Midwest. One of the biggest "hard on" points was when the crowd was singing back our songs. Unbelievable!

Anything else in the works you can share with us?

We are starting our 3rd Studio album on July 16th at Sonic Lounge Studio's in Grove City OH. and hope to have it finished by the end of the summer. Then we head down to Florida to record with Brett Hestla (Singer Dark new Day) To start pre-production on more new tunes.

Thanks again for speaking with us. I always like to close with the question, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Please keep spreading the Noise and fan this fire we are trying to start! Come to shows, Tell your friends, Post your video's from shows! We need you all to make this happen! Thank you!

Thank you all for reading this interview!! Please leave a comment for Noise Auction!

Check them out on their MySpace - Interview by: Catt London -Director and Senior Writer Edited by: Valerie DiSalvio-Editor and Senior


"mute" featured on 99.7 The Blitz

A Different Frequency - 2005
A Stitch In Time - 2006



Noise Auction crashed into the Columbus scene in the spring of 2008. Five musicians desiring to be heard above the white noise of an already established scene. They put their talents and dreams onto the auction block of the world. All five already seasoned, on stage and in the studio, they started writing with no real format in mind. What came out was an intense, fresh blend of hard rock.

Proud of being a rock band while others followed trends, NA has become a powerhouse on stage. With the music written they plotted the image, and show and set to work on bringing their sound to the Ohio Valley. NA opens for every major act they can, including:Sevendust, Cold, 10 yrs, Soil, Orgy, Godhead, System of A Down, Dry Kill logic, Rev Theory, Mars Volta, Magni Fi, Flaw, Five Bolt Main, NonPoint, Bobaflex, HedPe, Hinder, and others. While shopping, touring and promoting NA has been gathering material through all of their past experiences, professional and personal, to gear up for their latest EP to be released in the summer 2011. Produced and engineered by Brett Hetla formerly of Dark New Day. Noise Auction is out to set some new precidents for themselves visually and musically, with a much more "mature" rock sound.

Noise Auction was selected to represent Columbus in May of 2010 on "Rock on The Range". With the new release and the massive exposure they have received from ROTR, NA is working on creating the buzz they need to get them recognized as a forerunner in today's market.