If you like whinney-ass emo shit then your gonna hate us. Noisebloc is an aggressive in your face rock band. Sounds of modern rock with the great throwbacks of the glory days of rock. Dynamic beats, killer guitar licks, and powerhouse vocals.


Noisebloc is out of south central Kentucky, we have been Dazzeling audiences though-out KY and TN for the last three years. We made our first album last year, Rise UP. It has sold pretty well locally and are hoping to branch it out even further. If we come to your town and you wanna see a high energy rock show then you don't have to look any farther than NOISEBLOC. We will rock you, GARENTEED!!!!



Written By: A.Thompson,& Andy Houchens

1 I guess you’ll never try to blame yourself, keep falling farther till there’s nothing left.
Close your eyes and let it drift away, pretend like you never heard me say no!

2 Don’t believe every lie your told,
the faded faces are all that you have known.
Can’t you see what you need to be,
well what’ll you find when you look in my eyes.

C Look at me, can’t you see, what I mean. Things are not always just how they seem. The cold covered lies are only a disguise.

What You Never Had

Written By: A. Thompson & Kevin Groce

1 Nothing ever seems to change,
when you’re living life this way.
Well I don’t know what to do,
after all I’ve been through.

2 I feel like I’m running blind,
feel like I’m out of time.
Where do I go from here?
After all these wasted years.

PC But days roll on, no matter how the story goes.
C Been waiting so long, for what I don’t know. The hands of time have passed me by. The broken light won’t guide you, it’s coming up beside you. You can’t lose what you never had.

Rise Up

Written By: A. Thompson, Kevin Groce,& Andy Houchens

1 Get up, get down, pick your self up off the ground.
Reach up, touch sky, tell me now are you alive.

2 Jacked up, tore down, you’re about to come unwound. Lift up, spread wings, now let me hear you scream.

C Stand up, don’t let the moment pass you by,you’ve never been so alive.
Rise up, the choice is yours, the time is right,you’ve never been so alive.


Radio play on 103.7 and wdnsfm93.3
Noisebloc, Rise Up, independant release 2006
We released a video of a live performance of Rainbow in the Dark on, 4/21/07 that got almost 10,000 plays in under a week!

Set List

About and hour of original music but love to play the high energy rockers like,
Whole Lotta Rosie
Heading Out to the Highway
Rainbow in the Dark
and many many more