Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint


Noise Complaint is taking Orlando's metal scene to a new level of talent. It's brutal, technical, and unique in a way that gets crowds moving and fans coming back for more! The riffs are sick, the bassist is a virtuoso, and the drummer blows minds. Don't be the only one who hasn't seen them!


Noise Complaint was started a few years back in the ghettos of Winter Park, FL by Mason on drums, Josh on bass, and former guitarist Calvin. Much to the the displeasure of the neighborhood where Mason dwelled, they practiced in a small bedroom at his house and the cops were called on a daily basis, hence the name. Mercilessly, the threesome searched for a frontman to fit the mix. During the singer search, Coy, a blast from Mason's past moved to Florida and joined the band as a second guitarist and the guys were forced to move into The Outer Limit Rehearsal studios where they continued to look for a vocalist. Through a chance exchange of phone numbers at a bar, the band thought their singer search was over when they met, Michael Worthington. After putting in tons of hard work, Noise Complaint finally had all the peices together. They had just started tearing up the Orlando scene when tragedy struck and Mike was killed in a car accident. Unwilling to give up on the dreams they had all grown to share, the remaining members vowed to persevere.
Once again the singer search was on. Word had spread about the talent in this band and there was no shortage of people trying out for the posistion, however, Mike left big shoes to fill and Noise Complaint was not going to settle!! In order to keep playing shows, the band had special guest vocalist help them out. Claire was singing in another local band and completely impressed Noise Complaint, so they asked for his help at one of those shows. After a while, he dicided to leave his other band and joined Noise Complaint full time. After tearing up stages all over Central Florida for a year with this line-up, the band had another blow when founding member, Calvin left the band. However, literally, within mintues his position was filled by Kevin and the band never missed a beat.
With the powerhouse musicians in the band now, they are ready to take on Florida, the USA, and the world!! Bringing together the perfect mix of metal, metal, and metal Noise Complaint puts on an impressive show everytime. People can't help but bang their heads and throw their horns in the sky to their unique sound. Influenced by the likes of Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Deftones, Unearth, Nirvana, Job For a Cowboy, Cannible Corpse, Slipknot, Pantera, Sepultura/Soulfly, the band brings their own mix to the table and produces music like nothing you've heard before.


A three song demo is being mixed and mastered as I type. The band could record a full length at the drop of a hat.

Set List

Most Orlando shows require a 30-40 mintue set. We usually don't do covers but could if needed.

Originals(Typical set):
In Times of Grace
Guilt or a Gun (aka Poopsox)
Sick of It All
The Maze

Once Abandoned Sky

Edge Crusher: Fear Factory
End of Everything: Slipknot
Dig: Mudvayne
Roots: Sepultura
Black Label: Lamb of God