Noisegate is a christian rock band that is not limited to only christian events they have a very cutting edge sound that can stand out at any music event world wide.


"I'm asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with Him in His house my whole life long. I'll contemplate His beauty; I'll study at His feet. That's the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world, The perfect getaway, far from the buzz of traffic." (Psalm 27:4-5, The Message)

The world is full of "noise", opportunities and distractions bidding for our time. Jesus is our "gate" that cuts out those things and lets us focus on Him; The one who created us, died for us, and desires to have a close intimate relationship with us. NOISEGATE is here to loudly proclaim Jesus to a lost world and to introduce them to His love through fun rock music. The band is also passionate about confronting Christians to be set apart from the world, encouraging them to strive to be more like Jesus. NOISEGATE prayer is that everything we do brings glory to God and helps to advance His kingdom.

Their style is unique.
NOISEGATE is a Christian band composed of 5 members who have a wide array of musical influences ranging from everything to Def Leopard to Michael W. Smith. Their music has been described as a mix between early 90’s grunge to today’s modern rock. Musically, NOISEGATE has been compared to a blend between Audio Adrenaline, Aerosmith, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Vocally, NOISEGATE has been compared to a blend of Our Lady Peace and No Doubt. Although NOISEGATE has only officially been together since the Summer of 2005, the group has been performing together for over 4 years.

NOISEGATE released their first album "For the God of the Angel Armies" in spring of 2006. The album is filled with God inspired truth about everything from worship to the state of the modern church. NOISEGATE has been building a name by staying focused on being biblically sound instead of politically correct. It is NOISEGATE's belief that if the post modern world is falling apart all around us, we as believers in Christ must stay true to the teaching of Christ and put our trust and assurance in the fact that He is still Sovereign and His promise to us will be fulfilled on the completion of the great commission. NOISEGATE strongly feels called by God that music is the way for these five individuals to bring Christ to the unraveling world. NOISEGATE mission is not to change the world, but simply to live in harmony with God’s plan for the band.


Wings Of Faith

Written By: Eric Miller

Lord I stumbled, I stumbled so much
I fell I lost your hope in my life
My wings of faith aren’t there anymore
Lord I pray please help me to see
Humble me with your beautiful grace
Teach me to love an to remember my faith
Cause I never thought I’d stray so far
Caught up in my own life forgetting who you are

Lord here I am
Oh just a sinner in need
Lift me up
As I spread my wings

Let my wings soar fell the currents of the air
Lift me high above this world this place I hold so dear
I spread my wings of faith knowing I won’t fall
With your light that’s guiding me an love that’s for us all

(Verse 2)
This world is nothing compared to your love
So why do let it keep running my life
My lack of faith has turned me away
From the truth in you and love that I need
The Grace you showed on that old rugged cross
Without that love oh how we be so lost
I never thought I’d stray so far
Caught up in my own life forgetting who you are

I know I’ve stumbled and ran from your will
Oh precious Lord you love me still
My lack of faith has ruined my life
Now I’m crawling back to the glory in Christ

The Bride

Written By: Terry Miller/Eric Miller

We’ve fallen from the grace, the grace of the Lord.
It was his love that strengthened us
We are lied to every day by the ones who want to take him away

My faith is strong, in his nail periced hands
Lets give it back to the one to rules it all

Its time for the church to go outside its doors and take Gods love to those who need his word
Did Christ have to die for us to sit around and watch the world we know fall in a lust for gold

The bride is crying, has been weakened by the sins of the earth
Where hope is found darkness surrounds, lets give it back to the one who rules it all


My faith is strong in his nail pierced hands,
Lets give it back to the one who rules it all

Someting More

Written By: Clay Walker

Waiting for you today, so far from the ordinary
Life seems so unreal, like I’m not even here
I wanted to see you for my self so I am blinded
I wanted to feel for my self so I am numb
I wanted to think for myself so I am dumb
I just want to know who I am
I’m just looking for that something

It’s seems like it’s just falling apart
All those earthly things
I had it all but I lost it
Start trying to figure it out on my own
I want to know what your doing through me
I want to know what you have in store
I want to be closer to you
I can’t wait till I get that more

Breath in right now let me know you here
It’s because of you glory tat I can finally feel
Its not what I’ve done but what you’ve done in me
You’ve taken off my blinds so I can finally see

I’m just looking for that something
Jesus is that something

As David

Written By: Clay Walker

Jesus I love you more, and more everyday
Now that I know just what you did for me
Every time I fall you’re there, and you take me back again
I don’t understand your grace, I’m just glad its there

It’s not like we can live our lives perfectly
After all we’re just flesh and bones
You love me just as much, when I sin and confess
You know I’m trying to live my life for you

Everyday is a test, everyday is something new
Everyday I get to live is a joy and a blessing from you
Everything is a trial, it’s a way for me to prove…
Myself to you

Set List


As David
Take Me Home
Dangerous To Stand
Something More
Wings of Faith
Holly Surrender
The Bride
Fire Snatcher
Make Me New
Not Alone
Stop It
True Love
Let Me KnowYou Guide My Hand

How Great Is Our God
Holy is the Lord
You are Worthy of My Praise
No One Like You
Be Thou My Vision
Blessed Be Your Name
As the Deer