Noise Impacted Click

Noise Impacted Click

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Noise Impacted Click is Something different than most, yet we got that down south slang, with that West Tex twist. With THA STREETS being a big influence making topics that most people can relate to. Tha beats got a diffrent feel to them and thats what seperates us from other artists.


Noise Impacted Click started with Rekluse & J-cerv in 2001. With Rekluse having music pumped threw his veins since a youngsta, making beats came natural. So when the two got together it was fire, J-cerv's wordplay mixed with a killa beat Man it was heat. The two work together writting the hooks,though they wright there own verses. Though we got together in 2001 we didnt take it serious until 2004. By then we had other artist: Kule, Ricky B and K.I.D.. In November of 2006 we debut our first LP (HEADS UP). And is just about finished with there second Album, which already ft. Rob G, Big Sid, T-Money and Ace Boogie. N.I.C. also working on a compalation with Relentless Records also out of Odessa.SO BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THOSE UPCOMING ALBUMS


Our first Single was "Where u from?" off of the "HEADS UP" album. Which did real good in west Tx. Djs were spining it, it was in rotation on B93, it even hit #1 on The Countdown.