Noise Media

Noise Media


Raw, in your face, Hard Rock Songs. Alternative, heavy, dark, lyrical, metaphoric; Songs contain graphic images about life in Las Vegas, Sin, Religion, War, and Insanity. Compared to the likes of Tool, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Godsmack.


Noise Media - Las Vegas Rock Band - unleashed this album of RAW ROCK tunes just off the Las Vegas Strip in March of 07. Self produced and engineered by Aaron Randall and Mastered at Odds On Recording by Justin Willmon, Noise Media mixes it up with several hits ranging in style from heavy, to dark, to just plain IN YOUR FACE Rock songs.

When Noise Media hit the airwaves on KOMP 92.3 in March 07, a new page was turned in the Rock Journals… This new Rock sound out of Las Vegas is unlike any other style or vision that is out there today. These four well-seasoned Artists formed in 2006 to write and record this fresh new material that has teenagers as well as full-grown freaks, adding Noise Media songs to their Myspace page. Their recently self-released CD went out the door by the hundreds at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in the hands of a standing-room-only crowd on March 9th, 2007. The energy and presence of this band stunned the Vegas crowd into knocking over tables and each other as they grooved and bounced with these entranced performers.

Noise Media’s collective stage experience has positioned these four in front of Fox Network Television Cameras, as openers for National Artists such as Tantric at the House of Blues, at nearly every venue on Sunset Strip, and at Vegas’s Historical Huntridge Theater. Now that their creative paths have come together, Aaron Randall, Theodore Opal, Ron Whaley, and Michael Yoder will be known as the band that made Las Vegas the place where Rock and Roll was re-born.



Written By: Michael Yoder


I try to make a little move to you, but I can’t pick up my feet,
My body’s facing forward,
still I’m strapped inside my seat,
I have a bloody branch you held, and I’m gripping it in my hand,
Nobody else can sink into it,
faster than I can.

You say a prayer for me,
But it won’t do any good,
You found a menacing rage in me,
But you never understood.

My chest is heavy,
from a silver bullet that’s still inside,
I lift my head up,
cause I’m too awake to die,
My eyes are seeing something, flashing inside my brain,
Just another little kiss from you, before I go insane.

You say a prayer for me,
But it won’t do any good,
You found a menacing rage in me,
But you never understood.
You say a prayer for me,
But you don’t have to be scared for me,
You found a menacing rage in me but you never understood.


Written By: Michael Yoder

Cotton Mouth

These young cutters coming around,
Looking for something to believe in,
Strike dear mistress and steal his heart,
Love is not blind, it is deceiving.

Way to go, you’ll find your ass on the bathroom floor,
Stay the course,
you’ll find your dreams in the back of a black limo.

Sickly creature with a meal in her eyes,
Looking to trade up for the weekend,
She’s not your lover; she’s a trick in disguise,
A knife in your back is what you're feeling.


These young cutters are out there again,
Searching for a man with a weakness,
You see your angel and you’re ready to sin,
Love is alive where the green is.

Casting A Shadow

Written By: Michael Yoder

Casting a Shadow

Casting a shadow,
Moving thru your world,
Preparing for battle,
As evil is unfurled.

They’re gonna try to take a hammer to your Godhead,
A Bullet thru your good wing,
A dagger down on your good nature,
They’re gonna cut open your motive,
Crucify your anger,
And call upon the book to hate you.

You would be walking on water,
If you could turn away,
But you were born for the slaughter,
And it will be here in 13 days.


Running won’t save you,
You know you’ll never escape,
You are what they made you,
And now you can not awake.


You would be going to heaven,
But now they know where you’ve been,
Your lucky number was Seven,
And all you pleasure is sin. (and so it begins)

They’ll make you bleed for your religion,
Pay for your convictions,
Fall upon your knees in sorrow,
They will discover your addictions,
Laugh at your condition,
And make your world dark tomorrow.


Self Titled Debut CD Noise Media, available at, Apple iTunes (EP and 10 track CD), Napster.

Set List

The Noise Media show ranges usually anywhere from a half hour to an hour set list including the 10 tracks from our Debut Album in addition to some unreleased material.