Noise [Org]

Noise [Org]

 Auburn, Alabama, USA

Electronic wizardry intertwined with soulful live instrumentation. These are the elements that make a Noise [Org] performance so unique. The genre-defying sound takes cues from all types of music, and the result is a blend that can move any dancefloor.


Noise [Org] is a true experiment of music and live performance/production. The band infuses rock with dub, drum and bass, trip hop, experimental and beyond all the while using true instrumentation and basking in a retina blinding light show. The use of the latest technology allows the band to write music with no limits on creativity.

The band is a constant evolution scale blending ideas from all over the map. In fact, most of the inspiration that is involved in the music is from taken from all cultures to create something unique and different from most other artists in the electronica genre.

The band has performed at Trinumeral Music Festival, DexFest Music Festival, and has performed at variety of other shows. From opening for The Disco Biscuits, Pnuma Trio, Telepath, and BreakScience, to touring with Big Gigantic for a slew of shows, to throwing down at Official STS9 Afterparties, this young band is poised to hit your soul with melody. From the melody, comes love and inspiration. Winter2011isinfulleffect..


*Live at the Independent - 10.23.09
*Approaching Apogee
* Live at Zydeco Birmingham w/ Pnuma Trio 04.03.10
* Live at Zydeco Birmingham 07.22.10 An Evening with Noise [Org]
* Live at 5 Spot in Atlanta 05.07.10

*Diamante (off the upcoming album Approaching Apogee)
*Poppy Likes F
* Ninja

Set List

Our setlist is catered to meet the desires of the crowd! Noise Org shows can be at home during the daytime or late night til the sun comes up!

Original Songs:

Psyche Split
Approaching Apogee
Dyno Romp
From Day Forward
Beta Bay
Amazing Day
Something Tent Related
To Be, Yeah
People Too
Center Is Everywhere
Can't Not Not
Quan Su