Noise & Rhythm

Noise & Rhythm

 New York City, New York, USA

Noise & Rhythm is an experimental pop / indie rock band that's main goal is to be ambitious with its sound. We want to take aspects of all music, from all genres, and create something entirely new. Lyrically, to cover ground not beaten to death by every other songwriter. To straddle the line between risk taking and accessible.


Noise & Rhythm is a five piece avant indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY, founded in 2012.

Debut album "1848" was written and recorded entirely by singer Ryan Schumann. After making the front page on, Ryan decided to create a true band to support this surprising amount of attention.

After adding violinist Ethan Joseph, drummer J.D. Fetcho, bassist Ian Kenselaar and electric guitarist Zachary Fischer, the band has released a second, more eclectic LP entitled "Pick Up Yourself". Some influences include The Beatles, Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective, Gustav Mahler, Philip Glass, etc.

A true full band set of recordings is coming out soon, with a more organic sound that tries to straddle the experimental with the accessible.