Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT

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Multi-instrumentalist amazing melodic voice and songs!

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Multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter, known as one of the best portuguese acts in the moment, having played in Portugal's most important venues and also played enthusiastic tours in UK, Austria, Slovenia and Germany. With an EP (2005), a 3 times sold out full-lenght
album "One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness" (2008) and a new EP (2010) released by a major national radio, Noiserv is now on the listeners chart and prepared for his next european Tour in 2011. Played with several well-known international artists such as Perry Blake, Camara
Obscura, Bill Callahan, I Like
Trains, Tara Jane Oneil, Yndi Halda, Your Ten Mofo, Julianna Barwick, Dont Mess with Texas, Half Sleep, The Swell, Damon & Naomi,..
Noiserv uses a lot of
instruments, such metallophone, melodica, bells, several synths, omnichord,
megaphone, guitars, vocals, toys, music boxes and many more all combined with the "well-known" loopstation, taking the concert into a completely new experience.


"Mr. Carousel" (Vinyl-Single)
(LebensStrasse- January 2011) NEW!!!
The B-side is a Julianna barwick remix of "Melody Pops" from "One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness" LP.

"A day in the day of the days" (EP)
(OptimusDiscos - July 2010)

"Bullets on Parade" (Vinyl-Single)
(Autumn Ferment Records - May 2009)
The B side is a Death Disco remix of "Tokyo Girl" from "One Hundred Miles from Toughtlessness" by Dollboy.

"One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness" (CD)
(self | Merzbau - November 2008)

"56010-92" (EP)
(Merzbau - July 2005)

O.S.T.graphy (SoundsTracks)
"Jose&Pilar" (documentary) NEW!!!
(JumpCut - November 2010)
(includes some unreleased songs of noiserv | the song from this trailer is also from noiserv and it's called "Palco do Tempo").

"Momentos" .. (short-film)
(Filmes da Mente - May 2010)
(includes the song "Tokyo Girl" from the debut record "One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness")
"Portugal Rebelde" (PT) NEW!!!
(May 2010)

9. Noiserv - "Tokyo Girl"
(includes: Os Golpes, Os Tornados, Diabo na Cruz, Feromona, Ludo, A Jigsaw, Minta, The Partisan Seed, Marcia and M-Pex)

"2009 em repeat" - uma compilacao gasosa (PT)
(December 2009)

vol.02 | nacional - 5. Noiserv - "Consolation Prize"
(includes: Samuel Uria | Norberto Lobo | B Fachada | Long Way To Alaska | Linda Martini | Tiago Sousa, and many more)

"3 Pistas VOL.II" (PT)
(November 2009)

7. Noiserv "Where Is My Mind" (Pixies Cover) - CD1
8. Noiserv "Melody Pops" - CD1
(includes: Linda Martini, Peixe:Aviao, Margarida Pinto, Sergio Godinho, Sean Rilley & The Slowriders , JP Simoes and many more)

"Fleisch 13" - FCD010 (Austria)
(November 2009)

7. Noiserv - "Consolation Prize"
(includes: Coldfinger, DJ Ride, Cacique 97, Cool Hipnoise, Dead Combo, Hipn?tica, Micro Audio Waves, Gnu e B Fachada)

"My Melancholy Friends" (Austria | Germany)
(Tronrecords - April 2009 - limited edition)

2. Noiserv - "Tokyo Girl"
(includes: almost charlie, missin cat, lasse matthiessen, kitty solaris, peter piek, the major pins, klabunde, salt., peter folk, tim neuhaus, the alma church choir, ian fisher, noiserv and bernhard eder)