Noise Way Out

Noise Way Out

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Me and my brother starting jamming with a detroit female drummer on some songs 2 years ago the results is f***ing magic. Its called Noise Way Out.


Peña Brothers have been in power rock trios since 1996. Tres Veces, LaExistance and now Noise Way Out, from industrial rock "experimental- instumental" rock to just straight rock.


Noise Way Out | Brand New Self-Titled record will be available in late July 2009 in iTunes.

Set List

45 minutes to an hour with extended jams on certain songs like Under The Sun.

1. Everyday I wonder
2. Gravity
3. Hey Beautiful
4. Key To The Invisible
5. Let It Shine
6. Let It In
7. Under The SUn
8. All Awake
9. Edad (Rock N' Roll)
10. Llave a lo invisible