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Lanham, Maryland, United States

Lanham, Maryland, United States


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Commercial: "Game Over" single on the Mindocracy Recordings album: Diplomatic Immunity
PLUS (All independent/original):
Last Days (Digital Conspiracy album)
Prototype (album)
Resurrection (album)



Noistek- aka Albert Brooks from Washington, D.C.
Is an electronic music producer, DJ, and founder of Digital Conspiracy.
He began making beats in the early 90's to go along with his hip hop lyrics and projects under the name "B-Fresh".
In the late 90's he became acquainted with EDM, frequenting clubs that played industrial, house, techno, and breakbeat/hardcore.
In his boredom with RAP, he turned to making this music that he was ingesting every weekend at the clubs. He changed my name..."Noiste+Technology=Music?"...NOISTEK was born.
It wasn't until the release of Roni Size's 'In The Mode' that he got his first taste of proper DnB. Shortly followed by the likes of parties such as Buzz and warehouse raves like Baltimore's infamous Studio 600/Copy Cat- where he really become completely submerged in all things jungle. The 120-145 BPM tunes he was producing gave way to amen loops, exaggerated snares and over-the-top basslines roaring at 165-180BPMs!
Prolific....He was at the point of making a full-length album for every season. Passing them out at every party and special event he could attend. It was getting to the point where it was an expectation of the patrons at these events- to get a new Noistek CD each time. He got the attention of Dilou Recordings, co-founded by DJ Lantern, a VA based 'pool' of DJs and producers making their way thru the ranks in the local scene. He was welcomed into the crew. Learning, watching, and waiting when Dilou's sister crew DC SKILLZ (sharing many of the same members, incl. DJ Holiday now Holidaze, DJ Illusion, Cortex & DJ Lantern),started throwing their own event at the widely missed DC Tunnel. He was given many opportunities to promote his music their and make important connections securing his first gigs at house parties and warehouse parties in Baltimore/D.C.
Switching from hardware to software for production and using Final Scratch for live appearances, his original sound and DJ skills blossomed. In 2004, seeing the need to bring like-minded producers/DJs to share his passion for EDM- He founded Digital Conspiracy. The next year, his first tunes were signed to prestigious starting-point internet label DARKLAND RECORDINGS (Aus), where many cutting-edge DnB producers got there start. Followed by the successful launch of myspace pages for both Noistek and Digital Conspiracy that became two of the most popular, most visited DnB-related myspace pages in the area. 5 years and 3 Digital Conspiracy albums later, the tunes are still, heavy, and original as ever. The DJ skills are on-point- displayed at venues in Baltimore, D.C., VA, PA, NYC.
I march on...& the Conspiracy continues...